[TUTORIAL] Basic visionary meditation


This meditation will help you to develop the visionary senses, the skills needed to practice visionary magick, and to improve your communication with spirits using this ancient school of magick, that very well may be the oldest form of magick known to man.

Enter in your best trance state possible, I don’t care how bad you think it is, and visualize a place known to you. Can it be the same place you’re sitting in your house.

In vision, go to the nearest door, open and cross to the other side. I don’t care what’s there in real life, in your vision there is a landscape, any landscape known to you, but it has to be an open place. Go through this place until you find a door or trap door that you have never seen before. Open and enter.

You’re now in the inside of a building. There is good light. The walls are white. The tiles that make the floor have a chess pattern. There is a table in the middle of the room. Walk to it. Find the two on it objects.

The first is a bell. Take it. Feel it. What material it is made of? Answer this question. Metal? Okay, metal it is. Make it sound. It is just a small, hand held bell. Can you hear it? Good. Put it down.

Take the next object. It is a cup. Again, feel it, what material it is made of? Wood? Okay, wood it is. Take a sip. What liquid does it contain? Wine? Okay, wine it is. Put it down once you have tested it.

There is a chair behind you. Take a look. Describe it to yourself. Talk to yourself. I don’t care how does it look like or how many details you get at this point. Just do it. Now take it to the table. Sit down. Look between the cup and the bell. There is something written on it. What is it? Again, I don’t care what it is. Nor the language. Nor if it makes sense or not. Is just something written there. Read it. Outloud, if you can. If not, just think it. Whatever comes first to mind, that’s the only real right answer.

If you want to see more, move around. Take a look at the place and notice any detail in the room. Once you’re satisfied, thank the guardian of this place (there is one, you will meet them eventually) and head outside, through the doors, back to where you started. See yourself sitting in your house. Fuse with your body.

Get out of trance. That’s all.

You can do this as often as you like, for as long as you like. You’ll outgrow it eventually, of course, since this is a basic meditation. But it is a good starting point to enter the amazing world of visionary magick.


I love this form of magick. It makes me feel like a kid again.


Glad you like it. I intend to write much more about this, since is the focus of my own practice.


Great post! And it would be great to see your further writings on it. I have became rather interested in Visionary Magick and meditation lately.


Thank you!!! We need more visionary magick tips.


Are the specific items you listed necessary to visualize? I think the purpose of this is to practice visualizing to the point where it feels you are there as opposed to being in your mind.

I think.

That bring said, should I stick to your specific instructions (visualizing the cup with writing etc) or can it be anything so long as the effort is towards creating the visual?

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Mostly, this. But the whole idea is to, little by little, stimulate all senses. You don’t need to feel 100% real for it to work, though.

Got it. It was difficult. Would this skill be used more for divination purposes? Affecting things in the world? Communicating with spirits? What are its best uses?

All of the above. While I never used it for divination (other than for channeling Apollo’s oracular power) it can be used for almost anything. Visionary magick is a full method on its own. But it has to be mastered.

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