A question about clairvoyance

For those of you who consider yourselves clairvoyant, do you see spirits in your “minds eye”, or in your external vision?

Thanks! :crystal_ball:


Weirdly I consider my “clairvoyance” to be an extension of clairsentience, to an extent. 95% of the time it’s a mind’s-eye impression; if I am very deep in trance I will “see” physical phenomena.


For me it is definitely a minds eye type of thing. On the other hand I do see quick flashes that remind me to stop and pay attention or to listen within.


With my physical/external vision I see things like masses (or “clouds”) of colour, shapes, outlines or silhouettes, and occasionally words. These are rarely “solid,” appearing more like afterimages. But unlike afterimages, which are almost “burned” into your vision so that everywhere you look you see the image (including inside your eyelids) until they eventually fade away, these will only appear in one spot (they don’t move around with my vision) and they don’t fade away, they’re strong until they’re gone (usually a few seconds).

For me, these don’t require any level of trance or focus and happen anywhere, anytime. Fwiw I have perfect vision and I don’t suffer from any medical conditions that would cause any ocular symptoms. This is something that’s kind of always been there for me but I still work at it to keep it strong or maybe even make it stronger. Sometimes when I am evoking a spirit I will spend some time asking them to show me specific things with my physical vision (eyes open), such as, a specific shape on the wall in front of me, an orb in a specific colour in a specific spot in the room, or show me a word to describe my day tomorrow, stuff like that.

Once in a while, depending on my level of zoned-outness, I will see something much more solid or physical, but this almost never occurs in my central vision. Quite frequently, after I’ve opened my eyes (for real) when waking up in the morning, I will see someone or something in my room, such as, Odin’s giant wolves, sitting on my bed, creepily staring down at me. These usually only last a few seconds. Whether they’re just symptoms of the hypnopompic state, or not, I don’t really care… I love that shit lol.

As for my “mind’s eye,” I usually distinguish my “clairvoyant visions” from my own “inner visions,” even though they’re probably the exact same thing. They just look and feel slightly different for me. My “inner visions” happen when I am actively doing things like visualizing or going on a quest, like a shamanic journey. My “vision” is behind my eyes, deeper in my mind/head (I feel it in the centre of my head). I’ll lose awareness of my eyes, my face, my body, and my physical surroundings.

My “clairvoyant visions” usually happen beyond any conscious control (I’m not focused on trying to “see” anything), they often just come out of nowhere. They look and feel as if they are happening in front of my eyes, in front of me (in the space in front of me), even when my eyes are closed, and they are very, very “real” looking, as if looking at the physical world with my physical eyes. I liken the feeling to when you first “open your eyes” during an out of body projection. It will feel as if my eyelids open, even though they don’t, they (physically) stay closed. This is usually how/where I see spirits the clearest (if I am in a state of receptivity). This does also happen when my eyes are open… my vision will darken and I will then “see” in front of me whatever it is I am intended to see, but it’s never as clear or “real” as when I start out with my eyes closed.

For the random “visions” that come a brief scene will play out, usually only a few seconds. Sometimes it plays out in my physical space, sometimes the scenery/location is entirely different. When a spirit enters my space I will see a brief image of them in my space. When I am doing something like evocation the “vision” will last much, much longer. My clairvoyance seems to always, always be accompanied by clairaudience, but my clairaudience (which I think is my stronger clair) isn’t always accompanied by clairvoyance.

So tl;dr, even though I see some neat shit with my physical eyes, I would say my clearest visuals of spirits come from my mind’s eye. This was way harder to describe than I thought it would be, I’m so sorry :sweat_smile:


On the contrary, thank you for taking the time to write it all out in such detail! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Mine’s based on sentience. I sense what’s there and let the picture form in my head, which then usually overlaps my vision.

But, my intuition was largely cultivated by bad environments growing up, so it’s mot a surprise that that it’s so much more accessible. Unless I’m really engrossed or sleeping, it’s partially on. The degree can vary, based on thoughts and whatnot, talking outside of ritual. At times like that, I will see partially visible spirits in the area, but not as I look at them with my actual eyes. That stopped when I was a child.

Some if you may remember in my older Lessons of the Deck thread where I would send some energy into the sigil on the card. Not only does this quicken the calling, but it allows me to sense the energy coming into my space. I will sense that energy coming into my area and know, fairly certainly, that it is the right spirit.


I become aware of a presence first then an image will form in my mind. The trick is for me to just let the image come.

In an order to which I was a member of we the ordermates would play a game called colors. One would imagine and project one of the 7 basic rainbow colors to the receiver, the receiver had 2 attempts to see the color for a point. First to 3 points wins the session.

There was one member ( who I’d love to name and fame but I can’t) consistently beat me at it.

So frustrating. Hahaha

Great skill building game.

I think Norse and veil are right it is an extension of clairsentience.


With my usage of it, yes. But I don’t claim great or even adequate clairvoyance, in a pure form. I can’t speak to that discipline.