Do any of you guys know how to soul travel?

And if you did, what are the requirements? Strong energy body? Deep trance?I have a few books on this, but I want to know the opinion of someone who has actually done it.


I should probably release an in-depth guide on this at sone point, but until I do here a a few tips:

  1. Practice rhythmic, congruent breathing
  • The four-fold/square breath is good for this
  1. Practice full, unwavering concentration
  • Pick a sigil or deity and study Dharana/Dhyana
  1. Practice sensing & storing subtle energy
  • Pranayama and Cyclical Hyperventilation, here
  1. Learn to project your etheric body into the forms you’re creating on the astral plane without losing consciousness or concentration.
  • This can be ghe hardest part for some, and may take years to master if you don’t practice daily.

Best of luck, let me know how it works for you!


Tnx brother, I can go into a very deep trance but I have trouble understanding the energy body because I can’t see it, is the etheric body different from the energy body?A few months ago, while I was stroking my feet with an imaginary energy sponge, I suddenly had four legs, the two extra legs were light as balloons, and warm.They slowly rippled in the air, is this related to the soul travel?

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Nope, the only time I was close to it was by pure accident. I did buy a course on the topic but never had the chance to even go through it (due to day to day activities getting on the way).


That’s great. How long can you go on average without moving? Can you resist the urge to scratch and yawn?

Work on what’s known as proprioception. Bring your attention and awareness to the top of your head then entirely to yhe bottom of your feet. Can you feel hand? What about the other one?

This is another good exercise as well.

They’re generally seen as the same thing, I think.

That sounds like the beginning stages to me. Keep practicing!


I use hypnotic trance, the itching is the sign of the beginning of the trance, because the blood vessels are constricted, I resist it and after that I can maintain the trance for two to two and a half hours.Of course, time passes very differently when you use hypnotic trance.

I am good at energy work and I can freely move and feel energy throughout my body, my energy fingers are so strong that I can touch other people’s bodies from two inches away, my brother says when I touch him from a distance, it feels like four eagle feathers passes through his body.I have burned electronic devices with it several times.
Our computer is in my bedroom, my brother says that whenever you wake up, my headphones start making bass noise.And I believe him, because every time I wake up and open my eyes, he stops playing and looks at me.

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Sounds like you just need to focus on pathworking and transfer of prana/ether.

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Can you define soul travel a bit more clearly?


good question @Laurel_Spider ,Well,There are two types of soul travel in books. The first one is astral projection. I used to do it since I was a child by controlling sleep paralysis (i still do it some times) ,and i heard most of the magician’s do it easily. The second type is called soul travel or real astral projection, a person can travel among people in real time and the things he/she sees are 100% real, unlike the first type.The first type is like a dream, you make an energy copy of the main energy body and travel with it, but in the second type you separate the entire energy body with all its layers and power’s from the body (Minus a percentage for physical body to work properly).

Tnx, well,I have only strengthened my hands and feet energetically, which has taken years, unfortunately whenever I work on the head I get mental instability and depression, it would be great if I could see the energy body, then I could I want to develop the right technique, I mean, I need to lift weights to strengthen the muscles, what should I do to strengthen the energybody body quickly and with low risk? What color should the energy be? In which direction should I move it? I think this is the main problem of my exercises.

I’m not sure what the “requirements” are, aside from being alive and knowing how to handle it.

I will say, I actively avoid this type of thing because of the experiences I’ve had with it in the past. I won’t speak on my experiences with it now, but I fell into this stuff accidentally. It was during a time when I was sleeping in 1-4 hours chunks exclusively and was generally exhausted while I was awake. (Those things said, I was also meditating and focusing on non-ritualistic practices at the time.)

I would be asleep and then wake up and instead of my entire body moving—like it’s supposed to—it just stayed where I left it. For me, it was often preceded by certain physical feelings, like static/electric ones, clenching my jaw, feeling like I couldn’t breathe, feeling “torn” out of my body, and other fun things. And of course, the other half of the nightmare was being awake outside my body, which was really some kind of feeling, physically it felt like at least the vast majority of the times I’ve been through this.

I’ve never enjoyed it, I’m sure others have had other types of experiences though.

People use this to mean different things too. Some people use this to mean what you’re calling “soul travel.” I have no idea what you mean here. I have experience with most all of these things (except I’m not really a remote viewer), but again, “requirements” is a weird word, it’s not a test to pass, everyone out there could list something different they view as necessary but might not be to someone else.

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Well,I couldn’t succeed with just the exercises in the book, later I found out that the author has put an expensive soul travel course on his site,I know he left out important techniques for that expensive course, and that’s what I meant by the requirements,bad translate, ha ha.

I wasn’t aware you were looking for answers about a specific text, thanks for the clarity.


It happened to me, but I got lost in all these dangerous, ill-lit backstreets and dead-end, fucked up cul-de-sacs. That’s when I bravely turned my back and fled to the use of dark alcoholic spirits, like Bourbon, Rum and Brandy. So don’t make my mistake and don’t wait – forget soul travel and get into straight, dark, top-shelf drinks.

Just saying…


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