How do you scan

Hey everyone thought I could contribute this to
The community.

Hope you all are doing well…

To dispel any confusion about scanning…

So what’s scanning?
Scanning is the when by focusing on a
Person, object, a Deity or an event
you ,the operator, gather info.

It means you “touch” the subject’s aura,
chakras, higher self, shadow, spirit animal,
entities around them, True name, their
etheric body, their physical body
in some cases where it’s relevant, etc.

You can see, sense, feel, sometimes even
taste and smell although more rare.
The common ones are sight and hearing.

All the data you receive from one of
your clairs falls under this.

The witch can be a novice,
we all start somewhere,
It’s like building muscles, you have to practice
To get good at it.

Things to keep in mind:

Mention all the details that come through
Don’t rule out images, sensations or sounds
Because they seem to be secondary, they
Could be important.
The subject of the reading should decide what’s important
and what’s not and not you.
A small detail can give them the break they
need in their practice.

You should interpret
the info you received only after you finished
getting all of it. Be patient. Sometimes a lot
Of information comes all at once. Let it come.
Don’t try to stop it, control it, tame it. When
The wave ends, what remains is probably more accurate and more relevant to the subject of
the reading. Think small, every puzzle piece that doesn’t get carried away holds meaning.

See the scanning process as
a learning experience and
not as a test of your worth.
If you did well, that’s wonderful and if less,
we all learn much more from our mistakes
than from our successes. You need the fire
of failure to forge the metal of raw talent and
natural ability into the finished weapons of
I’m usable skills.

Why am I not successful in my scans?

I’m still not experienced enough:
keep practicing.
In my life, some types of scans came easily
like chakra scans and people said I was accurate
while my higher self scans were less accurate
and missed the mark. We all have different starting points, different abilities and different interests
But, we all share the saying perfect practice brings results, meaning practice that’s backed by constructive criticism and growth and self-evaluation will bring the results

I’m tired: I had a long day at work,
I didn’t get a good night’s sleep,
I fought with my partner, I just feel down, etc.
rest up. Anything worth doing is hard
and demanding either mentally or physically
or both. If you want to scan accurately and get
To the bottom of a person’s soul
now that requires
Real effort. To not do a poor job, you need concentration, you need motivation
and available
Energy. If you don’t have the juice.
Pick your battles and your battlefields.
Sometimes choosing to fight another day
is the wise choice.

Some entity is psychically attacking you:
Deal with the attack and then scan.
If a magician, an angel, a demon, an entity
etc is attacking you the attacks will be of negative
energy sent your way. If they’re vampiric, they
have the added danger of strengthening your
attacker, so they’ll come swinging harder.
Even, if you can mount a successful defense.
It still takes away from your concentration,
energy reserves and time: all the things needed
to give a good scan.

Imagination and wishful thinking:
I want to see something so I see it,
when it’s really not there.
Prejudice and expectations about the scanning
process the person, situation, being etc.
Superman complex: I haven’t practiced
and I think I’m the best scanner there is.

Imposter syndrome: I cannot scan,
I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m no good at
Scanning and I’ll never improve. So, you give
up before even trying.

So, how do I scan?

For all methods:

Meditate on preferably the picture of the
Subject, but can also be an avatar or a username.

Release expectations: be like a child - curious
and playful, this should be fun.

If you’re visual, clairvoyance based:

Focus on your third eye

Focus on their third eye

If you’re more auditory, meaning
clairaudience based :

Close your eyes

Concentrate on your ears

Feel, don’t see them opening up
And being more receptive to info
From the outside

Concentrate On the ears of the subject
and feel them opening as well.
Feel their ears: are they pointy, large, small?

If you’re more based on hunches, meaning
clairsentience then:
Close your eyes

Concentrate on your solar plexus

Feel sense don’t see your solar plexus open

Do the same for the solar plexus of your

Then for all previous methods:

Connect the two

Jot down the info you get from all modalities

This is just my experience

and yours can be different than mine.

All comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.

Have a great weekend,



Bookmarked! Very good info. I want to know if it is possible to scan an article? Or a book?so If it is not a good book, we don’t waste our time with it. I have some incantation for creating a servitor but i don’t trust them because i don’t know the magician who wrote them.

Demonic power-up chants to juice up your servitors:

For manifestation: -
Ic chalaz santum ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt, Itz melez dune fen’ki (name)

For increasing energy: -
Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal, peref ron felish tal.

For solidification: -
Sah kah mah vaskalla, Inz rin’pal balah Tur inz U’tala.

^repeat these bad boys with intent as you create your servitor.

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Never thought about scanning an article/book would love to see you try @King1911.

I don’t see why not. All things have energy associated with them and scanning that energy signature should make one judge the quality of that thing.

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Tnx,well when i read the one for energy i felt some kinda of wave in my heart

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So start trading with people @King1911.

I’d love a scan from you in the scanning thread…

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Honestly i try to do that once for someone at the same time with you,but any thing that i felt was wrong because your answers was something else, entirely

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You see differently than me it only makes sense.
It’s not a multiple choice exam where’s only one correct answer.

There’re many angles to a human so each of us sees something different.

If you don’t practice how will you improve?

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recently i informed that our government wants to make the Internet national, this means cut us from outside world, so right know I’m working hard to get some money for plane ticket and immigration papers and stuff to leave the country, damn i can’t imagine a day without internet and TOM, I’m so stressed right know for any training but i think i will be good in a few month. as you said about me before i willing to work hard methodically to achieve my goals, can’t wait for that day

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What country are you in? If you can say, if not I understand.