Pulsing the Web

Pulsing the Web

This is a (condensed) energy technique from Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit by Jason Miller that I have found to be extraordinary helpful. As Miller notes, it can be performed multiple times a day without anyone noticing.

You will need a basic understanding of etheric anatomy and fundamental energy channels to understand and preform this. The book itself is excellent and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

For an in-depth understanding of energy channels and the subtle bodies, I recommend the works of Jerry Alan Johnson on Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy.

Step One

Find your consciousness in your central channel, and move it up and down that channel in link with your breath. Inhale and send your consciousness up to the crown of your head; exhale and send your consciousness to the root center at the perineum. Do not try to pull in extra energy, but accept the energy if it happens.

Step Two

Inhale and send your consciousness to the crown of the central channel, but now send it down and up the front, rear, left, and right channels as well. Feel your awareness moving down all four channel in unison and gathering at the base. Pulse up and down with the breath.

Step Three

Inhale and center yourself in the heart center. As you exhale send your energy and awareness outward, up and down the central channel, through the other four main channels, and out the four limbs. Note the feelings and sensations, as well as any changes in mind state.

Step Four

Continue with Step Three, but now seek also the extremeties and channels that branch off from the main channels. Feel your awareness move out into the fingers and toes, and out from the central channel into the eyes, ears, medulla, temples, etc.

Step Five

Continue with Step Four and extend it beyond the physical body. Move above the head into the star center. Feel for the channel that descends from the central channel and down into the earth. Feel for the channels that move beyond your hands like ether. Feel for the belt channel that surrounds you like a spiral and acts as your natural shield. Contract back again.

Step Six

Move even further and further out in terms of both physical space and etheric subtlety.



Bookmarked. I’ve been neglecting energy work for way too long