Etheric body vitality sheath

This is from the book astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce:
“I consider the etheric body to be composed of stable and highly structured etheric matter, rather like a complex and detailed ice sculpture compared to the more fluid types of subtle matter generated during a projection. In its contracted state (when the physical body is fully awake) the etheric body is surrounded by a dense sheath, commonly called the vitality sheath, which acts both as an energetic storage layer and as a protective barrier. It shields the sensitive interior from intrusive external energies, atmospheres, and influences. The etheric body will normally only loosen this dense shieldlike structure when it expands during sleep or during the trance state (in varying degrees, depending on the depth of trance attained).”
ok,In my opinion,by opening this sheath (especially in the area of the third eye), magic becomes much stronger and more effective (I’ve done it before by accident ) plus by opening this sheath you make the soul travel very easy, if you have more information about this sheath, please share here.

This is a great theory. But the issue is that most magical practitioners are not into “cultivation”, which is what makes this actually valuable. Magic != cultivation directly. This is a spiritual thing, not necessarily magical.

Most magicians that only focus on magic stagnate when they can’t keep chasing the next great shiny (or dark lord-y) path because they aren’t doing the personal work, the spiritual work, that make any of that effective.

Yes, all possess things similar to what he’s describing, but you don’t get a supremely useful tool for free 9 times out of 10. You get the discounted/bare version and then need to work for the “pro” version. And what the “pro” version is can vary.

My best defense, at this point, is the cultivation I’ve done for years and still do, in new and varied forms. I started really doing it with Pele’s Grimoire because it represents a very different current than most standard magic practices and, when done for a period of time, doesn’t need the ramp-up time.

The Helios Unbound stuff represented a different form of cultivation, but I didn’t understand that at the time, tbh. I recommend stopping at the end of Month 6.

Now, I’m going through magical Taoism and learning more about their means and methods.

The other methods for getting similar things (for a while) is the relationship route with entities where they will intervene. But they can also help cultivate your spirit in different ways. These require relationships at the deepest levels, but anyone can, say, do the 72 Challenge with the Goetics and then do the 72 Angelic version.

Others WILL/SHOULD disagree. That’s what give a more complete picture and a full(er) idea of the paths one CAN take, so they can decide what TO take. And if you have relationships with entities, I would recommend asking them and following their guidance.


word bro,Lucifer said in one of the enoch petrucelly’s channelings that he had worked hard to reach this position,so you are right, this is the only way.
Now let’s talk soul travel.
I have experience with astral projection, but I don’t like it,Because this journey takes place in the astral dimension and the information I receive is metaphorical, and many other reasons,and now I want to learn the soul travel that e.a. koetting teaches, the other magicians call it the real astral projection and names like that,Well, the problem is that e.a. talks as if these things are easy,To start the soul travel, he says you must be able to see your room behind closed eyelids,ok,i can do it,i saw my room with eyes closed many times but only after two hours of deep hypnosis,and In that stage, my muscles become hard as a stone, and inserting needles into my hands does not cause pain or bleeding, so this is not the right way to do the job. So I’m looking for the right exercises to do this.

You already have a topic on this and I don’t see a meaningful difference between the two besides “purpose”.


My bad, i forgot to mention that in deep hypnosis this sheath is opening easily,and i need another way