Defending Against Energy Vampires: A QiGong Approach

Defending Against Energy Vampires: A QiGong Approach

Energy vampires interface with their target’s Wei Qi Fields (naturally protective force-fields of external energy) and attach energetic cords to leech away life-force energy. They will likely distract you with conversation while they do this, and leave you feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

If you find yourself the target of an energy vampire, you can combat their attempts to steal your energy with the following QiGong technique. It may not appeal to all magicians, as it requires calling upon external divinity.

Step One: Dissolve

Use visualization and intention to send the core energy of your central channel several feet into the Earth while pulling in divine healing white light from Source into your central channel (Taiji Pole).


If you are not familiar with energetic anatomy or connecting with and moving your own energy, Jason Miller’s excellent Pulsing the Web technique and daoist palm breathing exercises will help you.

Step Two: Contract

Use visualization and intention to condense your Wei Qi Fields into a powerful ball of energy extending one foot out from the body in all directions.

Note that the Wei Qi FIelds are not quite the same as the aura. The aura emits fluctuations of bio-photonic light and circulates around the second Wei Qi Field as well as penetrating the physical body. It is the second Wei Qi field that energy vampires attempt to interface with.

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Step Three: Infuse

Imbue your condensed Wei Qi Fields with the divine white light that you have pulled into your central channel.

Step Four: Cord-Cut

Spin your ball of divine energy clockwise to break the energetic cords that have been implanted into your body.

Step Five: Chant

Recite the following mantra in your head:

“I am a tool of the Divine, you have no power over me.”

Personal Note: This does not appeal to me at all. I imagine this can be substituted with another mantra if it does not appeal to you either. I would likely loop Hekate’s IO HEKA IO HO mantra.

Step Six: Bind

If desired, you can bind the energetic vampire by calling Earth Qi from the ground to surround (*imprison) them in a bubble (*cage) of the five pure elemental lights. Command the energy field to stabilize and become permanent.

You can attempt to connect the energy vampire’s mind with Source and ask for healing and forgiveness, if that is your style and it falls within your paradigm. It does not resonate with me.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. III: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Foundations, Treatment Principles and Clinical Protocols (Jerry Alan Johnson)