Visionary Magick (Tips, 101, experience, books...)

This subject needs it’s own thread.

Also called astral magick, inner temple magick, direct work…

Wildly promoted by Laurie Calbot, many authors developped system using that kind of magick.

Some books about it :

DJ Conway - Flying Without a Broom

Christopher Penczak - Inner Temple Of Witchcraft and Instant Magick

Merlin Starlight - Mind Magic

Jason Augustus Newcomb - New Hermetics and The Book of Magickal Power


Is this akin to pathworking?

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Definitely, but more direct.
Pathworking tends to lead you to a particular spirit, Visionary place you as full on director :smile::heart:

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Hmm. This is new to me. I look forward to this thread!

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Sounds very intriguing to me as well

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Here’s a little basic of how doing magick without any tools.

  1. Go into Alpha state
  2. State your intent.
  3. Choose a focus that represent the end goal.
  4. Feed it with energy
  5. Let go or store it
  6. Go out of Alpha state.
  7. Do your daily life/Forget the magick

Example, candle magick with no candle.

Let’s say you desire to banish parasites/destroy thought forms in yourself or in your room/house.

Let’s take the house as example.

  1. Enter alpha state.

  2. Start visualizing a simple white candle* on a physical table (start with white)

  3. In your mind or with your voice, declare that you are about to perform candle magick*.

  4. Call for the power of Saturn and/or Earth to send back that an energy to the Void or the Earth

  5. See a flow of power coming, either black (the void) or brown (the Earth) into the candle, turning it into the matching color.

  6. Then, see the candle lighting up itself.

  7. Start envisioning either a flow of flies, or a dark cloud being burned down by the flame.

  8. Try to keep this image for at least ten minutes.

  9. At this point, either see the candle vanishing into the Void or keep doing step 9 twice a day for how long you think it’s needed.

  10. When you think the magick has done enough, always see the candle vanishing* and say “The room is now purified”

  11. Keep on at least ten minutes seeing your room being clear and healthy.

  • starting with a simple white candle allow yourself to train to visualize and put you also a full actor of the act.

** by making a former statement, you call upon the consciousness of that kind of magick that is imprinted in the astral.

*** putting an end to a spell is important to make it manifest.