Soul scan trade

Hey everyone,

Thought it would be a good idea to scan members of the forum who want to be scanned and so practice
And improve our magical skills.

I reinstating the rule about scanning back, a guide about scans has been written.

Who wants to go first?


I’ll take a scan. :smiley:

Happy to return the favour but I have no practice scanning others… only scanning images or objects. Or divination.

But I suppose now is a good time for me to practice :wink: Open to trade, I suppose.


@Veil I also don’t have experience so any and all mistakes are growing pains…

I see the color blue like the ocean.
I see your aura mostly as light shaded blue like the throat chakra.

I feel a calmness about you, you like speaking things into manifestation and you like solving problems by talking.

I feel also a creative mind for problem solving.

So, how did I do?


Very well. Blue is arguably my favourite colour.

Yes, accurate. I’d consider myself more chaotic than calm but I do love to speak in general, and indeed to speak things into manifestation.

Also accurate. :smiley:


I’m down to be scanned! I’ll try to scan you in return.


@Dankquanicus I’m basing this on the vibes I get from your avatar picture.

I see wheels and spheres and machines. A mind for numbers. Fascination with quantity.

Wanting certainly in life. Wanting reliability.

I feel the need to be in control to know the right path to understand the future present and past. The desire for divine certain knowledge.

How did I do?


Interesting. I can’t say I have a mind for numbers, or a fascination with quanity per se, but the wheels and spheres may relate to the sphere of Heaven.

This is very accurate! I wouldn’t say I want control specifically, but it seems there is a desire for certainty, most definitely, and I enjoy knowledge of the past, present, and future, and enjoy divination for that reason.

I’ll scan you now as well, using your profile picture:

I see a blue aura around you, it’s between light and dark, looking like the colour of ice. I also feel the sensation of cold, like an icy cavern.

Looking again, I also see bright golden yellow light, filling the entire vision. That is all I see. Although I then saw a brigher white light appearing from above, and a Cherub (looking like how they were depicted in Renaissance art) firing an arrow with pure light as the arrowhead, like Cupid.

The image I saw with the bright light may have been your state when you took that photo, as I then focused on your present state, and again I felt the cold. The image then continued.

I felt the cold sensation again like being in an icy place. Clear air, but cold and quiet. I then saw a pure black hand a purple garment on the arm (like a wizard’s robe). This black hand was held upright, like a “stop” signal, but the impression here was more like a greeting, and a signal of power. The black hand extended out of pure darkness, with the body the hand is part of not being visible, but instead hidden by the light.

There appeared besides the hand two blackened symbols in the shape of the Diamonds suit symbol on a playing card. These appeared on the left and right.

The being here signified by the hand appears to be a being you interact with or who is prominent on your path. They felt “low”, below the Earth, but high up on that hierarchy. My thoughts were: Lucifer.

These images with the icy cold and ice cavern, and the black hand seem to your present state, while the white golden light seems to have been related to your state when you took that photo on your profile. Hmm, it may mean that at that time, you had found some illumination, perhaps guided by Angels, or Angels were more prominent on your path then.

How did I do?


Many people told me I’m connected to Angels but never liked them much. The picture was taken two months ago, but I never really worked with angels willingly perhaps praying and reciting psalms because I was used to it, always feeling a disconnect from it.

Yes, I very much enjoy the demonic realm and work with them willingly. I’m learning a lot about darkness and chaos from them. They are very just and fair creatures.


Oooh, scans ! Always wanted to learn how to do it, because it seems I’m naturally good at it, I get the vibes of a picture or someone really easily. But yeah… :sweat_smile:


@Mei im down to trade scans if you’re willing…

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Sure, can try ! Don’t expect much though :sweat_smile: I will get on it after dinner, so in like an hour max


No problem @Mei. Do you want me to do yours now?

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Go ahead :slight_smile:

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So I see the red panda of your avatar in a lash forest eating leaves.

You’re a peaceful people loving person, who usually avoids fights even at your own expense.

You don’t seek power fame riches, but only peace and quiet.

Your family is important to you and you talk to your folks often.

Aura seems white golden and angelic to me.


This is true, very accurate. It’s better to not walk on my feet though, in that case I don’t mind getting into a fight :slight_smile:

It is important yes.

This surprise me though, that’s not something I would have thought. I don’t work with angels at all, so not sure what you are picking up :hushed:

I will write down your scan in another post in a bit

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Alright so if it’s not accurate at all, please let me know. I mostly get words in my mind, concepts ? Not sure how to explain lol, rarely visions or feelings.

I feel like you are a “all or nothing” kind of person, you work hard in what you do, no half-done stuff. You are more driven by knowledge than anything else, but still wish to have your life in check.

I scanned you twice, and both times I got a weird sadness vibe coming from you. Not something overwhelming, but more calm. Hard to describe. Nostalgia would be a good word for it.

You like people, but from afar ? You don’t like them to come too close to your bubble, but yet you are a very kind person, maybe almost trusting people too much ? Not sure about that one.

I got the color blue coming from you mostly, but also a dark green, green forest more like, at your core.


If anyone wants to use me as practice I’m down :blush: willing to trade back, just note I’ll be on and off the forum.


Hey @itsnathanm7 i want to go ahead.

I feel a dark energy from you blackish green.
You’re connected to the earth and earth spirits,
Maybe the dead as well?

You have good defenses and you hide your power.

You enjoy teaching others magic and witchcraft.

You’re practical and enjoy things that work and not things that just sound good.

How did I do?


@Dankquanicus also said I have out the color blue makes sense as I love to talk and it’s the color of the throat chakra

Yes. I’m

I have anxiety so it does make me sad but it comes from the spiritual parasites inside me and @Veil kindly said I’m taking care of that situation

This is partly true I make friends easily people tell me I’m kind but I don’t trust people too much


Oh, I’m glad then, continue like that !

Alright, thanks for telling me, as I wasn’t sure myself about this info