Wearing black and sometimes grey, a little story

Is it my body magical energy that does this or there is something I missed?
If I wear black, my anxiety levels go down and I can be more sensible, like I cry more easily because my current situation is a sad one.
If I wear my pale gray t-shirt, I am not really fully protected vs other people’s energy and i feel the difference also, but also, if I wear that t-shirt, I will be more like dynamic in a sort of way I cannot explain. I know I am empath but this level of change of energy just because of of a t-shirt is so surprising to me. anyone has an explanation? I did some very isolated tests and I know It’S real. For me, the effects are different, depending on the color I wear, funny enough, the lower level of my body is not into that sort of phenomena.


No idea. I wear black almost all the time but it’s because it doesn’t show coffee stains. Hate white cuz everything stains white. No idea about if it affects my emotions. I think for me it’s usually weather does that not clothes. Gtg do something probably bbl (I often don’t logoff if you wonder why it seems I’m on a lot).


Everything in this world is linked together by chains of spiritual sympathy. As Plotinus says, the entire cosmos is One Unified Living Being, and he explains this is how divination works, likening it to a physician who by looking at one part of a person’s body is able to gather information about another part.

In the Platonist/Hermetic World-View, which is essentially the traditional Western world-view, this material world is not the first cause. Rather, everything develops from certain Ideas in the higher spiritual worlds (Descending through a grand chain), with everything ultimately coming from The One. These Ideas are multiplied by the Soul of the World and descend to become many forms in the physical world. Take the Platonic Shapes, for example. The basic shapes such as Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Lines etc. are in all things, and when we create a work of art we first reduce the form of something into these basic shapes before working on the form, where these shapes appear into many different forms (And these basic shapes are only perfect in the higher spiritual worlds, but the material world is imperfect in that sense)

Traditional astrology is of course very important to the traditional world view, because the Stars and Planets show a more perfect image of this higher world. The great Renaissance Magician and Philosopher Marsilio Ficino has said this:

“I have said elsewhere that down from every single star (so to speak Platonically) there hangs its own series of things down to the lowest…Under the celestial Serpent or the entire constellation of the Serpent-bearer, they place Saturn and sometimes Jupiter, afterwards daemons who often take on serpent’s form, in addition men of this kind, serpents (the animals), the snake-weed, the stone draconite which originates in the head of a dragon, and the stone commonly called serpentine…By a similar system they think a chain of beings descends by levels from any star of the firmament through any planet under its dominion." (Marsilio Ficino, Three Books on Life, Kaske & Clarke translation, Book III Chapter 14, page 311)

The colour black is ruled by Saturn according to our traditional sources, such as Al-Kindi, Agrippa, and William Lilly, and Saturn rules over things such as fear and depression. So wearing clothes that are black will either increase these feelings or alleviate them according to the clothing’s sympathy with the individual, according to their nature.

Grey is ruled by The Moon, who rules over large groups of people, and changes nature according to the sign she is. She rules over water, which is very receptive. So, in a revolution of the world, she signifies the people in general for any nation in a chart to determine how the revolution of the world will go for that nation (According to William Ramesey in his Astrologia Restaurata), and rules over the common people (According to William Lilly in his Christian Astrology), and among religions she rules over the ruling religion of any nation (Al-Biruni, Book of Instruction in The Elements of the Art of Astrology). So, she rules over the people in general, and the people are receptive, like the waters and the waves of the ocean.

So, from that, we can see how wearing her colour would cause such an effect in you.


What about those whose signs or alignments are linked to Saturn? Maybe it doesn’t cause things but is an expression of their astrological affiliations with his sign (unconsciously dove but don’t ge cause of Saturns position in their horoscopes)? Just a thought. What do you think? Could that be a reason?

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Well, that in itself would mean Saturn (Or the pattern in the Higher World that he points towards) is the cause, or at least point towards this being causative if I understand your question correctly.

But, I would reckon that if Saturn was well dignified and strong during a person’s birth, wearing his colour would have a more beneficial effect, such as alleviating anxiety and fear, while for those born while he was ill dignified and afflicted, it would have the opposite effect of causing anxiety and fear and worsening depression.

Traditional medical astrology works in a similar way. The Herbs ruled by a certain planet have the power to both cure and cause the illnesses that planet rules over.

Take cannabis, for example. It is ruled by Saturn (Traditionally, Saturn, rules over Hemp, and Cannabis exerts what most consider a powerful stench, ruled by Saturn, and draws all the creatures of Saturn to itself) and is known to have a wonderful power to remove anxiety and fear. And I can affirm that when this plant is gathered according to traditional astrological medical electional rules, it has all the more power to do so. However, it is also known to be able to cause anxiety and fear and worsen depression. I reckon you’re going to see many more cases of this when Saturn is in his Fall, Aries, in the years 2026 to 2028.


In The Compleat Witch (later The Satanic Witch) Anton LaVey wrote about colour, and it’s well worth reading. For example, if you own or manage a bar, get pillar-box red carpet/tiles, because people find it very difficult to leave pillar-box red floors. If you wear dark brown, people subconsciously think you’re poor - great for attending charity events.


Fantastic answer man!


it is plausible…we also had mercury retrograde recently so…changes are there.

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