Fear regarding the Occult

I’m curious, do any if you still have fear regarding the occult (magick, spirits, divination etc) in your practice? Since we come from a time where people have immense fear regarding this.


I think it’s normal to have a “fear” of the spirit if it’s a new one. I haven’t feared anything for a very long time, however recently when I Evoked Chenor. I felt the entire room move. Then there was Physical Manifestation. That’s one of the times i felt uneasy.

Over the years I’ve learnt that it’s important to be fearless. Thats when my magick is truly rock solid. Also when you’re fearless you are so much more in control of the ritual. Especially when other things lurk around the edges of your ritual, peeking, waiting.


Not sure fear would be the right term but due to a mis-step just starting out I tend to be overly cautious about what magick I do (I wrote elsewhere about what happened so won’t go into it here). Is it fear? Not exactly though it did start out as fear of having that experience again. Now? Well I do some magick but I’m a work in progress and taking it slowly and carefully, still trying to be sure I don’t repeat my stupid mistakes.


Also Lilith said to me this one time.

“If you fear the Darkness, don’t take a dip in the Abyss.”


Having experienced what I have, absolutely. But not the same fear as when I started. I’ve had to cross that crucible at too many steps to have the same fear.

I should state that I have a general fear, based on real experiences, both mundane and War related. Both color my perception.

But Fear isn’t a place. It isn’t a stumbling block. It’s a thing to examine, reflect upon, and make calculated decisions from.

Having made those, I feel the fear, close my eyes, and take the step forward…


I wouldn’t use the word ‘fear’, for me it’s more like being cautious?
At the beginning of my journey I didn’t have the capacity to understand the dept and the importance of treating the occult with respect and therefore I faced a lot of problems, perhaps that’s the reason why I operate in this way.

And since I’m trying to connect with my emotions it would be interesting to approach my fear as a conduct to process the information that my own body is providing me and see what can be done.


Hehe, you were braver than I was, then. No lie, I was very fearful.

Now, it’s a tool I respect and listen to.


Ouija Boards scare me.


@Ekettera Well you know the solution for that right?
Don’t play with Ouija boards

Or else…

Play with them until you no longer fear them.

I’m not being facetious btw I’m being serious. Those are literally the 2 options.

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As to me… I chose NOT to do pact making so far since my early on bad experience BUT one day once I can see spirits and hear them I’ll make one just to prove to myself I’m not scared to (but not til I can be sure who shows up that’s why I say AFTER I can see and hear spirits). Suffice to say it’s not the wisest move to try before your senses are open because without open senses you can’t really tell if you are pacting with the being you want to.

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I started as an atheist so no, I wasn’t afraid. I may still be an atheist. Is harsh, when Richard Dawkins had a crisis of atheism he would call me in the middle of the night to reassure him that there is no god, ghosts nor Easter Bunny. The latter always made him sad.


Turn them into a tool. I have read about a ritual of consecration that will make it much safer to use.
Shit I forgot where I read/heard about it :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Connolly talks about consecrating one for Demonic Divine use in several of her books. Perhaps you read it there.


I thought I saw a consecration on the other forum a long time ago.


I think the Connolly suggestion might be the best choice since we know Connolly is legit

Since you can’t always be sure about general posts elsewhere since sometimes things get posted on forums by people who haven’t even used the ritual themselves just cuz they read it somewhere).

Not saying that’s so (that someone posted a ritual they never used) but if your afraid of using the board and consecrating it to make sure it’s safe to use…

I’d say go with a source yo know is legit and reliable like Connolly.


Um… yeah. I need to go through my bookmarks.
(Wasnt the other forum. Btw. Sure of that…)


I think to be brave, you have to fear. It’s only natural: a survival mechanism, a way for us to protect ourselves from danger & a part of the fight-flight-freeze mechanism.

Every action carries a risk and reward, I try, not always successfully, to gain the greatest advantage for the lowest price.

With the occults there’re many unknowns, in my life I do small rituals and stack them up to have a larger effect. I don’t summon spirits, if I don’t have to. I banish before & after every ceremony.

It’s up to you if you’re willing to pay the dues to reap the rewards of magic.


Nope. I definitely remember a few moments of abject fear; as a child and pre-teen, before I began practising but had inexplicable paranormal experiences. The closest thing I have had to fear since then is when I had very clear physical manifestations of the presence of an entity (Belial) after summoning him without any system, but that was more awe tinged with fear, like “holy shit this is real”.

I don’t have any fear of diving into the deep end and learning how to swim as I go. I don’t have fear of others, or of divine retribution, or of entities getting mad at me. Maybe it’s foolish to have no fear, but this is how it is for me. I could not sleep in darkness until I was about 25… I could not sleep with any part of my body uncovered until I was 27, 28? And nothing in the world could convince me to get out of bed in the darkness; sometimes I’d even fear too much to stretch out a hand to switch on a lamp or grab my phone for its light. Nowadays I’ll rise in the middle of the night and walk down dark hallways with ease, and often enjoyment of the darkness that frightened me so much when I was younger.

Personally I was not raised religiously and live in a very secular country so that was never an aspect, either. The initiation I had into the paranormal was when I was about 7 or 8 years old, when a shadow person visited me, and after we stared at each other for a while, I took its hand, and it led me to the front door of my house, before I kind of woke out of trance, and simply turned around and calmly walked back to bed.

Fear since then, yes, but none these days.


I tend to argue with spirits a lot. I am very defiant and I hate being told no. However, one demon I was scared off was Moloch for several reasons. The dreams he will give me to communicate are haunting. The atmosphere he gives off really does bring chills to the spine, and during my refusals to communicate with him initially, I was cleansing the room while chanting Lucifer’s enn and a loud cowlike sound emerged very loudly and physically.

Then when I’ve decided to finally hear him out, he broke the candle holders for Lucifer and Asmodeus in retaliation to my initial avoidance.

Overall, once I was able to finally understand where he is coming from, the fear is gone and replaced with respect for power. It also made me want to learn further.

As a rule, I tend not to work with entities I am scared with. So the best course is to research and check the experiences of others to remove this fear.