How do YOU deal?

I wasn’t sure really where to put this, and mods, feel free to delete because I am writing this a little drunk.

It’s almost midnight on a Friday night and I’m alone. Which, in itself doesn’t bother me - I quite enjoy my own company for the most part but there are times…

I know the LHP is a path we walk mostly alone and I accept that. But I’m having one of those nights where I feel lonely. Like, I’d just like to have someone physically here, you know?

So my question is how do you guys deal with the loneliness? Is it just something you get used to? Or are the coping strategies you employ? Like I said, I know that this is mostly a solitary path and I’m okay with that. But yeah… I guess I’m just having a bad night and wanted some advice


I have to deal with that too. Usually, Im just fine being alone, but I think its human nature to want some form of companionship.

I generally, just shift focus to a movie, or new project or remeber how much my exhusband was an ahole and then Im good.

I really dont like being in relationships like relationships here are expected to be. So, I think Id be cool with just a “friend” , meet up do wild things and then go separate ways :laughing:

If you meant, lonely like not having magickal friends close by, I dont have that either. Ive just learned to accept that down south in the US its gonna be hard to find magick folk. But its still sad. :pensive:


I am married with an extremely tight group of Occultist friends as well as non occultist friends. My best advice is to be yourself openly and put yourself out there. Even when we think we are doing this it is usually only half the truth.

Online dating is not only socially acceptable now (who cares?) but just objectively better and smarter, embrace it. Go to events or stuff in your area to meet friends, insert yourself into conversations, speak your surely unique and fascinating thoughts.

I think the idea of LHP=Alone is a mistaken position. Separation and individuation aren’t loneliness or anything necessarily. I compare this to the idea that you have to live out in the woods to separate from society, but i live in a major city and am just as separated from it and its culture, moreso than say a christian in the woods would be.

All that said you can try and spin your loneliness positively. Maybe other people are just in your way for instance. I like this quote:

“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery–isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.” - Charles Bukowski


I’m a bit of an introvert. Dont like being around people any more than I have to :rofl:.

Most of the people I consider friends don’t live anywhere near me but we talk regularly online and what not. So that helps a lot.

I suppose if I feel a bit lonely I just occupy myself with things and realize the benefits of being by myself and find things to do that I can improve on with myself.

. I’m a bit of a saddo as I’m not one for hobbies. But if you feel the need for companionship or friendships maybe look for things near u that does interests of yours and u might meet someone new.
Good luck and hang in there!

Yes… THIS! :rofl:


It’s a part of understanding that we…at least
… observe more.

I would and have failed on that respect.

My coworkers have no idea - haven’t for years. Others will contest, but I am more likely to end up with a pension meaning I don’t have to work until I die.

Pretty important piece of information they can’t provide
without similar circumstances.

Been a professional in various fields. IT, Biotech, etc… None would understand.

But the professional fields hold the best chance.


“Me and my shadow,

Strolling down the avenue…” Perry Como (1951)

I’m a high maintenance individual and the best person to cater for my idiosyncratic needs is me. Other people are nearly always a hinderance, a mistake or unbearable. And I just love spending quality, solitary time with myself – it’s a real privilege.

I gave up on humanity a long time ago. For as long as I can remember, I was the strange, odd bod; that seditious prick who just couldn’t fit in. As I advanced on the path, I became more alienated and alienating to Homo normalis.

A Prayer

“O! Self that I seek to Become, open your mysteries to me. Rejoice in steps to overcome that which hinders me, bless my serenity in accepting that which I must suffer to change me and energise my Magickal curiosity that I may know the difference.

“Let my view extend beyond time and space!

“Hail, Myself-to-Be!”

Ps. Naamah is great inter alia for finding a partner and for memorable, real dirty sex. Lovely to work with and works quickly too. Just saying.


After my last relationship, if one could even call it that (it was long distance and got dumped via text after 3 years. Whole other story lol) I decided to do the same thing. I usually have a couple of people I can call on for company. One has sorta worked his way into a little higher stead than the others because we’re so similar, but I’m keeping him at arm’s length as we’re both kinda messed up and probably shouldn’t be in a relationship at all let alone with each other lol


Ooooooooohhhh I like that and I’m stealing it lol. Thank you!


I was struggling with this when you posted the topic and chose to refrain from responding until I wasn’t as caught up in it.

Mostly, by throwing tantrums in my journal and crying to the spirits I work with to throw me a line. The last time, I had a whole problem in the middle of the night, things had been stacking up it wasn’t just that I was feeling a little lonely, I was feeling way fucked up, overwhelmed, and untethered. One of them showed up, basically jumped in my body and put me to sleep after the four-second long calm down time. And I had a day filled with others the next day, it was a lot of fun.

When I’m struggling, with anything anymore, I ask for help. From them.

But other than that, meditation is helpful. So is talking with friends that are into witchy stuff, that’s good too. Knowing who is always happy to hear from me and talking with them. Contemplating what I really want with people in my life and realizing I like where I’m at, how things are for the most part, and if I don’t then magick is a step and half away and I can have what it is I want.

I’ve really enjoyed reading through these! Awesome topic.


I am not being flippant. But I take a good look at the people I might be around. Call that being a misanthrope, still it serves as an antidote against craving others’ company. The inner paucity of most bipeds serves me as a salutary horror.


Since 2019 aft3r death of my Father something di3d within me I stopped Connecting with people on a deeper level , All my relationships i have been was only for lustful purposes I didn’t feel any connection wit any girl still i am almost detached to everyone even frm my brother and my moth3r i realized nthg is fucking permanent literally as u asked in post above yes im used to it, not saying be like me but just try to comfortable wit ur loneliness reading works of Nietzsche helped to realize my true potential.

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I can relate to this on a few levels.

A few years ago, I left a 10 year (were together 12) abuse marriage with my son and it messed me up. Then, about 6 months later, I ended up falling pretty hard for a friend of mine. We did the long distance thing for three years… To be dumped by text.

I now struggle to see the people I’m “intimate” with as anything more than objects. If I start to feel anything for them, my brain picks them apart til I no longer have those feelings. Which sucks because i’ve probably pushed some good men away.

But I definitely get where you’re coming from.

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I had a similar incident. Well, not.rrally so lost but in the same sort of vein.

I get panic attacks. Have always gotten them, but I’d get them super rarely and only during high stress situations before. But the more time I’ve had to sorta process what happened with my ex, the more I started getting them. A while back, I started having one of the good ones where I have no fucking clue what triggered it at all. I was just sat in the bathroom and could feel it coming on. It went from 0 to 100 SUPER fast and in my panic, I started calling out in my mind to the main spirit I work with (whom I hope to work out a mutually beneficial pact with soon before I do my qlippoth next year) just crying for comfort or company or idek what. And they came and sat with me, even sang to me a little to help me through and didn’t leave me until it was over.

I’ve given up asking my human friends for help. One or two get it because they experience it too. But most people have never been in that position so their “help” comes off condescending and very unhelpful. “Have you tried splashing cold water on your face?” Or “have you tried jogging on the spot?” And I can’t help but think “jeez, I would love to try that, but I’m too busy in the foetal position on the floor crying and hyperventilating and arguing with my brain about whether or not I’m dying. Thanks though”

I’m finding myself doing this more and more of late. Isn’t it odd how much more comforting they can be? I guess it’s because they understand the true nature of suffering and don’t have that toxic positivity “everything happens for a reason bullshit going on”. Yeah, they’ll tell you you learn more from suffering than joy, but they don’t do it in a way that minimises the actual suffering - just encourages you to see the value in the thorns as well as the rose.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any IRL friends I can talk about it with. I’ve become fully open about what I do now because I got sick of hiding such a massive part of myself. My altar is on full display now and doesn’t get covered when I have guests. But I can’t really talk about it with irl friends because they’re all either freaked out by it, think it’s bullshit, claim to be “ex-practitioners”, or are like “if you talk about your magick it won’t work”. Which is why I’m glad I have here and one other person (they’re here so I won’t mentioned them by name as idk how comfy they’d be with me blowing smoke up their arse) who has been an absolute rock for me and listened to some pretty insane ramblings from me. I’d probably have given up on magick a little while back if not for them so I’m incredibly grateful to have them. Even if we do somewhat disagree on my affinity for Belial lol.

I think loneliness and its associated emotions aren’t talked about enough. Whether it’s related to magick or just in general. I lost one of my best friends who was one of the best people I ever had the joy of knowing to suicide because of loneliness basically… The isolation of the covid lockdowns here really fucked with his head and it amplified the depression he already felt. So I think talking about it and reaching out for help, whether from our spirit companions like we do, or a helpline or an online forum or ANYTHING is a super important thing to do.

When I started this thread I was really struggling because I was at that threshold of knowing what I know about magick, but feeling like I was losing my grasp on the ‘real’ world because I just wasn’t like it’s inhabitants anymore. Because lets face it, LHP practitioners aren’t like the normies out there. It sounds arrogant as fuck, but we’ve seen things they couldn’t comprehend if they ever did see them. We know things they couldn’t even think up. We can do things they can only dream of. And you just can’t relate to their mundane bullshit anymore which is incredibly isolating. I got to the point where I honestly felt more comfortable in trance, chatting to my spirit “homies” than talking to people. I mean, I still do, but I’m working past that and trying to find that balance.

It’s so awesome to have people here who actually get that.

Fuck, that was a long winded post. Lol


Exactly just let go Focus on your son Im sure he’ll b3 great Man​:100::crossed_swords:, Eventually if Universe wants you To find your match it will happen for now just let go​:raised_back_of_hand::leaves::maple_leaf:

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Well my friend this is a fact, you’re right and your right it’s hard being alone too much.

One problem with being alone is we have limited ways to make sure our own thinking is clear, correct and on point, other people at their nest can be a mirror for us to see ourselves , our thinking and our life in.

I myself hand pick groups of people I think I can trust in this path, ( I don’t always choose wisely though) and form collective circles of friends.

I try to choose from peers who I like trust and respect and that seems to get along with one another well. This gives me an outlet to socialize with and grow from other minds challenged that I respect.

We don’t need the kinds of friends who tell us what we want to hear all the time. We need friendships and relationships that offer challenge. To have friends to I’ve learned you have to be one.

That’s my 2 cents



Most people living in ‘advanced’ countries have chronically low levels of magnesium – diabetics especially. Over time this leads to several unpleasant health issues. I’m no expert, but I strongly suggest supplementation with magnesium – just avoid magnesium oxide, unless you’re constipated. Magnesium has been found to assist people with stress and panic issues. Moreover, although you can overdose on magnesium it takes a lot of money, time and supplementation to do so, with the overdose effects going quickly once you stop supplementation. Start with about twice as much of the recommended dose for two to three days, then cut back. Matter for you, of course.


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I do try to be a good friend. My problem though isn’t that I trust too easily, but that when I do trust and let someone in, I trust too wholly. My heart is definitely on my sleeve when I consider someone a friend. But I’m also very quick to cut someone out these days, so maybe I should start giving more chances.

I have two close IRL friends. They both know I practice magick, but I can’t really discuss it with them as one seems to believe you shouldn’t discuss your practice as it will stop your magick working (???) and the other is a Christian who has never even tried alcohol… Yes, I don’t get why we’ve been friends for over a decade either lol.


No it’s not that it stops working let me explain since no one else seems to have bothered to.

Silence and Magickal working

A teachable moment with

Mike Bee


Other people’s beliefs , thoughts feelings are much like yours, they hold some away over reality. Some people are unconsciously competent at manifesting ( I e. The evil eye ) most people are unconsciously incompetent and cannot understand how willpower, concentration and imagination can be used to alter reality In front of us. An untrained mind and will is absolutely no match for a trained one. Like a trained psychic will batter those who have no training… easily …

Now when you stop observing the rule of silence ( of of the 4 pillars of the temple) you are needlessly subjecting your working to the thoughts and ideas of others who may not share your resolute belief in your working or the goal of it. ( many people after all hate to see their friends be successful )

So what would be the benefit of upside of blabbering about your work before it’s manifest. Well idk I do it sometimes because I’m cocky and I know what I’ve got and I know my opposition typically isn’t up to scratch and I don’t care if I telegraph or not ( are you ready? Here it comes…). :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Here’s another reason it’s not helpful typically to blabber, all of the people who hate you, doubt you, hope for you to fall, all of those thoughts and feelings can turn on you and create a tide of opposition energy. Do you need opposition energy against you as a beginning magician? Not really. Unless your making a point to them.

There does come a point where others people’s shit unless it’s another strong magician isn’t really a concern anymore. Instead of being concerned with say a group of butt ass ugly intermediate b!tches ( that wouldn’t know a genuine attainment if it bit them in the ass say, you know, the sort that refuse to do anything that resembles real work for longer than 15 min at a time if they can even get that out of themselves. )

For people who have passed being vulnerable to the impure magnetism of others thoughts and feelings they for example are concerned about the will of the G-ds, fates being sealed, destinies written eons ago and etched into the hearts of many, inexorable pulling, guiding and leading them into the future as it unfolds before them. Some… some who are truly strong are no longer even ruled by these things, they choose to and have the strength to take the ALL into their hands and guide it into a future of their choosing… that’s some deep stuff. I shouldn’t have probably even said that.

Now you have to decide how to carry this silence bit for yourself, understand that if you choose to tell others about a working and they’re doubting Thomases it’s not gonna help your work, but, you can still prevail in spite of them if you have the juice.

Like I carry it like I don’t really give too much of a fuck because it doesn’t seem to matter anymore, the farther I go the less pull the gravity of their shit seems to pull on me

I’m aware of it largely but whatever… The opposition, nay sayers, Debbie downers, player haters, busters, imitaters… I just say…fuck em for real and forever and eternally they can suck it. Must they believe in the wind for it to move their hair? Clearly not… At a certain point their disbelief doesnt change the outcome at all, it doesn’t mean a damn thing to the wind…strive to be like that…be a force of nature…

Look @Delilah_LeStrange MFers have tried everything to silence me, cancel me, relegate me to the dust bin of LHP history, all of their lies, treachery, theft, imitation, cowardly persecution, all it did was give me motivation to come back and slap them in the face with little Mike Bee. I stopped allowing it to keep me from what I wanted. Now I don’t know or care what they say or do, it just doesn’t matter much to me, it’s not going to stop me from doing me and getting mine.

How do you know who’s will prevails over who’s , well I keep saying but no one wants to hear it. Reality is the ultimate authority on who has juice and who wishes they had it and who talks a good game but can’t see it through. All you have to do is just see what’s happening after two or more opposing forces clash and after the dust settles you see what’s what. Its always been that way and always will be.

So silence…for me…haha stop it…behave yourselves :laughing::laughing:,

If silence helps you get yours, practice it, if you don’t need to, exalt in that, it was hard earned.

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I decide which people are around because it’s nice to have them around, and which people I’m willing to hand poisoned knives to. The thing is, I can’t complain when they stab me! I hand knives out every once in a while, when I really like someone. And when I get stabbed, I cry about it a bit, nod my head, and move along because I gave them the knife knowing full well what would come of it.

I decide which people I like or love so much, that even if they stab me, I’ll be okay with it, because it’s worth it, be around them, enjoy it. I’ve decided they’re worth it, know why and trust myself. And the others, let them be fun but I don’t hand them weapons to hurt me with. How I try to live, anyways. (Potentially unhealthy advice though, I’m not know for making the best interpersonal choices.)

I tend not to discuss magick in progress.

Reminds me of high school, we had a J W in the group and another girl who was such a damn goody two shoes (I got to go over to her house once though, she has such a lovely family, what a good human). They didn’t mind I was into spooky stuff. Friends and friends.

I agree. I don’t even discuss mundane plans for the most part until it can’t be avoided or I’m already walking down the path deep enough I can’t turn back. The exception is when I actually want help/guidance from another human. But most of the time people know I’ll just scream if they try (literally, so I can’t hear what they’re saying), I really don’t like unsolicited advice and feel the same about sharing magick, it’s just inviting extra opinions (because everyone has one).


I completely agree and think that’s the smart thing. I’m not always able to do the smart thing though. :man_shrugging:t3:. I’ve kind of developed this bullshit complex where I sort of define myself by the degree of opposition that I encountered. That’s fucking retarded lol.