Trauma and the LHP

I’d like to point out some highlights from a conversation that’s going on in the circles that I move in. It’s on the topic Trauma and the LHP.

First let me say there are always exceptions to the rules and what I’m about to say is a generalization. One that seems to be very true.

Trauma, it seems for many of us is a common denominator, going through “some real shit” ties us, those on the LHP together more than any other set of traits like behavior, or ethics, moral, beliefs, disciplines, philosophies.

Because I only interviewed LHP black magicians, witches, I got to see this up close and personal. While it may seem on the surface we are all very different, there is usually one constant in all of our lives. Life altering trauma.

Everyone on earth has seen some ugly shit and suffered to a lesser or moderate degree. Yeah I know that. We, however seem to have gone through unbelievably harrowing dangers, unspeakably painful experiences, abuses, toxic relationships that defy and baffle the mind.

These experiences obviously leave scars. Many of us , not all seem to have some solid morals and ethics, to the point where alot of us are good people I’d say. Some of us though have been so effected by the trauma that parts of them remain dysfunctional and broken long after the incident that so traumatized is over.

Again not all but I’ve really had a pretty broad bit of exposure here and I think this could spark a conversation or sub topics maybe.

It is my thought and the thought of others that Trauma is some kind of gateway to the LHP.

Alot of use trauma in our craft to empower our work. Going through a process of reverie reviewing some of the things I’ve been through allows me to “evoke” some of the strength or endurance I needed to cope or over come that situation and now bring that to the present and flex with it on a current working.

Some things are so damaging that “moving on” may not be possible for some to simply start moving on immediately, it can take years. Sometimes moving on is like duct taping wounds shut and getting on with things as best as you can.

All of this seems to for some reason bring the attention of nightside or LHP entities in our lives who then watch and consider introducing themselves or they may offer a hand. This seems to be the introduction alot of us have.

Reader, I’d like you to you look at your life from a perspective of just observation, look at the chain of events choices and fates that brought you here now. Does this ring true to you or perhaps or in part.

I’m not saying there’s no trauma on the RHP but it just doesn’t seem to be as prevalent or pervasive as it seems to be with us.

I’m not implying there is a sinister conspiracy here either. My theory is still being formed by observation of patterns.

If youd like to share your thoughts on this I’d be interested to hear them, if it needs to be dm that’s fine too.


I wish I could scan the brain of any magicians who volunteer for it. The Amygdala is the technical name for the part of the brain that is nicknamed: the fear center. I suspect that LHP currents make heavy use of this fear center, other currents deal more with the frontal cortex (cold angel logic and math, that sort of thing). Meaning, a common factor amoung some are having an increase in neural pathways to the Amygdala.

Then again, I’m not a psychologist or surgeon, so maybe I’m wrong. :thinking:


Bro I think you’re very much onto something, there. There are parallels between LhP and rho that polar opposites and this makes sense, Fear, Hatred, A desire for control, these are commons ways to contact the left and it’s entities sure.

The old amygdala… fascinating.

Yes I definitely think you’re on youre something, i wish we had volunteers for a brain scan I’m going to look into memories, what parts of the brain they are stored in and see if traumatic memories are stored or processed or not processed any differently. See if there are other correlations or connections there.

From another perspective the sephiroth geburah is also named pachad ( fear ) and awe and din.



There has been more work than ever in this area by none other than the US Government. Why? Chronic PTSD in War vets like myself. There should be a lot of publicly funded research available… somewhere…


Most of the trauma has RHP ties and meanings in Western Society. Sometimes, it’s a direct relation, sometimes tangential. But the bias in a place like this means it isn’t meaningful to state this. We will never hear from those that don’t go far enough in independent paths to find their way here.

But more abuse survivors go on independent paths than just LHP routes. If one were to gauge the number of survivors that went LHP, it would likely be just as small as it is otherwise. There are more trauma survivors in the RHP than the LHP. It’s a numbers thing.

There are tens of thousands of abuse victims in single versions of Christianity alone. Similar in others. They FAR out number us. Because they haven’t found that point where they look elsewhere in a meaningful way, they don’t end up here.

At first. At lower levels. Likely into medium levels. Anything more, as more than a guide, could suggest insufficient genuine personal work hasn’t occurred. Not the same as Shadow Work. It would be like Jesus carrying his cross around for the rest of his life, had he lived a normal one.

There are wounds that don’t fully heal. Live enough, deeply enough, and they happen. Whether a personal idea or another’s. Carrying these around like hairshirts and badges that define us is similar to the above paragraph. But more importantly, they’re detrimental to our growth and health. Not thinking of it in a spiritual sense alone, but a psychological and physical sense, too.

But only those that have move past it (again and again) would really know.

  • Edited to take out phrasing that could be read harshly. Nothing meant that way.

Trauma can either push you to or away from the RHP & if it’s away where else would you go if not the LHP?

Let’s say you grew up RHP & shit happened. You were told over and over Gods in control, god has a plan, god knows best yada yada yada are you going to want that god especially if your experience contradicts what they tell you about god is good god in love blah blah blah ? Probably not. You see the lies for what they are and through the bs and start thinking And some things are not conducive to being a sheep being a follower being RHP. Things like free thinking, questioning, wanting answers.

But that’s just my thoughts on it.


Is this part of what you do in the mundane world? If so, that’s pretty fucking awesome, I’d sign up in a heartbeat for that study.

Very, very true. A good thing to bring up for sure.

I needed to hear this, thank you. I was thinking earlier that I’ve moved on from things before and it’s been good for me, and yet there are still things I cling to as if they have the answers or as if they’re somehow good for me. Just because I’m possessive over it doesn’t make it something that doesn’t burn, or something that brings any single bit of positivity (or another word with similar meaning), into my life and existence. Time to clean house in October (as always), thank you for sharing these words, a much needed reminder and perspective.

Hmmm….I can see using some fucked up energy/emotional state for a working against a certain person who’s related to it, but I don’t understand the border application? Maybe I’m not thinking about it in the same way. I mean, I understand bringing trauma into healing rites, and into curses (blessings, whatever) against those who have been a part of it, but why would you bring it to other things? Unless you mean it’s inherently part of a practitioner who has experienced it, or rooted in them if not “inherent”?


Hmm. I see the obvious application and you fo also for baneful.

Let me try to explain what I mean using a commonly accepter grimoire. The greater key of Solomon.

In it there are prayers to recite if the entire doesn’t want to show up or behave properly.

Let do some butchering of what was said

You did x for Aaron o lord
You did y for Moses o. Lord

Blah blah blah in this case the magician isn’t even citing his own traumas or experiences of awe with G-d. He’s citing others. This amps him up to go into another set of conjurations he’s sure will work this time ( he probably sucks as a magician idk)

Justin crow fire used a technique of a bracelet of bones. He’s actually where I draw this technique from each of the finger or knuckle bones on this string or bracelet represent a serious trauma he’s been through, by opening the bones and the memory associated with them he can the intensity of that moment of great suffering, rage, anguish, etc and immediately channel that into the ritual at hand, anger isn’t the only emotion that can be used. It does seem to be the easiest for many of us to grab ahold of though.

A side tid bit

When I had my first super win on the slots I dissected the joy and elation and rush and excitement of that moment, and was able to channel that , clumsily at first into more wealth and Dignities and when I figured out how to do this reliably and what precursor rites acted like a good conductor from emotional memory to main event Magickally I started hitting all the fuckin time and now I can duplicate this trick easily and fairly often. Those that share the photos with ( I’m sure sickeningly often ) can attest that it’s not an illusion or chance at the rate I do it.

The principal of channelling that strong raw emotion is valid for id say the entire spectrum of human emotional experience but there does seem to be a much easier time grabbing on anger and hatred and using it first. Others may feel so advanced that this isn’t necessary to achieve or duplicate these results consistently.

Id say in that case

More power to you then.

That’s what I meant and I hope it makes clear things posted earlier


Clever technique. Thanks for sharing. Good on you for putting it to good use.

Good observation. It does seem to be. I’m not sure why. I want to say it’s because it’s more “based” than others, but that just doesn’t ring quite true to me for some reason.

And before I forget, since I did last night, I meant using the trauma as a sole source in a way that would cause secondary PTSD from reliving those traumatic experiences. Happened to me accidentally when I resumes playing first person shooters after Iraq.


Yes and no. It was a lovely read and I took a way a lot, but my view is that unless you’re immersing yourself in a feeling, you’re (just/mostly?) distracting yourself.

So yes, to the degree you’ve said things that align with that, but also no because I don’t, and others do and will, but I don’t understand the broader application, beyond healing and curses, the role trauma would play in enhancing rituals. Maybe I’m being naïve though, maybe it does in my practice and I’m just not considering it enough right now and in the morning it’ll all make sense.

I think it’s a good note you made on anger. I think in part anger often acts as a mask so it’s easier to grab that instead of hunting down other feelings.


Yeah that puzzles me too. I’m lead back to the description of occult power behaving like water poured into our psyche.

Power like water will go to the lowest area on a surface or place first. As in it will flood the darkest areas of our psyche and magnify and accentuate ant preexisting imbalances, character defects, flaws, etc way way way before it go into the higher more refined parts ourselves.

I don’t know why those emotions are so much easier. I need to give it more study.


That’s a fucking awesome point to make and I’m glad you put it into words I think I knew that intuitively but I hadnt caught up rationally to it like that. It’s yes, unless the feeling truly envelops you and becomes a sensory reality it is a distraction.

When I access this I often feel like light trance and reverie are only the start. It has to be immersive le it’s counter productive.



I never thought of that…


Practice makes perfect.

But seriously…

Every time you get upset growing up and even after you’re unintentionally practicing and honing the darker side.

The reverse? You don’t get near as much opportunity to practice and done the positive side the flowers and bunnies happy happy joy joy love stuff, and frankly that applies to non magick people as well. Outside a relationship how much do you get to practice the whole love your neighbor shtick? Mostly ya love ‘em when they’re not being a pita (though love isn’t the correct word for being neutral to warm to them when they let you cut in line to get over to the left turn lane).

We get way more opportunities though our whole life to hone the darkness. We get far fewer chances to nurture the positive lighter better side of us. That’s just how things are. Parent takes toy away from baby baby gets upset hones the darkness basically, and on and on through life there’s lots of shit to annoy to anger to hone the darkness not near as much to grow and nurture the light.

It’s more complicated then that but hope that gives you a starting point for your “studying”.


I honestly feel bad for them. They’re stuck in a church that betrayed them and probably too scared to leave.


Scared? Huh never thought of that.
Can’t see why they’re scared (their deity doesn’t do much of anything. Not for the last what 4000 Years or longer. Far as I can tell, the last Oct he did was parted a sea & people only have their word on that.) but that’s their problem.


That is pitiable, it’s an abusive relationship in worst sense of that word.

What I find particularly disgusting is the practice of silencing the victims, protecting the perpetrators and then asking the victims to practice jesuses forgiveness in a situation like that.

What’s fucking wild is this is not a problem for only the Catholic church but alot of people think it begins and ends there, no, it’s a major problem in born again Christian communities and I’ve heard of it in synagogues and I know it is alive and well in Islamic communities duchess as the maddrass educational institutions.

This was much worse I imagine in earlier epochs where there was less transparency, less freedom of information flowing and overall less accountability.

Hell I’ve read some exceptionally disturbing things about indian swamis, babas, gurus and even ghandi himself.

There is something about the position of being on a holy pedestal that creates the perfect conditions of trust to be betrayed, and a sense of awe or respect towards the priest which gets used too.

Something about the whole hook up of priestly intercession on behalf of non priests that I find ugly.

The truth as we know is that divinity is inside of us and there is no way to be one disconnected from that, ever, ( that I know of ) theres really no need to go priests for intercession with the gods , especially if you’ve been initiated into a current or introduced to the entity yourself. This lack of building a relationship that’s personal with the entity opens the door to gross abuses.


Personally I prefer the word “s***” to “trauma.” The latter term means “wound” in old Greek and suggests passivity. “S***” suggest contempt for the excperience. As in the French phrase, 'The word of Cambronne"." Col. Cambronnne, called on to surrender at Waterloo, simply replied, “Shit!”

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Really appreciated your reply. More strength to you! Love etymology.