Origins - What's your story

I’ve had a few people inquire as to how I got started and what my early years in practice were like. I thought I’d start a strictly voluntary, light headed topic on our origins. So what’s you story?

My start was at 19 ( earlier with wicca :face_vomiting: but that doesn’t count) I had found my way to an RHP
Kabbalist mystery School (like Manly p Hall/Golden Dawn style). I studied there and did very well.

Here was the problem, they were hoarding knowledge and not sharing the good stuff techniques of Magick with me and my life was really in the toilet. So I decided to try goetic evocation with Orobas. I was ultra successful with it, got everything I wanted plus. Orobas and I have been together ever since ( as you know).

My RHP instructor sensed the goetic spirit energies around me and she told me I had been tainted by Sitra Ahra and the nightside. She told me to enjoy what time I had left. ( WTF ever bitch :roll_eyes:). I was then ejected from the community and the RHP.

Best thing that ever happened to me was getting kicked out of that school and the RHP. That’s how I got started.

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it change your destiny” -Yoda :joy::joy::joy:

How’d you get started? :point_down:


I started at fourteen staring into a mirror and daring the strongest entity to posses me.

In the end got possessed by Ashmodeus. Stayed posses, not fully, was still able to function in society until about a year ago.

Now, I’m thirty-five, confused doing pop/chaos magic.


Started with this:

I am who I am, where I am, because of this:


As for me, I got into magick and spirituality overall when Belial reached out to me one day in a dream. At the time I wasn’t into it AT ALL, and I was in some heavy depression, so it kinda came as a shock for me. It took me a few months of researchs to find what I was looking for, and find out about magick.

I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to magick, mostly because I do not do many rituals and such, I kinda stick to my things for now.


Cool shares everyone!


Similar. Was an astral projection for me. I was standing next to my targets bed and then he showed up, and we talked….I said „Dont hurt him !! Rather hurt his electronic devices“. Thats what Belial did. I got it… its REAL.

That was the lesson. I was skeptical before. I would not be here today without that very real experience and didnt know anything at that point, not even that it was belial.
Even though it was the very first time, I rarely had such intense evocations after. Have to be honest…

But they would not show up grant wishes and not have us learn anything along the way?


Exactly the same here


Hahaha I started with Wicca too. I lasted about a month and then took a hard left.

That felt good.




i wonder where is this coming from? they’re rhp mind or angel’s tell them this kind of stuff?


It’s called kabbalah that’s where they get this


Now some of the shit they believe about the LHP is lies that they’ve told themselves from generation to generation


I’m never heard anything from beyond but when i call naamah (maybe dropped some tears)she said my name when I’m about to fall asleep, man i want to be tainted with this warm people

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Let’s see…which time? It really started when I would see spirits as a kid. First I remember seeing was the Hat Man in a graveyard on Memorial Day. I was in kindergarden.

Couldn’t get answers. At gome or Church, so I went the only other place I could - the library. Home internet wasn’t around then. So, it started with psychic and ghost books.

Knew at 17 that Wicca wasn’t for me. I intuited that an actual balance of the polarities was better than a pretend one or o e just as equally unbalanced than what I was leaving.

Got into shamanidm and astral projection in my high school years.

Read Lavey’s stuff in my late teens. Decided he sounded like he was still a teen and still pissed off at his parents.

Still did my own "spiritual things, but my practice was disorganized. Largely didn’t do anything until after the War.

Studied Tai Chi and Qigong under an instructor. We would have lessons from the Tao de Ching.

Didn’t get into evocation or similar until Hawaii, when Hecate called. 2019?


My totally original experience was that I went to a witch shop at 18 (not common where I live, at least when I was younger) and found a book on Wicca. I tried to follow, eyes glazed over the ritual for the Goddess and Horned God, threw the book somewhere in my library never to be seen again.

No really, first experience was that I nearly died in my sleep due to near-sepsis blood poisoning. I woke up with what felt like someone shoving me, rushed to the hospital, had like 30 minutes to live, et cetera. Was convinced ever since then that a ~guardian angel~ saved me and went on the search to prove that there are forces beyond us because otherwise, I was certain I would have slept into my early death.

Family is Catholic and I was always certain angels were real, like I felt them, but couldn’t explain it. I started experiencing synchronicities when I was 17ish and went searching for answers with little result. Gave up. Stumbled across a witchcraft forum on Reddit around 19 during the lowest point in my life, then found the community on Tiktok a little later which led me to LHP.

Now, I’m here.


I started in my mid twenties…it’s kinda a lame story in that I was after a girl, she wasn’t into me so I decided to turn to magic. It didn’t work out but I stuck with it and made a fool of myself in the magic community. I had to turn to Santa Muerte and she helped me resolve many issues.

Over the years my relationship with her has deepened.


Brought up a Roman Catholic. At university started meditation and after a few years crossed the globe to join a New Age community.

After a year there was intervention in my meditation and I was taught a new energy techniques each morning for 5 days. Perhaps the most important is usually called “rising on the planes” or “jacobs ladder”.

That brought me work with energy flows across the planet’s surface, both horizontal and vertical. The local landscape was quite complex with hollow hills and ancient standing stones.


My story is super cheesy. I watched Harry Potter with my kids. I knew magick didnt work like in movies but it got me open minded enough to try and learn real stuff. So out of curiosity started looking things up. I then moved to Virginia and away from family who are all devoted christian. I felt more freedom to buy books and actually do magick.

When I moved back home, I needed a car really bad, did magick to help get one. It worked and fast. So, I kept digging into magick. One link lead to another and I found Azazel. Once, I started working with Azazel that was it. I was in it for the long haul.



I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ll share too.

I wanted something and the abrahamic god refused me it. So when I was 11 I truly turned away (I was raised Roman Catholic) for the first time and when I was 13 I turned away again. I pilfered through satanic teachings for a while and finally found my way to the online teachings of a couple practitioners with names most of us would recognize. I’ve been actively practicing since I was 14 and actively working with the usually-invisible-friends since I was 16.


You lucky bastard!