What is Your Current Interest in Magick or Spirituality?

What has been catching your interest lately, or what have you been pursuing?

For me, I have been pursuing traditional astrological magick and electional astrology, as well as Theurgy from the view of Platonism and Late Hellenism.


Taking a Shemhamephorash and a Goetic, evoking them and telling them to merge.


Ancient Greek Magick, Daoist Sorcery, and Astral Evocation. Just wrapping up my wealth magick workings before I dive all the way in!


Would like to see that in an AI art generator…


Interesting. What draws you to Daoism? Or, Daoist magick in particular?

Also an interesting idea. Why do you want to do this?


I hold energy work in very high regard, and deeply appreciate that daoist magick is an ancient practice untainted by christianity. Western magicians are not so fortunate.


I’m a simple man, I’m into making things happen :smiley: I don’t give a flying fuck about how. If you tell me there is a slamming door form of magick that consists in slamming doors to manifest things, door factories will see their stokes rise sky high.


You know, back in the day, we had daimons. Capable of angel-y and demon-y things. Unified under the banner of daemon. This takes angel and demon conceptions, holds them, while moving closer to nonduality. Like the two base points of a triangle being moved to the unifying third point upwards.

It’s a way of working smarter, not harder. (Suffering doesn’t = more (un)holy, be it via christian or gatekeeper-y approaches). Given that the concept of daemon is fractured into angel and demon, I’d posit that it is novel, in our time and place.

Ignored, forgotten, or neglected paths tend to yield unique fruits.


We could develop a system. You just need to have the intent in mind, then slam the door…

Just saying. Chaos magic or energy work whatever you want to call it- the important part is one telling yourself that slamming the door will get the result you want.

Then define that result, knowing that slamming the door fires off the energy from the intent and voila, slam the door.


Along with @Keteriya’s reply, I can think of a way this could be done in the style of the workings of the ancient or medieval sages. So, it’s certainly not only something that could apply to the philosophy of chaos magick.


Why do you view Christianity so poorly?


Where do you get this definition of Daimon? I tend to understand “Daimon” as an intermediary between us and The One.

Also, forgive me of I am misunderstanding this, but why do you see Nonduality as the unification of two dual natures present in the world? Or, why do you see the world as having two dual natures to begin with?


I should rephrase. It’s more that I lament the loss of the knowledge of the traditions that came came before it. Western lineages are broken reconstructions at best.

I respect early christian mysticism and philosophy. Modern religions are a disgrace, regardless of their cultural contexts. I do not exempt eastern religions from this, as they are riddled with (child) sex abuse, exploitation, racism, and the advocacy of genocide.


I certainly share your sorrow regarding what has been lost. Although, ironically, early and Medieval/Renaissance Christianity seems to have been heavily influenced by Platonism, and the works of those ancient sages. The same is true of much of Medieval Islamic philosophy. I wouldn’t necessarily say regarding Platonism, “that is the true foundation of western esotericism/philosophy!” Although it has been said that Plato is the father of all western philosophy.

With Platonism, I wouldn’t call that a broken reconstruction. And otherwise, just as all religions and traditions are syncretisms in some way, I wonder if a true preservation of a tradition is even something that is possible.

Otherwise, the unconvential individual is always going to wish for a tradition free of the influence of the dominant religion.


I don’t think so, and I do not think it would be healthy or serve anyone to do so. But the loss of European pagan practice, philosophy, and cosmology is heartbreaking.

I also think there is something powerful in transmission and lineage, and that is no longer accessible in the West.


I’m thinking let’s make it Russian roulette- I slam the door sometimes when I’m angry…

So if I intend, well before I am angry that every time I slam the door, one of my enemies dies

Well let’s hope I remember when I am angry, or it’s a half ass direction since when angry slamming the door is usually for a different purpose. You’d have to define what enemy meant- I’d use it for those attacking that I don’t respond to, I’ve used other methods but this one would be amusing…

But theoretically you could reprogram what it says/means to not only your but everyone arounds you subconscious when you slam the door.

Sorry, just theoretics but I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work exactly like any of my other experiments- define the intent, generation the energy- direct/release it.


Hmm I wouldn’t necessarily say it has been lost. We have the works of Plato, Aristotle, the Greek and Roman Neoplatonist writers. We also have the writings of Stoic authors, and various other Greek and Roman Pagan authors. Those are traditions we have a lot of resources on. And for the cosmology in the Medieval Ages and the Renaissance, it was based heavily on the Cosmology as given in Platonism and Hermeticism, they simply considered God to be The One, and so also considered him as the Soul of the World.

Early Islamic authors also had a great reverence for the Pagan traditions of the Roman Empire, having recieved most of their knoweldge of science and philosophy from them.

It is a shame that we have lost much of the traditions of the Germanic peoples, and the Celts, as well as the Slavic peoples. Although it seems that various concepts in Platonism and Hermeticism are rather universal to the world.


This is what I refer to. What we have now is fantasy dressed up as historical practice. It is a shade away from larping (or in some cases, it is just larping), and it is a shame.


It is not a coincidence that I listed Ancient Greek Magick in my initial response. These are treasures, to be sure :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ve always understood that word in the classical greek sense, a spirit who wields bane and blessing. I use the word HGA, in the way you understand daimon.