My Introduction

Hi everyone! It’s great to join the forum, coming from the old one. Great to see many familiar faces and friends too!

Here is my introduction. I have been practicing Divination for 6 years, and magick for 3. I particularly specialize in Astrological Geomancy, having practiced it for 6 years and it being my first entry into the Occult in terms of practice, and I also practice the Tarot. At the start of my magickal practice, I mainly worked with various Angels through the works of the Gallery of Magick and certainly had a wonderful time with them.

I now primarily work with traditional Astrological Talismans, and practice traditional Electional Astrology. I create Talismans using full astrological elections coming from our traditional sources and the works of Christopher Warnock. I have adopted the Platonist/Neoplatonist world-view, which our predecessors in Europe and the Islamic World had adopted before modern times. I am also influenced by Hermeticism. A comment on Hermeticism: That is, not the modern philosophies that appropriate the term, such as The Kybalion, which are very different from Hermeticism.

I primarily work with both Celestial Spirits and the Norse Gods currently. My introduction to Platonism and traditional Astrology was through a miraculous turn of events that I am very grateful for.


I do hope you’ll help educate us all on astrology and how to implement it in our practices.

I’ve always read your replies about it with awe, because it seems so very complicated to me, to even begin to understand it all.

Welcome to The Occult Mirror, I’m glad to see you found us.


Well, the man is in the house.

Awesome to see you here, my friend! :sunglasses:


So excited to see you on here!

I’ve always been left in awe by your knowledge on astrology and I can only hope I pick something up from your posts.


Welcome to the forum mate, really happy to have you here. I agree with @Keteriya and @Laurel_Spider 100%, I’m always fascinated by your insightful posts and hope you can share some of your knowledge with us. :bouquet:


Its awesome you came. So glad to have you.


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

@Keteriya, @Laurel_Spider, @Veil I didn’t know you all had such an interest in it! I have said before, that traditional astrology has one of the most beautiful systems of protecting itself. What I refer to is that it takes great labor and effort to learn traditional astrology and astrological magick, it is a system that requires much dedication to learn, as it is a complete system, and through it it includes all things in reality, all things in life. And of course, reality is complex. It is also based on the Platonic/Neoplatonic and Hermetic worldview, which most people are not even aware that there can be a different way of looking at the world, it is simply not possible for them as they are not aware. I see even for most modern astrologers, when it is discussed that the Moon does in reality not exert nearly enough gravitational force to cause any affects on us, there is a crisis for them, because they simply cannot base their beliefs on anything other than scientific materialism. But, traditionally, the Planets and Stars do not influence the world by any material means. They do not send material energy, or exert gravitational force that can cause changes in us and all things on the world. But rather, these connections and links between all things are spiritual in the traditional view.

I have not explained the techniques of traditional astrology much before, as interestingly if someone asks how to accomplish something through it, they likely don’t have the foundational knowledge to be able to use the answer. This is something that requires great learning and contemplation to use well. But there are certainly some basic and easy to use things that can be of immense benefit, and that would be great to share on the forum in the future. Perhaps a category for Astrology can be made?


Thank you my friend, it is great to be here and to be part of this! The forum has a great feeling to it too, and I feel it can become even more diverse than the previous forum we were on, which is all the better for discussion . Thank you for inviting me!

And thank you @DarkGodofQlippa for convincing me to join!


Oh you make that obvious lol! That’s one of the biggest reasons I always set it aside rather than get started with it. It’s a long term project and it always seems like my long term projects got interrupted lol.

This makes sense to me based on how I see energy working, and as a part of the whole.

Indeed. But that presents an opportunity for you teach us all, if you’ve developed not only understanding but practices, and you use them…

It’s only a matter of time until you realize how you can relate the foundational concepts in a relatable method to those with less experience on the topic.

Maybe they still need to know basic energy concepts or something more, but I’ve realized rather suddenly lately, that most of the things I do can be taught to beginners- in real simple steps compared to how I learned them, because I understand the foundational concepts of how it works on a deeper level.

If that makes sense.

Basically I’m saying I’m not aware of any comprehensive work that takes someone through newbie day 1 to experienced, so perhaps you could develop or help develop that.

We know it’s important and yet we have no idea how to begin or access what you have.

I’d be happy to do this for you to work at filling. It wouldn’t fit within a single other category more appropriately imop.


Here you go, an appropriate place to do allll the the work you’d like :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it.


Welcome to the forum, man.