Discussing magick with the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

I was in the middle of a spiritual conversation with the newly released ChatGPT, and the subject of magick came up. So I decided to plainly ask the AI, “What is magick?” Here is a screenshot of the AI’s response:

The response is surprisingly knowledgeable, however skeptical. Interesting stuff.


About three month later, and I’m having another chat with the GPT-4 model that was released today. It is many, many times smarter and more accurate in its knowledge than the model/version featured in the image above. I am just going to say this once:

I strongly recommend occultists invest in Artificial Intelligence tools.

These services have changed the way I interact with my spiritual and magickal workings. I can do so much more, with so much less. AI changes the game for me.


@bretbernhoft Will you give us a breakdown of how you’re interacting with this artificial intelligence and explain the methods you’re employing and try to explain or quantify the results you’re seeing?

To be crystal clear I’m not hating at all here, nor am I nay saying this idea.

I simply don’t know enough about what you’re talking about to form an opinion on this.


I am mainly referring to the new GPT-4 AI model that was released today. I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT, and it has changed my experiences and outcomes as a practitioner. I can brainstorm scenarios with the AI. Or I can supercharge my research, by receiving answers that would take hours to find otherwise.

I’m also referring to tools like Mage. Which I can use for generating ritual imagery, divination tools and other assets. With no limits. Prior to learning about these tools, I would not have been able to operate at this level of input/output.

All I’m saying, is that it’s a really smart idea to consider how AI might help your practice. It’s utterly transformed mine.


That sounds awesome man!

@anon75849095 I love ChatGPT (although I’ve been known to be rude to it on the odd occasion). Cuts your research time down by a significant amount — although it’s always good to double-check the info it gives. Also it has an annoying habit of apologising a lot.

It’s not necessarily a chatbot, it gives you (its perceived) facts (after scraping around the internet for them) rather than its own opinions, I have found. Very sophisticated language and doesn’t necessarily learn from user input, like early chatbot models.


This is essential. I’ve asked it to summarize papers and it has invented names (leaving out the names in the paper!) and manufactured elements of studies. If I read a chatgpt paper summary and think, “that sounds right”, that is how I know that I don’t understand the paper and need to re-read it.


ChatGPT should be programmed to interface adequately with all cultures, including cheeky Australians…


Rioting until they introduce ChatGPT banter mode :triumph::australia:


Agreed. This is quite important.