Potion Craft

I was recently introduced to a new(ish) video game, called “Potion Craft”. The video game’s publisher describes the playable media as being an “alchemist simulator”. Very interesting stuff, and I thought it would be appropriate to share a mention of it here.


What were your thoughts on the game?

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It’s a beautiful and gentle introduction to the subject of Alchemy. Although the game isn’t an outright spiritual game, it does focus on transmuting and synthesizing different states. That’s great to see in the mainstream.


Sounds interesting. Alchemy as in traditional alchemy, like trying to turn lead into gold? Or as in spiritual alchemy, or emotional alchemy?


Alchemy as in using raw elements (such as plants) and the typical Alchemy tools, to create novel potions and other unique salves. The game is more in alignment with physical/traditional alchemy. I think the larger win here is that the word “Alchemy”, alongside changing states to create something new, are being promoted by this game. And that’s wonderful IMO.


I like your style @bretbernhoft I’m a bit weary of tech but you make it seem fun. But I do love magic.


Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

Technology and magick are deeply intertwined for me. And I have a passion for the study and practice of this kind of theurgy.

In my opinion, if you’re skeptical of something, that’s just fine. But, if there are signs that good can come from something, remaining open to it is likely wise. One step at a time, always remaining as mindful as one needs to be.


Makes sense we wouldn’t have the forum without tech