Hair Growing Potion?

Could not resist using “potion” lol.

So I have a friend and her hair stops growing in the front but keeps growing in the back, anyone have any advice or something helpful?

Anything on the topic of hair magick is more than welcome!



He’s not only the president, he’s also a client.

Sorry this isn’t a potion but I couldn’t resist the urge.


Funny. I’m working exactly on this. If you have a couple of days while I finish with my notes on the topic, I’ll dm you to share what I have.



I boil it for a few minutes, strain, cool and spray. You can also use rosemary infused oils.

It’s worked for me, I have a similar problem. I have a lot of hair at the base of my head, but not too much at the front portions. I used to have a bald spot at the side of my head because of my constant hair pulling. It’s gone now.

I also oil my hair regularly, I use an ayurvedic oil.

I’d say go for Holistic/herbal solutions, they mostly do work. At least did for me and people I know.


Gelatin is good also, like eating jello.


Can spirits like Raphael and Marbas give an answer to this question? If they can heal, then they must also have the science, right? I ask this question to know if practicing magic is even worth it?If one day I can finally talk to them and they can’t give me a way to regrow my hair, I will be really disappointed.

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Ask and see.

False equivalency you’ve got there.

“Can heal” and “science” are apples and oranges here.

Nope, it’s not. Because you’re not putting the work in. If you put the work in, it becomes worth practicing. And I know you’re not because if you were, really were, you wouldn’t be here asking if it’s “worth it.” You’d be finding out and doing your very, very best at it.

Everyone here has “failed” at some task or other. Everyone here has had a path to learning. If you’re unwilling to partake in trial and error, unwilling to fall, unwilling to figure out how to keep going, nothing is ever going to work in the long term. Put the work in, consistently, and then you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it. You can’t ask others to be the judge of “worth” in your life when “worth” is so deeply subjective and entirely dependent on you as an individual person.

That’s very sad, for you. They’ll be fine.

Also @King1911 what part of your comment is on topic? The opening part might have been, if you wanted to toss out some names that might be interesting to consider if not for the entire rest of it. So you put down two names (of health—and sickness—beings) and then question the worth of magick? on a thread asking about how to grow out hair, how is it relevant?

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I can’t at the moment, I just started my training, someone who can should talk to them.i evoke Raphael a few times but every thing got worse.

Raphael claims that he is a divine physician, he must have knowledge of it, otherwise he cannot say this.

These are beautiful words,but a little heartbroking,you assumed that I’m a lazy person, it’s not about that,The point is that these angels and gods claim to be the highest, in every way, but I see strong magicians who are stuck in the simplest matters of their lives, as if someone is playing them until they die, if Raphael considers himself a divine doctor, he must be able to cure any disease, or at least know its medicine. If not, it is not worth it,and i should look some place else.that is the meaning of word “worth” here.

And that is the problem here,If someone(s) made our body, then he/she knows how to repair it, and if he/she does not have a problem with the pain and disease that is on earth and “be fine” with it, then he/she is not “worth” it.

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@norse900 @Nephenthe @ReyCuervo

Can someone decide if this is relevant to how to make hair grow please. If it is, I respect that, and admit to just not understanding how.

I saw two names in the first post, but there’s no info on how they might be useful to something physically applied to a person to make their hair grow, or even a working with them to help the situation. Instead, the poster has an existential crisis about whether magick is real and/or useful in any capacity.


Maybe? It isn’t something that needs healed, really. It isn’t a blight or disease or harmful.

It’s cosmetic, regardless of the emotion attached.

Honestly, I would likely ask fertility God/dresses. It’s growth. It’s vine-like. It needs cultivated. It needs rejuvenated.

There’s nothing to be healed.



I think it was adequate if it was a disease- but it isn’t . I think.l there may be value in letting it stand in that I posed the post below saying it should be looked at differently, more as a cultivation and rejuvenation issue.

If there’s no damage to the scalp, there’s nothing to heal.

Hair isn’t alive.


Hasn’t worked out for those praying for world peace or Earth rejuvenation, so we should consider other avenues.

There are many belief systems and we all have our own. I’m not going to believe one over another in this area. If something doesn’t work, we should consider something else, a different approach.


Yeah I prefer a pragmatic approach to this and most other things. If what you’re doing is working that’s great keep doing it. If not time to look a different direction.



@DarkGodofQlippa Do you have hair potions? :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


No I’m looking for a P@nis growing potion, and after that a tooth growing potion, and after that probably a weight loss potion, then perhaps the potion of youth…

So Many potions do little time.

This is an excellent opportunity to though to discuss something “Off topic”.


This may require a split topic at your discretion.

There is a big problem within the LHP beginners and even intermediate sector of students. There is no real effort forthcoming coming out of atleast 50% of the students to learn the basics of their craft before they want to go and ask spirits for this of that.

See without Clair’s or the fundamentals attained we really aren’t actually magicians. Were mendicant armchair magician beggars.

Not cool.

If this applies to you please stop being this kind of occultist. That truly is a waste of your time. If it doesn’t apply then let it fly.

@King1911 one thing you may not considered as I see your gaze is fixed on the can they or can’t they aspect of things is this.

Will they do it for you?
Will they do it for me?

Gonna tell you right now simple and plain there is a big difference in what kind of responses you’re likey to get depending on who’s asking.

A magician the spirit knows and respects… Even fears maybe. The spirit will likely try to accommodate the magician. Or someone who essentially begs for favors with nothing to offer. He gets whatever he gets.

Relationship matters here. If you don’t have one with a spirit doing some attunements or offerings and meditations are a great way to build that connection before we start asking for favors.

This isn’t a dig, jab, or barb directed at anyone this should be known by all if it’s not I’m putting it in writing now.


Some of that could be off topic, for sure.

This is a topic without a resolution. The information isn’t gatekept anymore,so there’s no way to limit who can access what, ready or not.

There is the same problem in the Chi community at large, but the things are still gatekept. People can screw up their energy systems with the intermediate stuff, usually correctable, but the information is still out there, waiting to be (ab)used.

Talking about it isn’t going to provide a solution. But people being frustrated that their evocations “failed”, even if they didn’t, is going to move some on that won’t put in whatever personal work they need to do.


I look at my comment now and I know that it has nothing to do with the topic,I just watched a forum member’s video about being possessed and I’m pretty sure I’m 100% possessed.Many of my words and actions are not mine,And I know by what group I have been attacked,I will not participate in any further discussions here in TOM until this issue is resolved.sorry guys, for everything.