[Discussion] Bless our food

Do you feel that it is important to bless your food?

There are magical properties in food, so should we be blessing our food to unlock those properties and allow them help us?

I believe I caught part of this discussion on one of Kurtis Joseph’s live chats but didnt get to stay for the whole thing. It seems to be an interesting topic.

Growing up Christian I was raised to always “ask the blessing” before eating.

So maybe there is something to it. Should we bless our food and release the magickal properites they hold to nourish us and in some cases even heal us?


Like if I had done a blessing over my cranberry orange muffin, could I have potentially unlocked more healthy qualities of the cranberry and orange and thus, had a healthier snack with added benefits?


That’s an interesting premise.
My guess, it probably depends on the blessing and entity involved

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I could interject from the Franz Bardon classic initiation into hermetics that there was a chapter on impregnating food with a vibration or wish. However he related that the actual temperature of the food being cooler seemed to allow a greater investment and thus return on the amount of energy absorbed by the food.

This can be done with drinks also.


That’s interesting. So kinda like on your birthday when you blow out the candles but, anytime you eat or drink?

Would the wish need to be something connecting to the foods properties, like an orange has vitamin C to help fight colds , but is also associated with the sun that is connected to wealth. So would the wish need to be for good health and or wealth or could you wish for anything?


Anything, you can wish for anything. The key to this is repetition, of course the vibrational correspondences of say an orange would naturally effect those corresponding wishes I’d imagine


Yea, I would think if you used eating an orange for example to wish to not get sick during cold and flu season it would strengthen the wish with the properties of vitamin c already being there.


I vaguely recall reading something to that effect but I think that where I read it they were saying you had to ask a harvest food fertility related deity for it to work (I’m vague on where and when because I wasn’t really interested at the time I think they were saying call on Annapurna to bless it to get best results). :person_shrugging: No harm trying if you feel like it (with whichever food related deity you choose. I’m sure it’d work with any of them if you tried and believed it would ).

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There are kitchen witches that do this on the regular for their families. Has a history.

I glanced over some of the replies, so let me offer an inverse of sorts. There are systems that think you should and shouldn’t eat or drink after (during is different) an entity/deity. With regards tohe dead, it’s felt the item has been drained of some (maybe all) of the “vital” energy of an item - food, drink, whatever.

But there are also traditions that believe they can imbue other things, regardless of whether or not they ate/drank from them and suggest consuming it for those qualities. Similar to consuming lunar water blesse overnight by an entity.

So, seems like a combination, mostly involving intent with the involved parties.

I abstain on the energy of the materials themselves, as I’m still on the fence about significant influence with them in my personal practice.


They already have a magickal effect. In fact, everything does, all the time. It’s just often not strongly directed (or, we don’t notice it) when you have not combined your spirit with it. But everything you eat does have a spiritual effect on your spiritual body, intended or not.

Further, everything does have remarkable powers, just like us. So, you may respectfully ask the food you are about to eat to grant you the benefical effects you are seeking.


In Daoist practices, “spirit water” is created and consumed regularly. I think Mantak Chia wrote about doing something similar with all meals as well, but icrr. The idea is to slowly but steadily empower yourself.

It certainly couldn’t hurt to cleanse things before you put them in your body! Or to utilize tea magick :tea:

*Keeping in mind that tea magick is not rooted in east Asian culture, despite what people on the internet like to say, because tea and China and ancient Chinese secrets…