Use of the Crystal Ball During Goetic evocation

This technique comes straight out Karlssens book “Kabbalah, Qlippoth, and goetic Magick”

This is if I recall correctly taught in the Order of the Dragon Rouge.

Step one: turn your seal upside down and place it in a triangle if that’s how you do it.

Second: elevate your crystal ball slightly above the seal and directly in front of it. I’m using a brass bowl you could use a couple of books.

Step three: use your enns and open the sigil by staring at the now right side up image in your crystal ball.

Four: evoke your spirit but ask that they reveal themselves in the crystal ball.

Point your wand at the spirits seal in the crystal and begin dialog with the spirit while looking at the manifestations and images the spirit is revealing to you.

When your dialog is complete place the wand down in front of the crystal ball to end communication.

Give license to depart.

That easy everyone. I’ve used this 50+ times now and the method has given me enormous success. I hope even one daring soul tries this method for themselves. The results are most satisfying.


I do have a good size crystal ball at home. I may try this this evening.


This is on my list of things to learn, one of these days.


So i tried this I used a sigil for Clauneck.

I focused on his sigil and i could see a dark cloaked figure. I get much more visuals that that but i could hear him speak to me.

He appeared in my crystal ball, and with a deep barreling voice said, yes Mistress Arianna. (I think he was being a smart ass :rofl:)

I asked what advice he could give me and he said a financial opportunity will be coming my way soon and to not pass it up.

He also said , we love you, keep up the work.

So thats what i got.

I was gonna use Azazel’s sigil but i connect with him so easily I thought it would cheating somehow. Ive only worked with Clauneck twice.

I only got the image of him though, cloaked the rest was like him speaking.

Omg! Im crazy! :crazy_face:


Yep, that’s usually what I say about myself to. Like wtf chuck, how did that just happen…


You Rock @Arianna :crown:. Thanks for trying this out and giving us some tests to discuss. I knew you or whoever tried this would seriously enjoy it.

I personally think a blend a ceremonial and demonaltry is the fire :fire:. That’s how my practice has evolved anyway.

If someone’s technique works and produces results I’m using it.

I’ve never worked with clauneck but I know I need to see him so thanks for reminding me.


This is FUN brother! If you get a chance grab yourself a nice big ole quartz and have at it. The visuals are stunning.


@DarkGodofQlippa another fantastic guide, thank you for this!!