The circle around the the sigil

I just wanted to throw this out there as alot of you may not be aware of this or are and forgot maybe.

When you’re dealing with a sigil that is an alternate of a more standard or accepted sigil you can always test it by drawing a circle around it so that it resembles a traditional seal. This circle is actually your first line of defense.

The circle both focuses the energy of sigil and provides a limit to it’s power so as to not allow it to overpower you.

I’m planning to do a working with an alternative sigil of astaroth tomorrow which is why I’m bringing this up now.

If anyone has experienced this effect do share with us. Or questions are cool too.



I gave a portal sigil from Hecate to someone that needed it for a project. I told them to trace it the desired size and to put a circle around it. Not to restrict, but to contain. To concentrate.


I evoked Duke Astaroth using the Dukante sigil today but I won’t update my journal til after your working, don’t want to ruin your experience!


What do you think of having both the Circle and Triangle present around a spirit’s Sigil? For example, in the book “The Masterwork of Chaos Magick” by Adam Blackthorne (Which I believe you have), for the Olympic Spirits they have their sigils drawn around a Circle, Square, and Triangle. Now, I disagree with the use of the Square, however.

It’s been a very long time since I called on a spirit through their sigil, but this may be helpful to others.

I want to add for others, there are also great secrets to found in using these geometric shapes, and like all good occult secrets, remain hidden from even most practitioners. This should be found from studying the works of the great Sages of the pre-modern era, and deeply contemplating it.


As you can see,

That is how I do it, circle and triangle.

Two reasons, more protection and safety for me and more concentration and densefication for the presence of the spirit.

It’s a good combo. Now the square, I don’t agree with either.


Isn’t the point of a square to cover all quarters? Like a four man team with their backs toward each other can nearly cover 360 degrees/each other’s.

If your playing Cod with a four man team, one person in each corner of the map can usually hold the entire area.

Perhaps the point of the square isn’t as obvious as with some of the more common shapes?

I don’t usually cut sigils out if I draw them on poster board, index cards or the like, so usually I have them on a square or rectangle. I like this better than cutting them out and having an imperfect circular edge…

I really try to make everything perfect and can’t… so I intentionally don’t cut circles lol…


Frater Barbaras(?) Uses squares inside of triangles and circles to give an area for the four elements to combine in, iirc. Been a bit since I read any of his stuff.


You know I’m kind of being hypocritical I just noticed my four demonic kings names do form a square of sorts.


Haha! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Don’t you hate that? Lmao.


Im curious, when you say its the first line of defense and protection. And to not allow the spirit to overpower you. Has this ever actually happened?

From my experience its been the other way around.

Maybe there are spirits that want to do harm. Ive just had more experiences where its the magician hurting the spirit.

Nevermind strike that i do remember being in one circle that i wanted to take their head off.

Carry On. :sweat_smile:

When you answer your question.


Yes I’ve been possessed by asmoday before. I stepped out of my circle to get a candle for him which I had forgotten and it felt like I stepped on a live wire of electricity. It took nearly two full days of mania like psychosis to get him out of me.

It was very much like being kidnapped and waking up locked in the truck of my car with a wig, lipstick and a dress on! :laughing::laughing::roll_eyes::man_facepalming:t3:. My behavior was very erratic.

Now the circle around his sigil clearly did not save me.

I think it a deterrent but a malicious and strong spirit ( not saying asmoday is a malicious spirit) will find ways out of it.

I had agares jump out at me and circle my circle looking for a way in to get me. This was terrifying thankfully I had read some of a DKs teachings on how handle that situation.

Its tough to say who Hurts who more often.

I tell you I’m more afraid of what the spirit can do to me and my life after the ritual is over than what it can do during. That’s just my opinion though.


But see Ive experienced on the other side of the coin. Like my last run in with a group of magicians was a horrible experience. It was like being trapped in a dark place and being raped over and over again. It was painful and that wasnt the torture i endured i was forced to only focus on them and their weird psycho shit. It was probably the most taumatic thing ive been through. And i reached a point where i was broken down enough i couldnt find a way out. Thankfully, a really good friend came to my rescue. I really dont know if i could have taken anymore abuse. And i know it played a huge part in my sucidal thoughts for days afterwards. I didnt those magicians before hand so i didnt know it was going to be so brutal. A group is harder to fight off than one.

But like say. Ive also been the one on the
attack. When i was pulled to someones circle i really didnt want to be at. I dont think I actually hurt him though. Just really wanted to.


Mmm this is going beyond what I intended as a subject. The concept of making someone appear during evocation. I personally don’t condone coercive methods I prefer to offer gifts and respect to bring them amiably. But let’s go a little further than I intended anyway and explore these ideas.

It’s a fuck of lot harder to get them to willing assist you if you began with coercive methods. Then comes binding and constraints. Another practice I no longer engage in. Just because I’ve had real problems come from it. Yes those methods work, but you’re not making any friends using them.

Again I’d rather come to an acceptable agreement with the spirit than to force it to do something it doesn’t want to do. It’s ironic many lhp magicians feel how I do and many RHP magicians are the ones that use the binds and constraints. That’s another story though.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I’m glad you made it to the other side of it.


Your good. Thankfully, i have great friends.


I thought this was funny to see since we were discussing it so recently.


That’s cool, japanese spirituality is fascinating stuff.

I’m glad this topic took off and gave us a good conversation.


I find it interesting how the people who use methods that approach the Goetics like beasts get exactly that response. Demonolaters have positive preconceptions about them and they are reflected in the spirit’s attitude, even without any protection being used.

That begs the question of what would happen if you were to evoke a jinni in this “friendly” manner, setting aside the fact that Arabic magicians consider Goetics to be jinn, instead of utilizing the traditional conjurations that work in a similar setting as the Lemegeton. If they acted much like a friendly Goetic acts around a demonolater, that’s a strong argument for the psychological framework of magick.


Happens all the time. Better to know who ypu’re calling, just like anything else in this area. They have personalities, too