Uncle Al's Newfangled Magicians and Technology Rants

Yeah? Well not where I ‘live’. It’s full of deadbeat, over-medicated, ill-educated, braindead types who dress in what they find scattered on their floor – no full-length mirrors. Half-arsed incense burning Wiccans and piss-weak, New Age dickheads. Elderly, deluded and gormless spiritual nipple suckers of the Xtian traditions. It’s a real menagerie of tragic headcases, bred from destitute scrapings off the bottom of the gene pool. I rarely venture out, so as not to be contaminated by the ignorant, stupid, compliant, gutless and honourless masses. There should be signs in the streets stating: “Please keep your little fucktards leashed.”

I’m all alone. One of a kind.

So “don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge…”
The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (mid-1982).



Why does this sound like a mix between Bukowski and DuQuette? Haha, I love it.

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“Companionship. I’ll tell you what is not a companion. And that is the dross - the herd”.
Art thou not borne from the dross?
What is gold - if not purified iron?

Yet “it” is not about what we know - rather it is how effectively it is communicated.

every leader from any time can more or less claim this…

AI oh AI, tell us about artificial intelligence!
Let the black earth of thy experience bellow and speak!

i think i jive with your form of speech!


This is the grotty, warts and all reality of the sordid (enclosed) world in which I exist. Squeezed out, shallow, emotional cripples with their broken hearts, shattered dreams and amputated perspectives. Some even have the middle distance eyes of a greeting card Jesus. Believe me, there is such a thing as human waste. Because I’m lazy I try to remain comfortably cloistered to avoid contamination. I avoid the contagion of MSM because I’d rather not experience my life in other peoples’ prefab, straight-off-the-screen prisons.

What separates me is that I recognise, appreciate and exploit the fact that I’m fucked in the head! I have my very own mental diseases; not the mass produced, off-the-rack, one size fits all. It’s given me far more freedom. Why get depressed when you have Magick and can have fun?

As for AI – another mind-numbing acronym – humans have almost always walked backwards into their future, waving ‘Goodbye’ to good times going. AI will be no different. Who needs the responsibilities of freedom? The future is Chinese, so checkout Chinese AI and its manifold uses in the PRC, especially in ‘predictive policing’.

What do I care? I had the best, you younger ones can have the rest.

But here’s a little something to ponder: The more repressive a society, the better for the accelerated ascent of true left-hand path Adepts.





Al… You’re right!.. Or left as it were…

How can you distinguish the left from the right?

Well, if it ain’t right, it’s LEFT!