Ban Uncle Al

I don’t care if this post gets me banned!

I want all the members who agree that recidivist Old Uncle Al be banned, “Like” this post. Ivory tower Al shits me and just about everyone else. I’ve asked before and will ask again, who the fuck does he think he is?

Someone must teach this prick a lesson. And if OUA wants to throw around his Magickal expertise and threaten me, well I’m not going anywhere. You make the first move, because I fucking know who you are Al, and where you’ve been! Don’t personal message me either.

So, if you’re minded, add a “Like” to let the Admin. know you want to get rid of Uncle Al (and his persistent British English spelling). Frankly, his the-rules-don’t-apply-to-me enlightenment comes from drug distorted trips around his own perverted imagination; whilst the knowledge I gained from his posts could be printed on a few bubble-gum wrappers.

This arrogant, know-it-all, been-there-done-that cunt keeps pushing the {redacted by Norse} (especially their early work) and we all appreciate (except him) that that’s no allowed. I’d like to buy him at my price and sell him at his.

So do the right thing! It’s not that hard!


Let me tell you a few things about Old Uncle Al.

First, he’s full of shit!

Second, he’s not as great as he makes out he is. It’s all impressively high-flown nonsense; like he was bitten and infected by the long extinct Thesaurus.

Third, he was fucked up before he got into Magick and Magick didn’t help. In some senses I still have pity for him but, “…Compassion is the vice of kings…” In the 20/20 vision of hindsight, everything that happened to him led to the long term working(s) he performed.

Finally, he’s a drug addict – nicotine and caffeine, followed by herb and alcohol. Rather than make every morning a Smirnoff morning, Uncle Al hits the Absinthe Superieure Grande Absente. Pathetic!

So I’m just pointing out the character of this so called Magician – before it’s too late. I mean you can’t be too careful, can you? Better safe than sorry.


Actually @UncleAl I find this post amusing as fuck.
You should be a comedian.

I know that you love living on the edge of really and me too for most of my life, I’m a rebel, but I learned to wear masks to appear more civilized.

My dream is to live in a forest surrounded by supernatural beings and no people.


Al, I know you have a hard time playing well with others, but we still like you.

But that material - full of hate and directly linked to idealizing untoward…fanaticism…that has literally cost people their lives over nonsense ideology.

That isn’t allowed here. Not just you, we took down another post that should’ve have made it out of the first or second reply. You cannot separate the hate from the Occult they tried to corrupt to justify it unless you have not actual understanding of history.

You can fantasize this and that, claim it as a shamanic journey, a dream, or whatever, - the entire topic is largely verboten. It’s not wanted, welcomed, or allowed.

To be clear, we left you health remedies, predictions, and other things alone.

However, should you still want to spread materials and organizations fill with hate speech, that espouse genocide/m/urder, and whatever else is outside our stomach for decency here, I suggest rolling your own forum, on your own server, with you shouldering the costs. We shoulder the costs for this one.


No one wants to ban anyone far as I know.

That said, there’s all sorts of ways to stay allowed on forum.

  1. obey the rules

  2. skirt the edge of a rule by literally going to the edge of what’s allowed without actually breaking a rule

Then there’s my favourite …

  1. tap dance on top of the line by avoiding saying the iffy and verbotten while implying things without saying them so as not to go aver the line tightwalking style.
    Example: A H was & is a crappy excuse of a human being :wink:
    It doesn’t say who what where why or how and you would have to read between the lines to guess what was actually discussed in that statement but 1 thing for sure I wasn’t dissing my boss saying that.

@norse900 and all other moderators I’m not going there with that that’s just a example of avoiding breaking the rules while stepping on the line but not going too far and not going over the line while standing on it. Which as I said is my favorite way of handling iffy things that may or may not be forbidden when it comes to forums :person_shrugging: as you probably guessed already.


We don’t want initials, either, that we can work out, I’m afraid. I was going to ** those out. We had a Lounged post that used initials and anyone with basic knowledge it out, so we can’t allow that either.

Edit - it’s really no different.


@UncleAl And that’s all I’m suggesting and
learn the lines and discern what is too far then step on the line without falling over it


What we can’t say A H for Annie Hall? Oh the horror :stuck_out_tongue:


Al’s an Old School Satanist, so pushing rules and boundaries is what they do. We get that. Without that menatlity, they’d just be regular people.


I know (and I love treading the lines after all I’m not your typical John J publicist I’m a juggalo and metal head I love the edge (not always what’s over but stepping on the line definitely). Ah well…

Sorry Annie Hall you can’t go by your initials here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m completely ok that my stuff was locked. I realized on my own that there just wasn’t away to explore that topic without it going into the unwanted. And it wasn’t ever my intent to go there purposely.

Sometimes, it’s just better to do some things the old fashioned way with a notebook and pen. Privately.


Am not old school Satanist like Al but I do lean left hand so there’s that too on top of the other non-conformist attitudes I indulge in :person_shrugging:


Thanks. I’d gotten rid of DOZENS references, links, etc…because of that area. And then realized I/We were saying NO to Al’s, but an implicit YES to yours, despite it not being public and not being in the same vein, but too close to give an adequate reason for.

We try to be as fair as we can. Not easy sometimes.


Ya some of us make it hard sone times don’t we?
I’ll try to be good (for a while anyways. Maybe longer).
So no Scottish triangle building stuff either I suppose.
That’s ok I only just found out about it looking up the other.


You don’t get some of the better discussions without dissenting opinions and points of view. Just certain topics we have to be wary of.


Its all good. :sparkling_heart:


@Arianna Ditto.
I don’t mind mods doing what gotta be done to avoid probs.

Not my thread but I knew we was stepping on the line, well I knew I was anyhow I was surprised it lasted as long as it did to be honest.

It’s actually sort of good to know you can’t slip much by @norse900 and the rest of the mods. Even if I will try sometimes. (When the thread begs it or provides an excuse for it).


Errrr…still human…


Lol I know, I did say much after all,
I didn’t say anything, much allows for your humanity and everyone else’s humanity

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So you were sabotaging my topic , eh :face_with_raised_eyebrow: