Dear lurker (yes, you):

Hi, unknown not-my-friend.

I see you lurking. Symbolically. This forum’s software allows me to see some cool data. For example, that about 40% of readers are lurkers.

I don’t know which kind are you (looking to get your ex back? just curious? seeing if this place is for you?), but I invite you to make your first post. That’s it, create and account and join the discussion. There are two damn good reasons to do so:

ONE: The community reunites some good people.
TWO: We have a very nice environment for occult discussion.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t give a fuck about you (why would I? I don’t know you!), but I do care about this community and I do want to see it grow and become larger and better.

So, that’s why I’m calling you, lurker, to be an active member. Symbiosis, that’s it. We would all benefit.

Now, stop the damn lurking, it is giving me a headache, and come here. There is magick inside. And meals recipes, I guess.

PS: Refugees from other communities are welcome.


:laughing::joy::rofl: I was thinking about scolding you for being a sarcastic asshole who is not giving any shits about peoples path and maybe they need to lurk for a minute…

Then I saw this line and burst out laughing for real. Good job man. :rofl::rofl:


I was going to say that practicing Christians shouldn’t be afraid to join us since I don’t suck demon cock, but oh well, then practitioners of other religions would get jealous or something and there is only so much me to share :man_shrugging:

Also, I am an asshole :smiley:


I know but you also know how to behave…:rofl::joy::laughing: I’m just teasing ya!


I am a very proud lurker…. Just saying.


Insta-ban for not jumping on the infernal empire’s dick. :laughing:


Lol and here I thought the lurkers were simply lurking for the in door so they could enter :stuck_out_tongue:


He really means the ones who haven’t even made an account or or do but lurk and don’t introduce themselves- he’s saying they are cheating us of the opportunity to meet them and to welcome them into the family too.

It’s fine to lurk, but we know people are out there and some of them probably need to talk or need help, and just aren’t speaking up- or may even be afraid to for one reason or another.

He’s trying to say don’t be afraid to join us and see if it’s a fit.

But he’s a sarcastic asshole, so see what we get? :rofl::rofl:


You’ll have to demonstrate how spirits manage to have that particular equipment and why if they have that they don’t have wifi (or so the rumor mill says).

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Or they’re lurking til they turn 18 for reals and don’t wanna get caught and banned for being under age? Add: some of em probably are anyways the rest just be antisocial or something. Or afraid da demons will get em if they officially join.

& Adds my own spin to the whole topic thing of lurkers:

Hey you! Lurker! The demons have better things to do then go after newbie ass the oldsters be keeping em too busy with summons invocations evocations performing miraculous things like changing a bosses mind to get a raise types of petitions and wining :wine_glass: and dining :pizza:and chit chatting so you’re safe they are not gonna jump Over to you If you join. They’re too damn busy. If you wanna meet em you’ll have to work for it.

So get it in gear and join cuz your more then welcome here :wave: :grinning:

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But you DO have an account!


Couldn’t resist! :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry. I guess you’re referring to me, but the reason I just lurk is because every internet group I join bans me - sooner or later. I was a member of the foremost lhp Magickal internet group, but I got ‘temporarily banned’ for good. I think it’s because I try to use British spelling and maybe because of the filth I post. And every time I get banned it just breaks what passes for my heart.

Everyone looks down on me because all I want is to get my ex back, but as I self-identify as a black lesbian trapped in a white male body people shun me. Give me some time and I’ll post an introduction. using American spelling.


No worries, Al. We have a soft spot for people who wants their exes back.


Sorry Al, but you neglected to mention that you also need someone to channel Lilith for you or perform a free divination to advise whether she accepted your plea for an harem of succubi.

Access denied. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::no_entry_sign::triumph:



Calling all lurkers!