How about discord?

I propose we have a discord server, with occultmirror and balg members,
establishing more of a “town square” sort of environment.

since we already have threads here and there
all that is missing is basically something like 3-5 threads JUST for chat
-and maybe some meming and shitposting and music on the side

but what is importend to me, is to havethis market place sort of environment


The problem with that is most members here were passive aggressively forced to choose us or them.(by them) So I image the other place would ban any of thier members that did that.


i was not aware of that situation


Lol I got banned from the other place for liking an instagram post (can’t remember if I commented or
Not) but either way I was banned for that. lol.


Damn. That was harsh bro. Maybe they are trying to run everyone off and shut down.


Yeah no they tried that dumb shit with me.

I gave them the most underhanded, corporate reply I could think of :rofl:


Okay, people, the situation as it is:

We have no plans of getting an official discord server, mostly because that would be too much of a time grab for everyone. The four staff members have jobs and many other obligations to attend to, so we can’t really take any other responsibility and it wouldn’t be fair to ask anyone else to do so.


I’ll also jump in and say that while it is a lovely idea, unfortunately it would not be possible at this time, for the reasons Rey mentioned, and more. While we are happy to try and remain on good terms with BALG, and indeed any other magickal community, as Ari said, there was a recent situation where a BALG moderator demoted and/or banned a dozen or more users who have accounts on both TOM and BALG. The TOM founders unfortunately have no say in what BALG moderation does.

Maybe one day in the future it will be possible :slight_smile:. I am going to lock this thread now, @Jizadio. Anyone with questions is welcome to DM me.