Magick is a Jealous Mistress

Magick is a hard, fucking slog. Seriously, if I’d have put half the effort into learning the keyboards, I’d be a concert keyboard artist and probably with access to more drugs and pussy than the way things turned out. But what do you do? I was driven.

One of the things which I maintain is almost supremely important to Magick and therefore becoming and being a Magician, is humour. If you can’t laugh – both at yourself and the material world – in my considered opinion, you’re fucked. More likely than not, you’ll move on to other things – like John and Elsie Lunchbucket. Then again, who am I to say?

I’m also disadvantaged as an Aussie, with my dark humour cynically moulded by generations who inhabit an island of Antarctica: sunburnt people shaped by desert, drought, distance and despair. Also, I’m a Low Satanic Priest preaching cheap, nasty but effective techniques - because I got into Magick well before the internet, and that’s why I hate all you post-internet Magicians. I also pity you as well, just so you know. Lonely days of soft, stick-together, stinking photocopied pages from public libraries; with long, rainy afternoon train-trips home.

Laughter is also the most effective measure to close off a Magickal Working and come back to mundane, pedestrian consciousness. After working I laugh at myself – come on, I’m living in the atheistic, materialistic and science-based twenty-first century and could have been drinking beer whilst watching television! At first, you may have to force your laughter. I also augment laughter with hard, slap-across-the-face techniques, because this banishes lust of result, if and when it arises.



Humor it is!


I agree laughter is the best medicine !


This is a really good point. I could’ve potentially had 2 PhDs at this point. Haha


There are a few paths of the Magician. One is following the Path of Saturn, which is focusing on obtaining deep and profound esoteric knowledge, and on focusing on obtaining power. However, this is often a path with much struggle and adversity and even suffering, Saturn rules over both Beggar and King, but only few thrive on this path and obtain the best, while remaining in the darkness and continuing to struggle is a possibility.

Another is the Path of Mercury, and this involves the learning of all sciences, high intellect, learning trades and professions, and good speech, and to thrive in this world and to do much and obtain much. The great Magicians of the Renaissance, such as Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa who was successful in war as a mercenary, and became a Knight, and obtained much fame and honors even in his young age, and who made a profound impact on the Occult even long after his time, is a good example of this. As is William Lilly, probably the last true master of Horary Astrology, who it is said he was even more famous than his King! And many more of these great Magicians of times past, who accomplished much and spent great effort learning about this world and the world above and purifying themselves.

Then there is also the Path of the Moon. This can be the more “common” path, such as study and practice of witchcraft and that magick employing the herbs and such of this world, while also sometimes focusing on the high esoteric arts. Usually, more of a mixed path, but those here tend to obtain good fame among their community, and remain a respected and beloved member.

The path of Saturn is not an easy one, and falling is a possibility.


@Dankquanicus That’s an interesting perspective. I’ve always sort of thought about it as Mercury, Moon, or Mars. I notice similar practices and aspects between them, though.

Mercury, to me, deals with the more studious, academic, “communitative” aspects of the practice.

The Moon, to me, deals with the more “psychic” aspects, like astral projection, divination, and healing, etc.

Mars, to me, relates to power, defense, and change.

I try to find a balance in all of these areas, but I tend to favor more of the Lunar / Saturnian path, for now.


Saturn also relates to Power, since he is the highest of the Planets, and he rules over Gold (Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book I, Chapter 26).

That may be part of what you’re sensing?

I do recall one part of Three Books of Occult Philosophy where Agrippa says that a magician born with Mars in the 9th House will command spirits (So, perhaps a case for a Solomonic Magician, depending on dignity and other factors). Mars signifies commanders in the military as well, so this is why.

Otherwise, Mars can signify some parts of magic, although he just doesn’t rule over magicians or magick traditionally, but he does rule over Alchemists, because they work with fire and break things down. Saturn, Mercury, and Luna, however, do traditionally rule over magicians and magick, which is why I looked towards them here.


I always heard Saturn ruled over lead and that the sun ruled over gold. This is interesting. I’ll have to read that book to find out why that’s proposed (Saturn and gold).


I thought writing that might make someone wonder about it! The common list of the Planetary rulership of metals that circulates around today is very consistent. However, it’s not quite so straight forward in traditional sources.

In any case, both Saturn and the Sun rule over Gold. Gold is a metal of Kings and Royalty, and Saturn rules over it because he is the highest of the Planets and has rulership over Kings. The Sun also rules over Kings, being the King of the Planets!

I’ve seen some people become very worried when they see a traditional source assign two (or more) different Planets as the ruler of any given thing. For example, Lapis Lazuli is ruled by Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon, looking at Al-Biruni, Agrippa, and Willaim Lilly.

However, this is not an issue. All the Planets are within all things. It’s just that usually the influence of one Planet dominates in any given thing. Sometimes, multiple appear to have equal strength. Basil is ruled by both Jupiter and Mars in traditional sources, and I’ve heard people say brewing some basil tea or drinking it with water gives them strength and vigor for the day (Relating to Mars). And Basil can also be used for purification, which I have done before (That relates to Jupiter).

At the same time, the Stars, Constellations, Mansions of the Moon, Signs, and Faces also rule over everything.


That’s kind of what I meant, yeah. Haha

That makes sense, I like that!

I was mainly just thinking about it as Mars, Moon, & Mercury because I like alliteration (a little too much, perhaps), and to remind myself to remain balanced and unpolarized; and three is a great number for that in my experience.

I could definitely see Saturn dealing with power in more way than one. Haha

Edit: I’ve also heard people use a “Saturn, Mercury, Venus” system, especially when it comes to herbalism and things like that.


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