Travel/mini altar suggestions

I need to create an easy to take and move around travel altar. I’m at my sisters 4 days a week, I need something I can grab and go but is a mini altar set up. I can use the fireplace mantle as a temporary altar but I need to be able to pack it up and move it daily.

I’m looking for suggestions of things that would fit this bill. And not cost a small fortune!

Ari :heart:


When I travel I usually take a seal an ashtray and a chime candle holder, usually the places I stay at are incense free (smoke detectors)

This pic was taken during a mini vacation in a beach resort, I had forgotten the candle holder so I had to buy a new one lol. But this is usually my on the go altar setup. Seal candle holder ashtray to place candle holder on and that’s about it. Hope this helps.


Yes, thank you!

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I’ve seen people use cigar boxes, mentos cans, tackle boxes, lunch boxes…

Birthday candles or chime candles don’t take up much space. I’ve brought a baking cup with me to make sure my candles don’t leave wax drippings on counter tops. Then cleaned it up to give a tea offering either from it or just a mug/cup available.

You can print a picture of the deities or sigils. A lot of home Taoist altars use pictures.

A small paintbrush can help sweep up incense dust. The joss stick incense comes in “smokeless” versions which produces a minimal amount quite nicely.

I’ve bought the white tubes of incense sticks from Walmart just for the tube. I typically carry my incense in it when traveling if I will need it.


Awesome. Thanks!!


I know this chick on Instagram and her travel altar is kick ass I want one. She took A slice of wood like street slice a out 12 to 14" across, probably got it home Depot idk, but she sanded it painted it and has a few different cloths to cover it, she anointed it with abramelin oil and looks pretty kick ass. I’m def going to make similar.




This might help! Very similar to Norse’s suggestions.


I went through my stuff and found things for my mini/travel altar

A little box, black chime candles, a ring with Lucifer’s sigil, a miniature statue of Hekate, a necklace with Azazel’s sigil, a candle stick holder, a set of chakra stones, a few other stones, a bell, an owl , and some Hekate anointing oil, and a little vial of wormwood. And completed it with a small Halloween bag to carry it all!!

Oh and also a little book of matches and some tobacco incense. :smiley:

That should do just nicely. Hekate, Azazel, and Lucifer are the ones I work with the most, so those are a great start. I can always print out or draw sigils and things as needed.


Oh, and this guy. He’s going in the bag too. Because I have two this one and bigger one.

I mean if you have a goat box, ya gotta have the goat !! :goat:


That actually looks like a kick ass travel altar pack!

Damn… now I’ve got to make one…


Just never leave my temple lol


But for real yours is cool , I love the azazel , seir’im motif that rocks