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Ty everyone all places filled up


Very impressed!Thank you
Hail mighty Prince Orobas

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I’ll pm you, thank you!

I hate to ask but can someone do a reading for me? I had a accident at
workplace (I wasn’t working I was shopping essentially)and hit my head (bumps gone down but the boss said it looked like the size of a golf ball right after it happened in his opinion). I don’t have any signs of concussion but internet info says symptoms can develop as long as 48 hrs after a injury. So I’m wondering do I need to get checked.

Add: those who’ve known me a while knows this isn’t something I usually do (ask for a quick read). I’d rather know before symptoms happen if I should go get looked at or alternatively learn I have nada to worry about.

If not I’ll just wait and see and go if I start having symptoms of concussion.

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speedy recovery, I wish I could help you.

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Thakuou @Caringyang So… update since I said why I wanted the read

My dr office was closed so I went I saw a dr at emerg (saw) he didn’t do much spent like maybe 5 minutes asked if I had symptoms had me raise me arms and legs as a test for symptoms I guess then was like your ok but if you start getting symptoms feeling worse come back. Not very impressed.

Would still like a read to set my mind at ease or it’s not a positive read so as to be prepared. Which.ever. I did ask someone they said they’d do it, so I’m just waiting on it. I am scheduled to work tomorrow night.

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@Vitriol thank you for the reading and it’s good news.

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Offering three readings in honor of Prince Orobas


Hi @Jk999 ,i want one in pm please.

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Cool @King1911

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Thank you @Jk999 my friend and dear prince orobas, your readings have helped me a lot.

Two places left

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Prince Orobas, very good.

If you allow me, I will also participate, please.

I would like to know who is or who these spirits are wanting to work with me.

Thank You.

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I would like to take one JK, What does Prince Orobas have for me as guidance or message :slight_smile:

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Yes Prince Orobas and Mike Bee are back. Spread the good news…

Prince Orobas deigns on this very day to grant 5 lucky first responders the gift of his oracle and insights.

You may choose a 3 card past, present and future of any subject with one clarifying card.

Or 3 one card divinations to answer 3 specific questions.

Deck is rider wait,

Tag me @ Darkgodofqlippa please

First five served I’d like you to specify public or private

And Orobas loves feedback…


Let’s begin…



I would like a slot please.

The reading can be public.

I don’t want to sound selfish about picking up a slot but I’m out of practice and would like some direction.

Should I continue my relationship with the girl who wants to date me?

Should I wait for the girl I really want?

I have banished certain spirits recently, I would like to know if it worked?

Thank You @anon75849095 :pray:


@Infernus.Rofocalus certainly you can have d slot, the very first in fact.

I’ll shuffle up and start.

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1: the girl you’re seeing now, she could be alot of good times my friend. I see you meeting new people that actually advance your social agendas through dating her…

2: if you hold out for the one you think You want I promise you will be humbled and laid low. She will quickly solve the riddle to you and will break you. I’m telling you that unless being dominated Is what you’re into, avoid her.

  1. Yes whatever way you understand divinity is put to the test here. You are like a newborn secure in the wind. Trust, just trust the problem has been addressed and you’re safe. In the same way you do not mistrust a chair to support you as you sit. Have trust that these spirits are out of your life.

Orobas wishes you long life and good fortune.

Four slots remain.


Hi @anon75849095 i want one in private please.


You’re second @King1911

Pm me