Free readings & trades are now allowed

Hello my loves,

As was pointed out recently, the forum is now older than 90 days. :relaxed:

This means that if you have been an active, contributing member here for 90 days or longer, you are allowed to offer free services (divination, rituals, et cetera) to other users in the public forum.

Please keep the official forum rule regarding free services in mind:

  • You must be an active, contributing member for 90 days (3 months) or more to be able to offer free services, to ask for a trade of free services, or to agree to trade free services in the public forum.

  • You may request feedback for anything you do freely for another user (and it is encouraged and appreciated by most users offering free services), but we cannot force other users to provide feedback if they do not wish to.

Please offer free services in good faith. This means:

  • Do not offer free services only to ask for “tips” or other monetary or material compensation or otherwise afterward (in public or private messages).

  • If someone privately accepts an offer of free services and you want to publish their results publicly (keeping the person anonymous), please seek consent from the person, or make it clear in your initial thread that you will be publishing the results of your services.

  • Do not offer free services only to (truly or falsely) tell someone they’re “cursed” or “blocked” but you can help them if they pay you. If you encounter this kind of behaviour, please notify the moderators.

Thanks and have fun!
V :peacock:


Are we only posting free readings in the mega thread still or can we make our own thread for readings?


It would make more sense for the person giving the reading to create a thread, so people receiving readings from that specific thread would need to pay attention to it, instead of everyone on a mass thread like this one being notified.


I wish one of you guys offer me a reading or anything, i need it so bad