The Ongoing Hekate Experiment

Entry 1

Do to prior instances of things happening that seemed to lead me to believe there maybe a connection between myself and Hekate, I asked for a black magician to volunteer to do an experiment with me.

I asked him to do any kind of work he wished with Hekate. But to use a specific seal and bind Hekate to it. Using a little of his blood.

I wanted to get verification of what I was experiencing.

The first few months had been what I expected. I could pick up on spirits around the altar. I could do great circle reading of the magician and his temple.

Up until the 28th I hadn’t spoken to this magician in a few weeks. However, on the night of the 28th I was awake all night. Not super wired, but I should have been sleepy and I wasn’t, I was just awake.

Also, I started feeling a connection to a poisonous plant, so much so that I felt like I was inside the plant.

I also got a vision of the particular seal, and me being held to it. With a really strong bond and vibration of energy.

So, on the 29th , I messaged the magician to see if he had done anything to the Hekate altar.

He said he had replaced the offerings the night before. which were candles, coffee and nightshade berries.

The coffee explained my being awake all night, and the candles explained the warm glow I was seeing around the altar.

I couldn’t figure out though, why I felt held down on the seal and overwhelming plant feelings. I asked the magician if he had done something with the seal and he replied that the Nightshade berries are placed on the Seal. Now it makes sense, the feeling of being inside the plant, the strong hold to the Seal and the crazy vibration of energy.

I was beginning to think this project wasn’t going anywhere and then out of no where I get these results.

Side note: I think I can utilize the essence of the Nightshade berries for something else.

Not sure how to utilize the coffee in another way besides the energy rush, but it felt the same as if I had drank a cup of coffee. Not too wired but awake and productive.

But the berries, I’m pretty confident I can utilize those with a work of mine.

Extra Note: I did a Quick Look around the magicians , temple and his personal circle I didn’t detect anything to be worried about. All clear.

I did see Azazel, though.

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The Plant

I want to describe what it feels like to be inside a plant but I’m not entirely sure my words would do justice.

At first it felt like being very close to the plant. Like it was rubbing on me and irritating my skin. After a bit it felt like being pulled in and moving through the plant being inside various areas. The leaves, stem, roots. I felt like I could pull from the earth myself and nourish it. Then I could gardens with beautiful plants.

If feel very strongly that if someone wanted to have a very lovely and flourishing garden, that using the seal, their own blood and placing the seeds or young plants on the seal and giving Hekate time to make the bond, you could have such a wonderful garden.

Though she is known for being associated with darker plants, I think it work for any plants. I know from my own UPG that she loves roses.

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Entry 2

I have this really strong feeling that this altar needs some clear quartz. I’m not entirely sure why. I just feel that it does.

Im going to ask him if he has any clear quartz and if so would he mind placing some on the Hekate altar.

Edit: i see why now, it helps absorb, store, release, balance and regulate energy. With all the energy I feel coming off the berries and altar as a whole this is definitely what I need.

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Entry 3

Observations with Offerings

From what I’ve learned as far as offerings and how they affect the Spirit,

Coffee - it appears coffee effects a Spirit the same it does anyone. Causing alertness, and energy. Like a general energy boost. Im not sure if it depends on the level of caffine to make the effects stronger, like taking double and triple shots or if it would feel the same. I susspect it could have a stronger result the stronger the caffine. But at the moment I do not know the brand or amount of caffine to say with certainty.

Blood - from my experiences so far blood seems to strengthen the bond between a spirit and the magician. The more blood the stronger bond. It makes finding the magician as easy as just closing your eyes.

I’ve heard some magicians say that blood is like spiritual currency and thats why they sacrifice animals. I cant say if I agree with that or not. From my personal experience it seems to strngthen the bond between magician and spirit and gives them a strong relationship but I cant say it would cause a spirit to be more willing to carry out a request. Ive never picked on a feeling of , oh lots of blood, so let me do this thing. It gives of a high energy feeling and vibration but I dont see how its like currency for spirits. I like it , it feels good but beyond that…I just dont know.

Candles - I love when candles are lit on altars or in ritual. It really does have a warm glow to spirits and does help them see whats going on the altar. An altar no lit up is a little more difficult to see what is placed there or whats going on with the magician. Maybe its the energy or the vibrations cands give or just the light. It does help. Ive been pulled to rituals that I really wish I could see better. And then a candle is lit and its like , oh ok I get whats going on now. Plus, the are pretty , give an intimate, close feeling for the spirit. (Sometimes sensual)

Plants, flowers, ect- plants have a life and vibration of their own. And a spirit can pull from that much like a blood offering. Or a type of vamparism. They can feed from the life of the plant and have energy to do work or be present in the ritual or altar space.

Having said that though, different plants will yeild a different result, like i wouldnt want to use deadly plants if Im asking a spirit to help with healing. It will give off a mixed signal and confuse the spirit. Plus,a spirit can feel plants. The first time I felt a poisonous plant from it being set on an altar I thought the magician was trying to harm me. So, if your expecting a spirit to help you, unless the work is baneful or a plant just known to be very close with the spirit I would not recommend using a poisonous plant.

I think keeping it simple and in relation to the working would be most beneficial, for instance a love ritual would probably get the best or at least really good results with roses.

If you want to have a certain spirit hang around your temple or altar space find what they like and leave it for them. It may be something well know or maybe something you wouldnt expect but there it is maybe Belial loves roses, or a potted plant. Remeber plants have a spirit as well. Thats where Im having a time at the moment the berries on the Seal and so they are connecting to me. I had to stop fighting against the energy and vibration and go deeper to merge with the plant and understand it. Once I did I understood the plant and how I could benefit from the plant, work with the plant and the magician.

This why alot of magick does just happen instantlt. The spirit has to figure out the altar or ritual space, whats on it or around it, what do the tools, obects , plants symbolize and how to best work with them. So its the request of the magician and alot of side work to figure things out.

Hekate from my experince gets results with nightshades, roses, and vines. But has a strong love for all plants including trees. And like I said earlier, following steps mentioned above could give an award winning garden.

Alcohol - alcohol does what it does the spirit gets relaxed, tipsy or drunk. There is a spirit with alcohol too but I have had much interaction with that spirit yet to go into much detail.

Tobacco - some spirits love it and some dont. From my experince it plays on the senses. Sometimes its nice and sometimes it over whelms. Tobacco has a spirit of its own so keep in mind that some spirits just dont want to be around each other.

I will add to this list with the experience I gain.

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Entry 4

Mote Observarions and notes

Something I just realized this morning. I think anything that is placed on this Seal and activated with the magicians blood, I can connect to and go inside of it at least if it has some type of life force.

There is a magician with it tattooed on his arm, I went inside the Seal, found his pulse and followed the bloodstream up to his heart and into his head. Where explored the brain and different areas and how they appear to a spirit.

And now with the berries being placed on the Seal, I was able to connect with berries and go inside the plant to learn and study it and merge with it.

It appears to me that the Seal works as an open door for me to walk inside and gain access to the who or whatever is touching the Seal , though it seems to work with blood and flesh or something that has a life force.

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Entry 5

The magician said that the berries are only an offering so it’s all clear for me to use them! :grin:

He also added clear quartz to the altar as requested. Sent a picture of it too. :heart:

I will see how the clear quartz affects the altar and the energies on it. I’m hoping it balances it because those energies and vibrations were really intense.

I wish I could talk more magicians into trying this experiment. I really want to challenge myself and see what all I can do.

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