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Sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences. Hope you and her are holding up ok.

Man I should have thread read before pOsting about Canada Day. I’m sure I could have posted it in my other thread I’ve been neglecting


Thank you :heart:

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Tmw you’re starting to get into hardcore reconstructionits ceremonial magic and my mind is :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’m currently reading Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic and man how am I supposed to get a bronze stylus?

At least I’m happy because I read first When God Was a Woman and that gives me a different perspective when it comes to how sexuality is viewed during that time and why Thyphoeus is so goddamn avoided.

Next lectures:
Curse Tablets and Binding Spells in the Ancient World
Drawing Down the Moon
Witchcraft and Magic in Europe

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Dunno about solid bronze stylis but you could probably track down a bronze tipped calligraphy pen.


Good luck for Uruguay in the soccer match
I would like to see a Suarez-Messi final.

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Managed to find this as far as Bronze Styluses go. Certainly easier than making the bronze and casting it yourself lol


Tmw I’ve been researching about amulets and all that good stuff be because I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to protections and all of that and I found this beautiful explanation:

Theoretical and Methodological Approaches
to the Study of Dress in Antiquity)

Man, I think my practice has changed for the better now that I’m directly learning from archeologist, scholars and people that are specialized in the ancient magical world.

That’s really amazing thank you so much :pray:t2: :black_heart:

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Dunno much about the hellenistic approach but i found the correlation between scorpions and fire interesting since from the perspective of vedic astrology and the 8 directions, scorpio is tied to mars which is in the south which is also the direction of fire.

Bit of personal irony for me as well since my sun is in scorpio and the prefered ritual of the sun being an offering of fire in the south. :joy:

Ironically their diectional use is similar to the 5 element one i use but earth lays in the center/ midgard while the deepest earth is in southwest, with its ties to the underworld while ether lays in the east. Which version you work with mostly depend on what your trying to accomplish.