The Occult Mirror's official forum rules (PLEASE READ!)

Welcome to the Occult Mirror forum. This is a list of our rules, so please read this first before posting. And don’t forget to introduce yourself in the introductions thread!

Thanks for joining us, and happy posting! :wave: :purple_heart:


  • OM, Occult Mirror, The Occult Mirror, TOM: The official website of The Occult Mirror.

  • OMF, OM Forum(s), (The) Occult Mirror Forum(s), TOM, TOM forum(s): The Occult Mirror forum/messageboard, i.e., the platform on which you are reading this topic.

  • User or member: An individual who has account on The Occult Mirror forum. Includes individuals who do not post, or post infrequently.

1. Keep it civil. Remember, everyone here is human. :wink:

  • Please remain civil and on-topic when responding to topics and/or other users.

  • You have the ability to mute topics and to mute/ignore specific users, so you will not see their content.

  • Direct messages (DMs): You are welcome to direct message (private message) any other user of the forum, provided you have the appropriate trust level.

  • If you do not wish to receive DMs from another user or feel you are being harassed, we recommend that you tell the other user clearly to stop messaging you. If the other user continues to DM you after you have asked them to stop, you can add one or more of the forum administrators/staff to the message.

  • Please see this thread for information on how to mute threads, mute or ignore users, remove yourself from a DM, or add the moderators to a DM.

2. Please introduce yourself before posting.

  • New users, please visit the thread below and make a post introducing yourself before you begin posting content.

3A. No piracy and no copyrighted material.

  • This includes but is not limited to: Sharing links to, or copies of, pirated material; advising other users where or how to find pirated material; advocating piracy; plagiarising others’ material and claiming it as your own.

  • Copyrighted material may be quoted, however, please do so in good faith and attribute it to the original author (or website, source, etc.) where possible.

  • Please ensure you understand and obey country-specific and international laws and regulations related to piracy and copyrighted material. The Occult Mirror explicitly denies legal liability if you are in breach of piracy or copyright violation law.

3B. Regarding Intellectual Property (IP):

  • Please do not republish or redistribute (wholly or partially) any content made by users of this forum to other websites, or any other forms of media (including but not limited to: books, eBooks, videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts) without attributing the author. Do not claim the work as your own.

  • Quoting others’ content from this forum to use on other websites or other medium is allowed, if you attribute (name) the original author and/or provide a link to their profile or other social media or contact information, where available.

  • Please ensure you understand and obey country-specific and international laws and regulations related to intellectual property. The Occult Mirror explicitly denies liability if you are in breach of IP law.

  • For more information on how the Occult Mirror forums handles your intellectual property, please see the thread below:

4. No political discussions.

  • Any public posts containing political discussion may be edited or removed, and the user may be subject to a warning or suspension, at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Political discussion includes but is not limited to discussion of: political party affiliation/association, international politics/relations, any political ideology, intent to use magick to influence politics.

  • You may discuss politics in private messages only.

5. No self-promotion or advertisement.

  • Only official Occult Mirror founders (@Norse900, @ReyCuervo, @Nephenthe, @Veil) are allowed to promote their work.

  • Users are not allowed to promote or advertise their own paid services anywhere in the public forum.

  • Users are not allowed to solicit public reviews on TOM for paid work they have done off-site for others.

  • Users are allowed to ask for feedback or reviews on free work done for another Occult Mirror user (see Rule #7).

  • Users may link to their own store, website, social media profile, business, etc., in their profile only, not in the public forum.

6. No threats and no violence.

  • Threatening to harm another forum user in any way (physical or non-physical) will result in an immediate ban.

  • Threatening to harm a named public individual, entity, business, etc., in any way (physical or non-physical) will result in an immediate ban.

  • Threatening to or alleging to have physically harm(ed) any named individual, whether the individual is a user of the Occult Mirror forum or not, will result in an immediate ban.

  • Doxxing (publishing the private or personally identifiable information, aka PII) of any person on the public forum, whether that person is associated with the Occult Mirror forum or not, will result in your post being edited or removed, and may result in an official warning or ban, at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Personally identifiable information includes but is not limited to: Full name, home address, phone number, links to off-site personal social media profiles, photographs or images of the person, social security number (or equivalent), bank details, hometown, school or college attended, workplace(s), names of friends or family, social media or contact methods of friends and family.

  • You may share your own personal information at your own discretion (e.g. sharing your date of birth, photograph, full name, etc., for divination). The Occult Mirror explicitly denies legal liability if you choose to share your personally identifiable information on the public forum or in a direct/private message to another user.

  • The Occult Mirror allows the general discussion of baneful magick (“black magick”, curses, hexes, jinxes, etc.), including tutorials/techniques and responses to requests for advice, provided it does not violate any of the other rules above. For example, you may not threaten to curse another forum user and then state it was a “thought experiment” or a “joke”.

  • You may not make any public post declaring your intent to curse a named individual which includes the PII of the individual in question. For example, do not make a public post saying “I am going to curse my ex, John Smith, born on 01/01/1995, here is his photo”. Posts of this nature may be edited or removed, or may be subject to an official warning or ban.

  • The Occult Mirror expects you to uphold the laws of your country of residence, and if necessary, will cooperate with law enforcement officials in the event of a serious breach of law.

  • Please do not post graphic images of violence, gore, death, animal sacrifice, NSFW/NSFL images, etc., in the public forum. Posts of this nature will be subject to editing, removal, or an official warning or suspension, at the discretion of the moderators.

  • You are allowed to post images of personal bloodletting or other sacrifice, provided it does not break the above rule, and please note your post may be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators. We recommend that you use the Summary and/or Spoiler options to hide content of this type which may be offensive or off-putting to others. (See this thread for more information on using the forum’s text editor.)

7A. Offering free services:

You may offer free services (rituals, divination, channelling, etc.) only if the following conditions are met:

  • You have been an active forum user for more than 90 days.

  • Your posts contribute to the spirit and purpose of the forum. Posting only in off-topic, non-praxis related threads in order to meet this threshold does not count towards the 90 day active contribution rule, nor does signing up for an account and posting twice in three months. Please note this rule is at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Free services must be free. You may not request any kind of monetary reimbursement for services offered, before or after providing the service, including asking for “tips”. This is in violation of Rule #5.

  • You may not provide free work to users in bad faith. For example, offering free divination and then telling a user that they are “cursed” or “blocked” and you can only help them if they pay you for additional services. This is in violation of Rule #5. Please notify the moderators immediately if you believe you are being subjected to this predatory behaviour.

  • Users may request feedback or reviews from other users for free services performed, however, please understand that not all users may be willing to provide feedback, and you may not harass or bully another user if they do not provide feedback.

  • Trading free services with other users is allowed, as long as all other rules are followed.

  • “Free services” include but are not limited to: rituals or petitions, energy work, remote healing, divination, scanning, opening sigils, experimental magick, channelling.

  • For the purposes of this rule, posting images of objects or personal/self-created/UPG sigils and requesting that other users scan or open them is in violation of this rule. Please do not post self-created sigils if you have not been an active member for 90 days.

  • This rule is completely subject to the discretion of the moderators.

7B. Group workings:

You may apply to participate in private group workings (group workings conducted via DM) if:

  • You have been an active, contributing member of the forum for more than 30 days.

  • The person(s) coordinating the group working agree to allow you to join.


  1. If the group coordinator(s) reject your request to join a private group working, either outright, or by not replying to you/inviting you: please take the rejection gracefully and try again next time. Forum moderators will not force other users to invite you to their private group working DM.

  2. Forum moderators cannot & will not moderate private messages/DMs (unless invited to the DM thread). If you are kicked out of a group or asked to leave, forum moderators will not intervene.

  3. You are allowed to participate in public, open group workings or “challenge” threads at any time after joining.

  4. If you wish to start your own private group working, you must be an active forum user for 90 days before doing so.

8. The official language of the forum is English.

  • Posts or threads in a language other than English will be removed at the moderators’ discretion.

  • You are allowed to privately message users in languages other than English.

9. All of your country’s laws apply.

  • Please remember your responsibility to uphold the laws and regulations of your country of residence, and international law, at all times.

  • The Occult Mirror explicitly denies legal liability for any action undertaken by any individual user of this forum.

  • The Occult Mirror will, if necessary, cooperate with law enforcement officials in the event of a serious breach of law.

10. Always seek real-world help first.

  • If you are experiencing or in danger of experiencing a life-threatening situation (such as a medical emergency, assault, imminent violence, thoughts of suicide, etc.), contact the emergency services of your country immediately.

  • Please do not post on the Occult Mirror forum requesting immediate help in a medical or life-threatening emergency or at any other time of immediate crisis. Unfortunately, your post may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Users are discouraged from providing unsolicited legal or medical advice unless in general discussion of a non-emergency situation related to magick.

  • If you feel in danger or harming yourself, please immediately seek help from qualified professionals in the real world:

  • Please do not threaten to kill yourself, or post a suicide note, in the public forum or in a DM to another user or users.

We understand that mental health is important, and that it may help you to feel comforted by the community here at The Occult Mirror forums. However, unfortunately, we must put this rule in place because it can be very distressing to other users to be on the receiving end of this content.

  • You are allowed to post about mental health in general and talk about any and all of your own experiences.

11. This is a magic forum for magic users.

  • Please do your best to keep content related to magickal practice (in threads not specifically designated as social or off-topic).

  • If you wish to post memes or off-topic chat, etc., please keep this content in the appropriate threads, marked as [SOCIAL], or create a new thread containing the phrase “[SOCIAL]”.

  • Please do not in general derail other user’s working or journal threads by posting unrelated content or memes, etc., especially if the OP seems disinterested.

12. No moralising.

  • Do not post in other user’s working threads or journals with the sole purpose to judge the user or their intended outcome/goal, moralise (“this is wrong”, “you are bad person if you do this”, “this is unethical”), or offer an unsolicited opinion unrelated to the original topic, or attempt to convert another user (“demons bad, come to Jesus!”, “don’t do a love spell on your ex, find a new person instead!”, “Blood offerings are bad and you will be possessed by demons if you make them!”).

  • Please do your best to remain non-judgemental and impartial. This forum exists to empower users to make the best decisions for themselves, and we expect users to uphold that value by providing advice and opinions relevant to the topic.

  • If you find a topic personally offensive, please see this thread for instructions on muting the thread so it will no longer appear in your feed.

13. No explicit, mature, or sexual content unless it is directly related to practical magic.

  • If you are posting mature content, please consider marking your thread or post as “18+”.

  • If you are posting mature content inside an existing thread, please consider hiding explicit content under a spoiler tag.

  • Pornographic imagery is not allowed under any circumstances.

14. No criticism of other online communities or personalities.

  • Explicit, non-constructive criticism or bashing of any other named online magical community, website, blog, or forum is not allowed.

  • This rule also applies to magick-related public personalities/individuals, including but not limited to authors, blog owners, video content creators, users of other magick-related forums, et cetera.

  • Thinly-veiled references (which do not explicitly name an individual or community, but make reference to them which is intended to be obvious to other readers) are strongly discouraged and, at the discretion of the moderators, will result in your post being edited, and/or a warning being issued.

  • You are allowed to review an author’s book, creator’s video or blog post from another website, etc., and disagree with or critique their premise, content, or opinion.

  • You are not allowed to disparage, insult, slander, etc., any community or public individual for non-constructive reasons (for example, you may not create a post or topic for the sole reason of criticising or bashing a named community or named public personality/individual). Posts of this nature will likely be removed at the discretion of the moderators and you may be issued a warning.

Please ensure you have read and understand the rules before contributing to the forum.

Ignorance of the rules is not exemption from the rules.

If you have questions or require clarification,

Please send a private message to any of the founders/administrators of The Occult Mirror:

Or DM the @moderators group.

Last updated 13 February 2023




  • A cult.
  • A lodge.
  • A coven.
  • A study group.
  • Enemies of other online communities.
  • Satanists.
  • Luciferians.
  • Wiccans.
  • Thelemites.
  • Demonolators.
  • Christians.
  • Jewish.
  • Muslims.
  • New Agers.


People. Just people. And everyone with an interest in magick is welcome here. Specially beginners.

There is a form of amnesty present for those who have been expelled from other places. You can still join us and put your past behind you- as long as you follow the rules. If you’re a dick, I’ll ban you personally. If you can behave like a relatively normal, or at least harmless, human being, you can stay.

We recognize no leader, no guru, no messiah, no angel/demon/god/autobot incarnated. All faiths are welcome, people with no faith is welcome and I hereby declare The Truth™ fucking nonsense.

We encourage you to talk about, study, research and develop magick along with us. Join the conversation, have fun, collaborate with your fellows, let them help you back, enjoy the ride and show the middle finger to any form of dogma, coercion or bullying.


Update: Forum Categories

This is a mostly informal rule, but please note we have created categories to try and group relevant threads and information together.

  • Please use your best judgement when posting and try to select the relevant forum Category for your thread when creating new topics. This can give your thread more visibility and help other users when searching for content.
  • Please note your thread may be moved at the moderators’ discretion to a different category than where you originally posted it.

If you have any concerns, please contact the moderators.


Update: Group workings

We’ve clarified the rules about group workings (see 7B).

In short:

  • You can participate in an open, public group working thread or “challenge” thread at any time after joining.

  • You can apply to join a private (DM-based) group working if you have been an active, contributing member for 30 days or more (see 7A).

  • If the person coordinating the private group working does not invite you to the group or ignores your request, please take this as a “No”.

  • If you are coordinating a private group working, it is your choice about who you accept into the group. If you wish to remove a user from your private group working for any reason, at any time, you have the right to do so.

  • Moderators will not force a user who starts a private group working to accept any other user into their group or allow a user to remain in the group if they have been removed. Moderators cannot moderate private messages/DMs (unless explicitly invited to the DM thread).