The Occult Mirror & your Intellectual Property

Dear community

There are many individual and collective reasons why @Nephenthe, @Veil, @Norse900 and myself created this project. The most important one is intellectual property.

In all platforms, once something is published it belongs to the platform. For good reasons. There is a need to remove rule-breaking content (doxxing, spam, attempts at scamming, etc). So far, so good. And in this regard we’re not different.

Nevertheless, some platforms have taken it too far, to the point of moderators refusing to remove content at request when such content includes some personal information.

This will never happen in The Occult Mirror. We “own” everything said here in order to protect ourselves and the community as a whole. We need to be able to delete stuff or to keep it. We all remember what happened last year in UK and what transpired thanks to the BBC. It wasn’t pretty, people died at the hands of a disturbed young man who thought he would win the lottery with a knife and occultism was blamed, even if the murderer was only briefly in any community and only to speak about orbs. I guess Marilyn Manson and video games where too abused in the past.

Here, your intellectual property is yours and always will be. It will remain as long as you want it. You just need to contact any staff member and we will work with you to solve the problem. As of now, we stand, for safety reasons, in a protocol that demands to study it in a case-by-case basis.

Of course, we can’t give you any legal protection, so if you need anything else, please check your country’s law regarding IP.


I’m quoting this because yes pretty much.


Thank you @Keteriya for adding that. Cuz that’s something important to remember :smiley:


Note primarily relating to the music thread what are you listening to

You can take material from the public domaine (if it’s author/artist put it there) but you still must credit the source.

Public domaine material is for example the stuff on YouTube but only when the poster of the video owns the material in question such as a video on an official band/label channel of YouTube

A concert video from a fans cell phone posted to YouTube is not public domaine even though YouTube is because they pirated the video.


Yes, but since it is linked to an external source that provides the service, we’re not hold responsible for it :wink: