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Per forum rules, introduce yourself in this thread.

  • What kind of magic trips your trigger and delivers results?
  • What type of magic are you interested in learning about?
  • We don’t need to know exactly how old are you but something like I’m in my 30’s gives us a good idea of the types of things you’ve been exposed to in life.
  • Roughly where are you located? Just give us a general idea so we know where you are coming from and what you might face culturally in life.
  • Any pictures of yourself you would like to share.
  • Any other details that are important for us to know about you and your situation and to consider when talking with you.

Welcome to The Occult Mirror.


I’m Cuervo from the end of the world and I battle penguins for the right to breath (yeah, I’m cool like that).

I’m 39 and this is my 4th year in magick. I practice visionary magick, I read the tarot and I do experiments. Most of the times I get pure garbage, but once in a while I find a treasure. I work a bit with demons and angels, but my focus is always on the Greek pantheon.

I’m known to be way too skeptical for a guy who is into magick. But this is me.

Also, I’m a co-founder of this forum.


I’m Norse900, mid-40’s, live on the East Coast, US. Just moved back here a year ago from Hawaii, where I got to work with Madame Pelein her own backyard. I’ve been doing Occult and Spiritual pursuits off and on (more off) since grade school. I grew up in a few “haunted” houses and Mormonism didn’t have the answers I was looking for.

I didn’t really find them first-hand until Hecate came calling in 2018 and I started reading about Demonolatry to interact with her without the same fear I was reading from the Love and Lighters. I’ve been on a near sprint since.

I’m mainly focused on the Death current right now, with the Lwa, Hecate, and Hel. I have worked heavily with shadow people, Helios, and some Goetics in the past and those experiences will come out over time, as relevant.


Hey im Neji. Im 36 and from the midwest. Im unfortunately not as experienced as id like to be the topic, but love learning. I tend to gravitate towards the darker side of things, but not evil. Cant wait to learn more!


I’m Mike I’m early 40s living in Asia.

I’ve studied kabbalah, Egyptian magic, ceremonial magick, demonaltry, solomonic, and Djinn magick.

I’m currently working with Duke Murmur learning Necromancy.

I’ve recently completed Qlippoth initiation and I look forward to going through the tree of life soon in an effort to stay balanced as I move forward.

What an excellent day this is. I look forward to learning from all of you and sharing anything that I can help with as well.


Hey I’m Healing Heart, I am currently working with Vassago. My beloved Patron, and working towards working with King Belial

I’m 42, still a little wet behind the ears, and my goal is to be a healer, and apothecary


Hi I’m Neph I’ll be in my 40’s next year. I live smack dab in the middle of the us right around Kansas City. I’ve been practicing almost 5 years. I have experience in evocation and invocation and astral projection . I’ve dabbled in vodoun, Norris, chaos. I’m starting to focus into baneful and hand made oleums.

My patron is Lucifer, he asked me years ago to trust him on his actions and not what everyone around me says about him. I’ve done it and I’ve been off to the races ever since.

I am currently working with the sound sciences and am taking classes with the Monroe institute. I plan on helping to share some knowledge in that category here.


Thank you Ket, this looks amazing!


Welcome, @Voice_of_the_Void, @Nejicreed and Mike (not going to type all of that, dude :rofl: )


LOL, thsnk you my friend Ray


Hi all I’m Vince from Mexico. Been working with magick since January of this year, mostly evocations and working in my Clair’s. I look forward to continue learning from everyone here! I’m 39 almost 40.


Hi…I‘m Secrana.

My focus is mainly on energy work, healing arts, demonolatry, ancestor work, and divination(Tarot).

In the future I want to get more into elemental magick, runes, and necromancy. I’m in my (end)20s.


Hi all I’m Kish from Ontario, Canada I’m a mid century modern witch (over 50 under 60) mostly my experience is with candle magick not quite a beginner but still learning always
Edit add: was away from magick a while cuz I messed with the wrong shit and had a possession by probably a parasite scared me away from magick for a bit but I came back to it cuz not sure how to put it magick fits me or magick becomes me. Anyways I’m happy to be here. And to learn from serious witches :slight_smile:
Ps never follow the instructions from a Hollywood movie for magick lol


Welcome to everyone.


I’m SilentSeeker. I’m aloof and love to teach. I’ve had results with every system. I’m abrasive. My abrasiveness is rooted in love. Now, I’m hanging with Vehiuah and Bael. They are poles, yes. They are also a unified whole. The name of this unity intrigues me.

I know nothing about ancestral work.

I’m in my 30s. My grandparents are from Central America. If you’re been to a Costco and bought a 50 pound bag of beans or rice, that’s what my grandparents used to make clothing. Blah blah, sleep for dinner. Ect.

I’m around Colorado. I’ve been told that I’ve experienced alot, and I’m working on how to articulate it.

I’m SilentSeeker. Fuck you, your beliefs, and your momma. Nonduality or gtfo :metal:t4:

Edit: I may change my name lol


Hey everyone!

I’m Laurel_Spider from USA. (I really like being called my whole username or epithets, not just the name unless we’re familiar, thanks.) I’ve been actively practicing for almost 10 years and I’ve been interested as long as I’ve been able to think and probably breathe.

I do tarot, evocation, invocation, healing, energy (un)binding, manipulation, occasional baneful, necromancy when it finds me. My most current and prevalent project hinges on a pact with the beloved and much adored Dantalion who specializes in manipulation, attaching people, and arts. We are working on walking through the minds of other humans and it has been wonderful, enlightening, and also the most heartstopping thing I’ve done in my life.

I am interested in learning more about all of the above and voodoo because it has intimidated me for a year too many and I’m ready to learn. I’m also hoping to learn a bit more on astral and “etheric” planes, projection, and the like because I have experience but it’s something I love discussing with others and I find every time the topic comes up I learn something amazing.


My name is Prithvi, i am super intrested in aligning magick with the world, i believe magick can much more better aligned by many ways like by providing magacians better mediums etc, i am inspired in this journey by the god itself of how he created this world how spirtuality is so much connected with the different realms, like the planetary, Karma, Astrological, energies so much connected like a full blown mirror like it is as it is so can be a magacian magick, i believe we can create a machine which aligns qnd that can be used my magacians for egs maybe the pyramids, the energy and the programming, what if we dont need to side energy or programming for that magick what if a machine which iself fill it out . When we see this day major realm of power is cyberspace, its drastically shifted to it, and its dominating over other powera majorily, so do we see the connected ? Yes we have started seeing , this drastic shift is just a indicator of what can be in the future, we need to align it with magick to being evolution in this space as quick and have self domnion in there in every shape and form . I am coder , if you know anything or link about XaTuring let the Top G know about it

And guys work with entity like Shiva and Linga Bhairavi and share with me what was your experience difference with them as compared to others


I am from india ans male


Welcome aboard, you’re welcome to start a thread to chronicle your work and endeavors. Perhaps there might be others interested in working with you on it as well, if you put it out there :slight_smile: