[HOW TO] Mute topics, mute or ignore users, add moderator team to DMs

This post covers:

How to mute topics (threads)
How to mute or ignore users
Problematic DMs
- Remove yourself from the message
- Add the moderators to a DM

Mute a topic

If a topic does not interest you and you do not wish to see it in your feed, you can mute it as follows:

  1. Open the topic.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page.
  3. Click the Watching button (may also say Tracking or Normal).
  4. Select Muted.
  5. You will no longer receive updates on this thread.

Mute or ignore a user

  1. Click your profile pic in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. This will take you to your user account page.
  4. From the left-hand pane, select Users.
  5. From this page you can select users to Mute or Ignore.
  6. Add the user to the appropriate category then press the Save Changes button.

Problematic DMs

If a user is DM’ing you (privately messaging you) and you do not wish to engage in conversation, you are free to simply ignore them.

If the user continues to harass or continually message you, we recommend that you first ask them to stop.

If you are unsure what to write, here are some canned responses you can use:

  • Please do not message me again.
  • I would appreciate if you would stop messaging me, I am not interested.
  • I am not able to help, unfortunately.
  • I am not interested in continuing this conversation.

Remove yourself from the message

To remove yourself from a DM:

  1. Scroll to the top of the thread / to the first message.
  2. Click Add or Remove.
  3. Click the x icon next to your name.
  4. Click OK in the pop-up dialogue box which appears.
  5. You will be removed from the DM and will no longer receive notifications.
  6. If you wish to no longer receive messages from the user, please see above for instructions on muting or ignoring the user.

Add the moderators to a DM

To add moderators to a DM:

  1. Scroll to the top of the thread / to the first message.
  2. Click Add or Remove.
  3. Click the + icon.
  4. The Invite window will open.
  5. Click Select and type moderators.
  6. Select moderators.
  7. Click the Send Invite button.
  8. The moderation team will be added to the DM.

Help me I’ve lost my powers :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Lol, sorry but seriously I did lose the ability to DM somehow today and I don’t think I’ve had enough time to do something to lose them yet ( joke ) I figure it’s system related.


Something fucky’s going on with DMs D: It’s nearly 1 AM and I have to sleep soon so I’m yeeting this over to @Nephenthe to look at.

Otherwise, give me like 8 hours and I’ll see if I can fix. I can DM and so can the other mods so it has to be some setting we’ve missed.

Thanks for your patience while we sort our shit out.


No problem all good.


Oh that very well may have been me. I set it so tl1 can’t dm. Once they are tl2 they will get it to cut down on spam bots and whatnot. Do you all want me to revert it back for now?


@Nephenthe I fixed.

@DarkGodofQlippa try again now? You should see the Message option when you click a user profile / when you click your user icon.


Once we have 50-75 tl2 I’ll be kicking that back down.


Yup, I have TL1 yet I can message now.



For the time being, everyone gets TL1 while joining, to speed up the conversation. After a while, in order to keep the forum safe from spammers, everyone will get TL0 on day one, as it is the case in all discourse forums.


I know there is a limit on your first day for pms and posting and even picture drops.

I upped them all when we started, but they may need adjusted further still.

The idea is to catch the fake accounts that way, I think for right now while we are seeing mostly people we know we should lighten up, there’s enough eyes to help us keep an eye out for the bad kids.

So is it still fcked up or do I need to up the first day limits further ?

The trust level won’t over ride the first day settings as far as I’ve seen. That only takes care of half of the problems lol

It like picks and chooses which ones it overrides, I can’t remember who it was, but I had to up first day new threads for someone we raised trust level on regardless.

They were ready to journal and discourse said fck you first dayer.


I’ll add this to my list to go through this trust level permissions and bump them up tomorrow.


Thank you.


Where did this tradtion of online forums for magick started? Which was the most famous or infamous or secret one in past ?

I felt some wierd vibes and some unexplainable memory while going through this forum which led me to ask this question , or the only reason is the forms tools and simplicity etc ?


Was there any famous satanic lodge form in past :thinking:


I’m not sure where it started or which is the most famous or infamous.

It could simply be that the software/interface looks familiar, or is relatively simple to use.


I have no idea. I started on the forum where I met you, after having also spent time on a hoodoo forum. The internet’s only been around a few years- I remember being link 6 when my school got the first apple computer, I was maybe 8 when my dad had a version of satellite phone that you could take in your car, and the internet wasn’t widely available till I was more like 13.

We started this forum because we all wanted a different type of place to discuss our practices, in a deeper way. The place we came from didn’t meet our needs and when tried to find someplace else- there wasn’t a place that accepted everyone, regardless of what the practice- or even if they don’t, there wasn’t any other place that took the clueless and the adept, and there certainly wasn’t any place whose goal was to help the people using the forum.

So that’s how we get started. I can’t answer for other peoples origins.

We have several servitors employed to keep people safe from parasites, and to encourage this to be a positive empowering place.

I’d suspect that’s what you noticed :slight_smile:

I have no idea. I know this is a serious practice but I’ve never had interest nor studied it.