Spirits causing upheaval in your life


Learn to pronounce
a violent or sudden change or disruption to something.
“major upheavals in the financial markets”

Let’s talk about how spirits have changed our lives for good or Ill.


I’ll be frank the last 2.5 years I’ve had explosive growth spiritually and material. I really have been clear with my patrons that I don’t want upheaval or challenge. I want to live out the Magis dream where I am.

But maybe I’m deluded on this and maybe material comforts made me soft.

We should I’m theory all welcome challenge as it makes us stronger more experienced practioners.

I’d like to listen to my peers on this subject and get some new points of view. Thanks in advance for your experience and point of view


I think the biggest upheaval I’ve had is when I started working with Belial. I was faced with my family’s shadows and was in a very bad place mentally. My life did a complete 180. I was a completely different person after that period of time. I think upheavals will be pretty frequent if we’re going to evolve. We hit a plateau eventually, and if we can’t level up ourselves we get an extra push.

Comfort is a very big part of this. I’m someone who doesn’t like to get out of my comfort zone often. I’d rather stick to what I know because I’m hesitant to experience the roughness and difficulty of doing something new, I don’t like the trial and error. I like trials but I don’t like errors, but without errors I won’t learn.

To make me get out of my comfort zone, I might get forced into situations where I have no other choice. If I need to make a serious change but I’m not paying attention to the signs and signals, my life will be turned upside down till I’m forced to do what’s necessary.

Upheavals suck, but I think they’re necessary for me at least, to get out of my comfort zone and evolve.

I’m someone who doesn’t mind getting challenges from my guides. They suck but the end results are worth it 🤷‍♀


I strongly resonate with this


I asked King Paimon and Belial for a new job. I did not expect it to come a year later, after becoming responsible for the legal removal of abusive authority figures and the complete restructuring of the institution.

I asked Lilith for a partner. I made a long list of requirements. She delivered- they embody every single thing on the list. I did not expect us to constantly step on eachothers’ traumas, expose eachothers’ complexes, and constantly refine eachother. The whole relationship is shadow work. Painful, but transformative, healthy, and beautiful. I should have expected that.

I asked Hekate for inner alchemy and clarity. I am essentialy homeless now. Because I let myself get comfortable in a not-ok situation, and that just got ripped away. I am ok and it is getting fixed, but fuck no I did not see that shit coming. Even though it is absolutely what needed to happen.


Absolutely :raised_hands:


I was on my last leg in university, having gone my entire life completely and emotionally shut off from the world. It was like reality did not exist for me (if that makes sense) I was just kinda… there. Suicidal, not feeling life.

Worked with Leviathan and he ripped me so far out of this headspace and I experienced the totality of the 3 of Swords and the Tower for about a year. Lost all my friends, my girlfriend, I came to term with emotions I didn’t knew I had. Pitted myself against the anima-animus without any filter. Eventually graduated into a closed job force (height of COVID) and being rejected from high-level interviews due to internal candidates.

Though, in the end, I became a totally different person; literal fixed to growth mindset kind of change. I have a good job with a great manager and I was able to obtain beautiful friendships with people who don’t argue with me all the fucking time.

Would I want upheavals in my life? Hell no, at least, not in a way that threatened my whole life like that for that long again. Are they necessary? Unfortunately yeah, some of us don’t really get it until we’re knocked on our ass.

I think I rather be comfortable for a little bit and check my ego often, lol.


I get that, I can be a real slow learner too.


King Belial…

I had a VERY toxic relationship with my son’s father. Very volatile, very toxic. We were never in a relationship, just really close friends for 20 some years that ended up having a child together. Our child is only 5. I still had feelings for him, and him for me. It was affecting our coparenting relationship, so I called Belial to remove my feelings for him so they won’t get in the way of us coparenting. Belial asked if I was sure I wanted this, I told him yes. Do it.


About a week later, he told me he had a new girlfriend, stopped all communication with me and our son, and turned into the biggest asshole on the planet. For two years he did nothing but ignore me and the sporadic times he did talk to me, he was so hurtful and disrespectful. He refused to see me, refused to see our son, was always so damn angry, it was unreal. Since he was this way, I went no contact which in turn would cause him to harass me viciously. It was a neverending cycle of BS.

He broke up with the gf and apologized to me for everything.

It took a lot of cursing, a lot of healing and reconciliation to make things right, but right now, things are ok, not 100%, but I’ll say about 85% to the way things used to be. They’re not 100% because I don’t trust him all the way like I did. He’s been nothing but nice and respectful to me and our son, we both respect each other and the coparenting relationship is nowhere near toxic like it used to be.

There was a method to Belial’s madness, but WTF…it hurt like a bitch for those two years. My son asking for his dad and being harassed by the dad because I’m trying to get him to see his son.


I can’t say I’ve ever experienced upheaval from spirits, not in the way others here describe, where life falls apart to be made anew, and certainly not upheaval with my external life.

I’ve transformed a lot. In terms of world-view, the me from two years ago is almost unrcognizable from me now in various aspects. But, this did not come painfully, or with destruction. It came on swiftly, but it was a wonderful thing that I went into. And this going into, I was glad to go into it! Because my spirit at that point was in such harmony with what I discovered that I was very glad to discover it.

And other big changes… nothing really comes to mind. I have been wonderfully blessed, and sometimes this came on very swiftly, but not with pain.

This is why I have said elsewhere that I don’t believe upheaval is necessary for change.

So far on this thread, it seems those who did experience upheaval did so mainly from powerful Demons who are known for causing upheaval. I interact mainly with Gods and the Celestial Spirits, and my early practice was mainly centered around Angels. So, this seems to be an effect of the nature of the spirit called on. Some also call on such spirits because they want upheaval, think it’s necessary, or in some ways enjoy it.

But I’ve never seen it to be necessary when it comes to magick. For some, whose paths involve such spirits that cause upheaval, it is an experience in itself, but I don’t find it to be necessary for the goal sought. I personally would likely avoid spirits who cause violent upheaval in my life. Rapid but gentle change I’ve certainly experienced, and that is fine to me.