Spirit Warnings

As magicians, what ways have your spirits been able to successfully warn you of danger?

What are ways a spirit can get a warning through to the magician?


By signs, have the persons eye catch a warning. Or a Ouija board/talking board.


Thank you


Just recently I felt a disturbance in the force regarding my son. I felt a hard nudge or a bad bad feeling when this kid came to play with my son. Nothing bad happened but I did get warned.

Sometimes it’s a thought that’s not mine for example I’m stepping out side my work parking lot to sneak in a cigarette, and mid way there I get a thought that’s not mine “go back to your office” I go back to the office and sure enough on my way back I see my boss or the dickweed maintenance boss going out to the parking lot.


Yeah I’ve told Prince Orobas on many occasions to grab my ear and shout into it if he must to get my attention. I can be rather dense.

@Vitriol put it well by saying “a disturbance in the force”. I walk into situations and the vibe changes, sometimes the temperature ( for me ) drops or I get a ringing in my ears. I know my guides and protectors are telling me danger is near. It’s not always easy to spot what could be the source of the danger to my mundane eyes so I just quickly politely disengage from the scene or scenario and withdraw back to a position of safety.

You gotta realize the spirits see further ahead than we do typically. It’s hard to know how things could play out.

I do know I’m always really sorry when I don’t listen to Orobas.

Orobas allows me to make choices and mistakes on my own but if my core Interests or safety are concerned I usually get a warning. I’m learning how to interpret and act on those as time goes on.


Varies. Usually a very strong impulse to do something different right then like take a different route home and if I don’t follow the I impulse I usually regret it like a nudge (very rarely it might have been a thought implanted rather then just a impulse tweak) mostly it just feels like why not take another route or lane.

ALTHOUGH 1 time after an ice storm I suddenly experienced either a major premonition OR zoom vision because like. All of a sudden, while driving I could see as if I was inches from the ice on a car 20 feet or so away fracturing and about to fly off it. It was so clear I actually jammed on the brakes and you know what? The ice did fly off that vehicle and if I hadn’t slammed on the brakes it would have crashed through the windshield. As it was by jamming the breaks the ice crashed onto the pavement ahead of me about 15 feet from me.

I’m not Superman. I don’t have X-ray or super vision so obviously me getting a zoomed in close up wasn’t just my normal vision and I
don’t get premonitions like that. That was unusual and irresistible.

Never before or since has anything like that happened. My best interpretation was a spirit shoved in my mind a vision of what it saw was about to happen somehow, because obviously if it had pulled my spirit out of body to the ice to show me while driving I’d probably have ran off the road.

Was the ice thing premonition or a spirit sharing what they could see I dunno for sure I think it was a spirit showing me what it saw telepathically BUT whatever mechanism it employed it likely saved my life and moms that day.

Pity I don’t know what spirit to thank.

Add: I think it was the ice storm of 2015. It wasn’t in the storm it was a day or so after.

Btw it’s a law to clean ice and snow off your vehicle most places and I heard some areas of the US are getting snow either tonight or this week (up to 2 foot or so in Buffalo NY) So remember to clear your vehicle roof please. I clean mine not just cuz of that avoided accident or the law I do it mostly cuz I hate having snow blow off my car’s roof into my windshields temporarily obscuring the view.


First, by pings.
Second, by gently telling me.
Last, by yelling in my ear.


An ubi I am close with has come to me in dreams and warned me about people a few times. Less about danger, more about clarity in human interactions.


The thing is, is that I can see something very dangerous in someone’s temple area. But I can’t physically contact them, and right now another is holding me back from being able to give a warning through, other ways of communication. So I don’t know how to warn them.

I guess the one who set the object is trying to ensure his plans go through.

There doesn’t seem to be a way I can warn him, I can’t get back to him to let him know because this other magician is holding me down.

I’ll try to figure something out.


Shake them off? Are they hurting you?


Hekate’s Nebotousoaleth aspect specializes in dreams and dream contact. Maybe this spell could help bring the magician to you.


Not really hurting me. Just won’t let go. I don’t know how to explain it.

They just won’t let go of me.


I live in a troubled and crime ridden apartment complex, and there are rules that state we have to go out to the main road off the grounds to smoke any substance/tobacco.

I dont usually go out at night since it’s a blood neighborhood, and Im not down with that; occasionally Ive noticed crips wandering around.

So, needless to say, I am always on edge and at guard, as I lack the resources to move to a better place. It is a prison for me.

So, when I do go out to the general population yard so to speak, I am on guard, listening for absolutely anything. Occasionally I scan, even in darkness, to notice any movement coming my way from any direction.

Oftentimes, I will get a sense to go home all of a sudden, mid cigarette. So I put it out, look around as I walk home to avoid any confrontation. It is like being a cat in all mannerisms.

Perhaps direct a mindful thought to pop into his head continually as a cat sulking under moonlight amid grassland, to avoid being seen or heard. King Bael taught a magician on here an invisibility spell. Perhaps that would aid the magician?


Breaking things/generally forcing me physically off my path.

Mostly, if I’m heading to a place that would place me in danger, whatever I’m doing, I either get blocked in my path or I end up taking a scenic route for some reason unknown to me. This applies to driving and walking in public. Dropping things, things falling apart in my hands, forcing me to stop my routine to put attention to that has often had me avoid certain, potentially harmful, situations.

I’ve had loud, celestial shouting in my head. Mental images of something bad happening to me if I choose to talk to the wrong person or do the wrong thing. A large appearance of spiders and black birds staring me down. Heavy pressure on my head and shoulders as a clairsentient (I think it takes a lot to warn me of something because I can be quite oblivious).


Describe the cursed object/box. Do you see a design or markings on it, and if so describe. This might help us in understanding the source of the object and that might be more info the person can observe through church signs, truck billboards etc to make it abundantly clear to the mage.

One sign of spiritual power or spiritual danger is when I switched to OAA instead of GD at the time, and flocks of crows dappled the sky above me and perched in a straight treeline staring me down. Someone noticed me.

I spend so much time in ritual that I’m not hard to get ahold of :joy: That said, I’ve contacted some of them so much and deeply that all they have to do is come to my space (work, on a walk, etc…) and let me know.

They typically don’t tell me WHAT is going to happen, but sometimes tell me THAT something is going to happen. I usually ask if it will affect my son, if they don’t tell me that beforehand. Anything else, I can deal with, especially over time.

I do spend part of my work time listening to ritual or similar music. It reduces stress, but also gives spirits I’m less familiar with a chance to contact me earlier than that evening. On those days I take walks around the building outside (most), I also connect to Nature and the Sun, giving them more time to come forward while I’m in more receptive state.

Now that I’ve stated the methods, let’s tie it in to keep on-topic.

One a walk around the building one afternoon, I was warned of a friend that was contemplating suicide and was asked to intervene. I did so immediately.

On the same walks, I get warnings that so-and-so is mounting an attack or disruption I should be aware of and, sometimes, told how to best head it off in advance. I’ve gotten rituals from Hi’iaka on walks in Hawaii to help reduce my stress before it resulted in physical issues (hence my healing with nature stuff).

I can be mulling over a problem in my head and, on a walk or similar, get an answer for a possible solution or a better option to go down magically. Some of this is political, but political workings can have consequences, with competent magicians on the other side that take notice…

I frequently get the thought of a friend and then the presence of a spirit that they work with comes. I then do a ritual for them, post the pictures to them, and get confirmation later. Thus, I was the easiest, competent receptacle to prevent and help others from danger, brought on by their pantheon of spirits.

Not dreams, for me, though. I take medicine to sleep and sleep more gently or bad things come around from War and abuse. So, this area, I can’t speak to.


Its around box. Seems made of wood. With designs on the top. Like a circular design with maybe some yellow or mustard type color on top. The wood is light color wood. Inside the box is something wrapped in brown paper.

But when i get near the box or think of touching it i can see like poisonous needles sticking out from it and i immediately draw away from it.

It looks and feels highly toxic


Sounds like maybe whoever was sending it might booby trapped against anyone but the target so that if anyone attempts defusing it astrally they get a nasty present that prevents that and somehow is designed to prevent that person warning or telling after the fact if they trigger the booby trap.

Like if you touch/tamper but don’t open it the poisonous or whatever will affect the tampered but if it’s energy linked somehow the spines are to stop tampering so the victem gets the full hit the tamperer gets sick enough to not continue defusing it

but if the target does it won’t be felt until after they’ve opened Pandora’s box (because the payload will distract them from the effects of the poison spines you saw

and they then have full effect of booby trap because of the power of the main payload it would be sort of like this

would you feel a splinter if you simultaneously were feeling a break in a bone not likely the break would prevent you noticing the splinter (watching fbi shows so excuse the use of cop/military terms for the box and it’s possible effects the show I’m watching inspired the terminology I used

Add: Doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by the poison spines it means they’ll overlook it because of what’s inside has their attention.

Think of it like if someone pointed a gun at you (the main payload of the box) would you be likely to notice the guy sneaking up behind you with a tire iron (the spikes) or be focused on the gun thinking it was the big threat?

Not saying it’s not but it might also be that the spines are the danger and the box contents are the distraction. Or vice versa.

Either way, treating both as if they are the primary danger and not focusing solely on 1 is needed because either can inflict harm imo.


As I’m an animist. and mostly a shaman by my life’s circumstances,

I had the spirit of my cell(is that a thing?) warn me of some of my enemies plotting against me.

It turned out to be true.

It was helpful.

I believe the spirit world speaks to us via signs on the material plane.


Off the top of my head the biggest ones are

I was due to leave a class early but my professor had kept me late to go over some stuff very last minute as he decided he wanted to do it then out of the blue. I wanted to go home but reluctantly agreed after feeling like I had to. It lasted maybe 20 mins, on way back home , I come across a very bad accident on a bad back road that has a lot of sharp turns,spoke to someone there and it happened approx 20 mins prior. So if my professor didnt want to keep me after and I went against the feeling of I had to stay there, I would have been involved in that accident.

Another time when driving home I had a voice tell me to go home now and not go to another place I was intending to go. On way back home my cambelt on my car snapped. If I had went to that other place I would have been driving on an busy interstate and it would have caused me to have a bad accident as my car lost all power when it snapped. But because I was going home it happened on a quiet back road.

Also have dreams about people who they are trying to warn me about or be cautious about.

Another time I was going to buy a certain types of chocolates for me and my kids when shopping but as I went to pick them up I heard a voice shout NO!!. At first I thought damnn thats a bit harsh its only a bit of chocolate🤣. And Ieft it. The next day it was on the news that they were all being recalled due to salmonella poisoning.