A close encounter with Duke Agares

About 18 months or so I evoked Duke Agares for the first time. We had a domestic helper runaway after being given a generous cash advance against her work.

I evoked him in the triangle as always. Nothing different. I felt the hair on my arms and neck stand up and felt duke Agares leave the to triangle and he was floating just above it. Ifelt hatred and anger coming from his direction. I felt Great danger.

I remembered how Darkest knight taught me how to handle this. I pointed my wand where I senses him and said firmly “Duke Agares be seated in the triangle please”.

He began to skirt my circle trying to get behind me. Now I was totally freaking out. I felt him nip and test my circle. I pointed the wand again as him and shouted “Duke Agares I command you be seated”

The rest of the evocation was ok.

I had @crows_fire try Agares same methods and the same thing happened. We had a mutual friend Gregory who tried and he had nightmares of being eaten by a crocodile.

Turns out Agares doesn’t like Solomonic methods. Next time I evoked him I used non Solomonic methods and he was gentle and friendly.



Are there any goetia that do, in your experience?


Most are fine with a triangle ( non binding) and a circle for the magician. There are only a handful that responded with anger towards the traditional solomonic methods. Actually prince Orobas actually likes the pomp and circumstance.

I know this because I did the we 72 challenge of evoking all 72 goetic spirits.

Some respond better than others.

What I find makes a bigger difference is preparatory immersion for several days prior to the proposed evocation of the spirit and and a warm and friendly welcoming manner.


I commend your response. It can be a bit frightening when you recognize that this can actually end rather dangerously. In that moment, you need some bravery and strength.