Sitra Achra Gloria

Excellent feedback and a great final point. I suppose I’m a tinkerer at heart, approaching a system as-is just ain’t in me. I do find it interesting that not a single Qlippothic spirit had told me what you did. :thinking:

I have been working with the use of musical notes. So each Qlippothic sphere has it’s own song. Drums, droning, and auditory distortion are common themes. I thought of Tiphareth, and heard that song - entirely different vibe. Classical music compared to heavy death metal music.

Exorcism, man that is an interesting word choice.

I suppose my deal is that both the Qlippoth and Sephiroth are ultimately models, schemas. As such, in my opinion, there is no true version of them because they are illusory to begin with.

Either way, all people, no matter what their opinions are, seem to grow much from the Qlippoth.


True that

Happy birthday Mike!

I wish you the best my friend :birthday:


Happy birthday my friend


I just found your youtube channel. The country you live in is gorgeous.


Oh I love this country. It’s incredible to live here, so much beauty, so much hardship and sorrow, so much kindness, this has been incredible to live out my destiny here. :sunglasses:

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Ok so my friends @rickym and @ultimma came through yesterday and brought all kinds of birthday goodies. Thank you so much for everything you guys rock.

@rickym gave us a demonstration of his bardonesque mental Magick and glamours that was truly breathtaking.

I’m not authorized to give details openly here I’m sorry but I can say this dude is a real high flying LHP Adept. I salute him. If our style wasn’t so different I’d have to go to him for lessons …still might actually. Incredible shit, and he can do it over and over, whoaaah :laughing: I love it.

@ultimma is rocking and rolling, riding on the wave of Asmoday and the pure life force. Ride that wave for EVER gurl!!!
I love it. Her invocation put me into trance!!!

Damn, I showcased some djinm Magick, this was alot of fun.

Thanks for everything you guys rock!


I’m a little jealous… Sounds freakin awesome. Glad you had a great birthday :hugs:


Dudes! My cat piggles just beat the fuck out feral bastard!! Wow!!! Piggles tuned him up and ran him right off the property. That was Badass!


GO PIGGLES! It wouldn’t let me just write that, so GO PIGGLES


Piggles is a good boy and a handsome little cat


Oh he’s my love beast, I NEED my piggles.


Ok so @rickym did decide to deign to give me authorization on his talents.

First you need to know his Magick is mental manipulation of energy through concentration and thought for whatever purpose he wishes. It’s very much like Bardon.

We all know all Magick is concentration, willpower and imagination related at its root.

Ricky doesn’t use tools at all.

Ricky is a very unremarkable looking Filipino man in his mind 60s. ( Most foreigners would guess Filipinos inc Ricky as looking 10 years younger than they really are) ok so he looks unremarkable and mid 50s to me. He’s not rich, nor does he take women on expensive dates often, buy them things or give them cash.

He’s not an alpha or beta male.

He calls it being sigma male.

This dude in front of my eyes has demonstrated a mental charm or Glamour he can use at will to effect the minds of others. ( Guys keep an open mind and don’t hate or be hypocritical. We do summon demons after all).

Basically he sees a beautiful mid 20s woman and concentrates and does his mental Magick and in moments they are all over him. For him getting beautiful women 1/3 his age is like picking apples in an orchard. It requires seemingly no effort.

People I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Over and over again. His new gf just won a miss Filipina pageant in the province of Laguna. Yes I’m serious.

@ultimma can vouch for this that I’m not exaggerating or bullshitting you. This man is an definitely an Adept of the LHP he started in grade school studying Franz Bardon. He isn’t for hire or professional, he’s just enjoying his life.

Guys these are some of the wild powers or as it’s called in the Indian religions ( Siddhis,) the siddhis are considered ornaments of certain stages of spiritual growth, in the sane way we consider our Clairs opening to be indicative of a certain stage of spiritual growth.

This guy is truly incredible. To his credit he doesn’t play them, use them, or break their hearts, he usually just enjoys their conversation.

He’s a really good dude and while he’s not active on the forum he does read sometimes.

I’m so glad I got to tell this story as it’s fucking inspiring.

Here’s an example of Ricky making it do what it do. Some of his friends and Him.

In Ricky’s words “I make my aura comfortable for both men and women it just so happens that i attract beautiful women”

Well Ricky we love it.

Hail @rickym another high flying LHP Adept.

We salute you bro.


Gashkalah day 1: Recitation - kinda bad kinda weak. There is a strange set of barbarous words in the last half of the Qlippoth ritual and I just spoke the words last time and I didn’t realize they needed to be vibrated.

So I did it right and it felt weird.

Let’s see what dreams come.


Gashkalah day 2:. Recitation:. Much better, I decided I wasn’t going to change how I was during the barbarous words invocation because someone else said this is how I SHOULD be doing it. Fuck it I’m just gonna do it the way I want. So I went back to the old 2ay which immediately made 5his ritual comfortable.

We’ll see what the night brings.

Oh btw my mom is out of town and got diagnosed with covid. I did an emergency Shem ritual for her to heal her and mitigate the seriousness of this.

That’s all I got for tonight , keep it cool…ya playas.


I wish your mom a speedy recovery


Gashkalah day 2:. Dreamscapes

I had a meeting with Male Astaroth. I know it was him just because of the kind of “zany” humor he uses in speech, what wasn’t present was all the sexual inuendo. That’s just a game with him anyway he’s not seriously trying to F you, if he was he probably would just do it, what are most people going to be able to do it anyway? He does a sexual innuendo game to make you think about where you’ve drawn the lines, if they’re blurry or solid. Yeah making people uncomfortable is one of his favorite things. Not tonight though tonight we debated my “irrational and deluded form of morality”. He demonstrated over and that my “code” was hypocritical, antiquated, and broken. This was an interesting conversation. I don’t know what I think. He made some good points though…


That’s interesting I’ve never talked about morality with Duke Astaroth before.


This strikes me as quite interesting. Perhaps you could elaborate on that? If you don’t mind sharing what was discussed.


Basically he showed me that i use a moral code that governs my interactions so that I always feel in the right regardless of what I do ( much like the majority of the human race).

He basically played a game of chess with me and systematically walked me back in the corner and check mated me. When I was bested in debate I was forced to concede that he was pretty much right.

His next subject was, so are you a good guy? A law and order man, or what are you? Who do you want to be, who are you really?

There weren’t right answers it was about taking visions and make them concrete, taking blurry lines and making the boundaries clear.

It was a thought provoking discussion that provoked self reflection. Astaroth and I have always had a relationship which was close despite us not knowing eachother well ( or so I think :thinking:) . Like the way he talks is with a kind of frankness you could only accept if it came from a friend, you’d feel like someone overstepped if they weren’t your friend. I like Astaroth. I don’t always understand what he’s wanting me to see or the context that makes it understandable. He assures me I will at a point in the future .

Wish I could give more details.