Scrying Incantation from the PGM (VII. 319-34)

Scrying Incantation from the PGM

PGM VII. 319-314 is one of the more accessible spells and can be easily modified for modern practices.


By pure it means no sex, right?


Usually but could also refer to anything considered profane at the time it was written or by the culture of the author.

Also the culture of what was accepted by the main too.

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So, I’m never going to cast this spell :upside_down_face:


@Cuervo Lol. Can’t give up meat? Jk sort of.

I think pure is in the mind of the doer more then anything else cuz 1 persons pure is another’s taint.

A example of would be meat if the guy saying 3 days purity was a vegan he might have meant for you to do 3 days on vegan food.

Me I think he probably meant don’t watch porn and be sure to shower daily
(especially after sex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

To each their own definition of purity. I mean if pure meant virgin to the author of that it’d likely mean half the worlds population over the age of 18 wouldn’t be pure enough to do the magick.

So if you want to do it make up your own definition of yea and follow that.

Add: magicks more a state of mind then body anyway so define purity however you want, abide by that definition for 3 days and then magick away to your hearts content.

Heck call pure a diet of nothin but chocolate for 3 days if you want. Or call purity only watching Sesame Street for 3 days if ya want

If it’s your magick it’s your will that counts what you decide goes not what sone guy who if he’s still alive would probably be 105 why go by what he decides is pure right?


Well, it tends to refer to various things at once. Remaining pure before ritual tends to be abstaining from sexual activity, abstaining from meat and alcohol, and sometimes turning one’s mind towards holy and divine things.

I disagree with @Kish (but, respectfully. I don’t mean this as an attack or anything like that). The traditional view is not that it is a matter of personal preference, as with Chaos Magick, but that these things affect our Spirit. And, the “Western” (that is, European, Middle Eastern and North African) views on this spiritual purity tend to be in harmony with “Eastern” (particularly Indian) views on it as far as I have seen. I take this as a sign of validity (but, personal experience confirms these things as well).

It seems this spiritual purity is important for great magickal works, such as the creation of the philosopher’s stone, or powerful and great workings and immensely powerful talismans. Even today, I find when a magician speaks of powerful workings they have done, the working was done after processes of spiritual purification.

I believe you’ll also find you are better able to recieve prophetic dreams when abstaining from meat and alcohol, and going to sleep in a peaceful state of mind (as Agrippa recommends in Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book 3, Chapter LI).

Our traditional sources also suggest that the mind is important in this, like in the work I just referenced, but this is simply one dimension of it and it is combined with purifying the spirit to great effect.


Jason Miller’s approach is to purify the subtle bodies with pranayama and meditation. I’ve adopted this as well, although I don’t drink alcohol / smoke cigarettes / take drugs (anymore :sweat_smile:).

The switch to long-term sobriety has done wonders for my practice and abilities. I do think being sexualy active decreases my chances of having an OBE though. I went back to eating meat for health reasons, but definitely had more lucid dreams and clarity when I was vegetarian. I would go back to it if I could.


Make sense. The whole approach is to limit as many distractions as possible and these would include the primal instincts. Supposedly to overcome them, but you don’t permanently. That’s why they’re instincts. They want to limit it to a period of time to focus the intent. BECAUSE you have given so much, you MUST be worthy of the reward.

I ran into this with Helios Unbound.

The intent is to single-focus on the event and goal. The specifics are the ways they say to do it. Otherwise, spiritual, abstinent people would rule the world and there are very few I didn’t feel I couldn’t wreck in short order.

@Mythopoeia I realize this may counter to what being presented. Kindly let me know and I will remove my post to keep the thread pure.

Edit - Helios Unbound recommended a 3 day hiatus to focus the person the spiritual. Unfortunately, the author has issue with anything other than angels in this period. Yet, the majority of the work is “Pagan”, so they suddenly can’t help?