Fasting and abstinence

Does anyone here practice this before undertaking any rituals. If so how many days before ritual should you prepare the body ive been having conflicting information regarding this some folks say 3 days some 9 day for abstinence and some say atleast have a few hours fasted before any work and no more.

For some reason i cant edit i also wanted to add. Ive fasted maximum for 5days unrelated to magick it mwas more for the autophagy effects. I would notice myself almost switching like mind becomes much more focused and constantly and body in a buzzing mode.

The greatest would be a month or so of fasting gradually increasing in intensity. This is what certain Medieval (and older) Sages did. You could also use the spiritual purification (involving abstinance and other things) in Francis Barret’s ‘The Magus’ as one system.

The purpose of all this is to strengthen the rational spirit, and to move the body closer to spirit.


Fasting for 1 month nothing at all or only sun up sun down as observed through ramadam?

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I’ve been eating only once a day (midday) for almost a year now. There’s a clear difference in my focus and energy.


I am completely sober, abstinent and fasted for upwards of two weeks before a ritual or energy work. It seems to help.

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