Beginner's guide: introduction to Christian magick


Whether they call it magick or not, there IS Christian magick. I agree that, more often than not, they will call it “miracle” or “act of god”, but what they do fits perfectly in the definition of magick, as the act of using the symbols to generate change.

If you don’t like it, don’t use it. This guide is for people who wants to practice magick but happen to be afraid. While I do not think anyone will punish me for conversing with a demon, this can be as good an entry point (and focus of general practice) as any.


In the Christian (and Jewish, and Muslim) frame, the power comes always from their one god. Period. Angels? God empowers them. Virgins. Saints. All the same: god empowers them. If you come from an Abrahamic faith and feel this is right, roll with it. If you don’t, but want to practice this form of magick, then accept there is power in it, even if you don’t agree with every single detail.

What I call a miracle here is something that outright breaks the laws of physics. I’ve experienced this only once, not from the Abrahamic god, but through the teachings of a saint. Following the clues he left (quite well hidden), I managed to find something and that something did help me.

I quit smoking for six months and didn’t experience withdrawal. Which is technically impossible. But it happened.

My grandmother knew a prayer that could immediately ease the pain of burns. And it worked even on me during my decades of atheism. The prayer has to be taught in a specific date so I can’t help you with that, sorry.

Still, we don’t need to go as high. We can have a more modest aim and try to get smaller things done. Like a new car, clothes, money to pay the bills, the right person as a significant other. All of this can be achieved through prayer and christian spells like the one I shared in my emergency magick tutorial.


The figure of Jesus Christ is polemic, to say the least. So I will tell you to work with whatever you believe is the truth. Actual person son of God, part of the trinity and therefore equal in substance to God and the Holy Ghost, ascended master, historical forgery, protosocialist political leader. Doesn’t matter, keep what works for you.

And if you’re unsure, you can always consider him an archetype and never go wrong with such interpretation. If you think about Jesus as the idea of a wise, compassive, empathetic hippie who knew how to make fucking awesome magick and happen to care about your well being, then you already have everything you need regarding subjective synthesis.


I’m sure you have a bible somewhere around. This five books in it are the most juicy. Feel free to ignore all the rest, at least for the time being, but read this. Carefully. Slowly. Be sure to understand what does it say in the surface, so you can later go down into its deeper meaning.

Have you done so already since you were raised in a Christian household? Have you prayed a lot because that’s what they told you to do and never, ever got anything from that Yavéh dude? Yeah, that makes two of us. But do not worry about that part now.


This is a damn form of magick itself. And the reason why so much people prays and very few get anything? Because they’re doing it wrong. Is not their fault, though. They haven’t been taught how to do it properly.

I had to figure it out on my own (thanks, Grandma), but I had, so bear with me.


…is the path YOU take. In my humble opinion magick is neutral, per se. The rest is what the practitioner do with it.

You can send angels to beat the everloving crap out of your enemies. And you can use this magick to bind, punish and destroy, as much as anything else.


  • The best bet is the bible (PSALMS and GOSPELS, again). There is some in the Talmud and the Torah, but I have not studied it enough.

  • Everything ever by St. Juan of the Cross. If you can decipher it.

  • A contemporary book that has some good things is “The magic of Catholicism” by Brother A.D.A.

I’ll write a tutorial soon to teach you how to use prayers, salms and novenas in a way that can work.


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I will keep checking this thread as I recently discovered the power of Psalms in invoking the 72 Shem Angels


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yep, theurgy is one of the oldest forms of magick