Hybrid magic/ Magic with a few tools

I want to start and say that this has worked in my life and may not work for you. This is beginner friendly
And doesn’t assume open clairs,
prior magical ability and lots of magical experience.

Only you can decide if it’s right for you.

When in doubt experiment, don’t just believe me.

What you’ll need:

A glass of water.
A table you can reserve for ritual work.
A notebook
A pen.
Willingness to work hard.

Now a quick check:
How does your mind take in info most efficiently?
Some people like to listen, these are auditory learners
Others like to see to understand, visual
And still others like to do, physical learners

Where do you begin?
After the check you’ll know if you didn’t already
What kind of hybrid magic you should be doing.

Why do I personally practice this type of magic?
Going fully toolless is hard, at least for me, the mind likes something physical to grab into, an anchor point so to speak. In the end I intend to fully work in an astral temple, but it’s a process. That way I will be able to practice magic anywhere at any time.

What are some of the types of hybrid magic?
Affirmations/mantras, sigils and poetry.

Have you heard the saying the pen is mightier than the sword? That’s what all magic and particularly the hybrid kind aims to do. They aim to be catalysts of change brought about by coincidences

What’s magic reality?
Making a change in the objective outside world/reality in accordance with one’s will.

What’s the will?
According to Google it means the power of choosing or deciding.

To be continued…


What are some of the uses of this magic?

A hard problem you cannot solve by mundane/ceremonial magical means can be approached with a fresh perspective with this type of magic.

What’re some good examples of its use?
Let’s say you’re poor. Most people who’re like that want to become well-off.

If you lack food money you’d probably not want to invest in candles, incense, essential oils and other ingredients of ceremonial magic. You also don’t have time to develop the necessary to build a good relationship with spiritual entities so you can effectively work with them.

Someone who’s drowning should first be removed from the water and everything else comes second.

So, what do I propose? I suggest to use the law of assumption
and consciousness of Neville Goddard with some
Commonly found items to speed up the process.


This is quality, I’m book marking this. Interested to see where this goes.


I stand on the shoulders of giants and I’m not reinventing the wheel here anyone who hasn’t read Neville Goddard should do so. It’s simply life changing…

Back to the poor man. If he believes he’ll never be rich, then it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s say he believes that some people are just meant to be rich and some poor like him. A complete determinist.

So, what’re some steps he can start taking to change his core beliefs?

Let’s assume he cannot even buy simple candles or paper and pens.

And that he learns best by doing and is a very bad listener…

What is he to do?

He should use his imagination and spend at least
Half an hour twice a day in a dream world via his imagination where he’s rich.

As he’s probably working a menial job, he’ll have to wake up earlier and go to bed a little later…

He needs to clearly define his dream rich world:
Let’s say he want a big house in the country. How
Many rooms will the house have? Let’s assume five.
Which color will it be? Let’s assume bright red.
How many floors will it have? Two. How will the kitchen look?

Why am I starting with the image of a house when I could have started with so many other things?
The house has a mystical significance and also an economic one. It protects us from the elements is a status symbol and most people’s pride and joy.

Not just a house, but a home. Rich people live in luxurious houses.

Back to the house: about the kitchen- it will have a big stove, a countertop of marble, a big gas. Three sinks: one for fruits and veggies, one for meat and one for fish.
Let’s move on to the living room: big sofa with three cushions, etc

And you continue touring the house

What’s important is that he sees himself in the house with a smile on his face knowing it’s his without a mortgage.


Slowly, could be in a matter of a month or two, could be even sooner if his imagination is really strong, more money will start coming his way: he will be promoted, maybe his parents decide to give him money, etc.

Now, he can start buying supplies: first of all pens paper. He needs to document his dream house. Then he can buy markers and start drawing it.

Anything to make it more concrete and anchored on the physical plane.

Later, he can buy candles to use during his meditations/creative imagination to add energy to them. Green candles are good for abundance.


Let’s go back and assume the guy takes in info better through hearing, what should he do then?

He should use affirmations. Like what?
This time it’s not about the house. Why?
From personal experience, long affirmations
are much less effective.

And affirmations, such as I’m wealthy is less
Effective then I’m wealth. Why? When you identify
Completely with luxury you draw to yourself money
And other material possessions, because you’re
Actively reprogramming your subconscious mind.

When you only say you have a certain quality, then it’s limited in its amount. Example: I have 50$ I spend them and that’s it. But I’m money: I draw money to me continuously.

The mind is a wonderful and terrible thing.
It can give and it can take away.
Why is it so powerful?
We’re gods in the flesh. We have divine authority.
We can command reality to our liking if we train
Our magical will enough.

How do I know? Let’s do a little thought experiment:
Let’s pretend we’re the sun. All the planets revolve around us. Why? Because we’re the heaviest and pull them towards us much more than we’re pulled towards them. It’s a tug of war and the strongest triumphs.

Similarly, in magic the strongest magical will in a set of circumstances determines the outcome. Because, there’s no single will like that reality bends to several wills and is basically a weighted arithmetic average of them.

Let’s go back to the example of the man. He’s fighting his own established thought forms of poverty and his lack of imagination, meaning inertia.

The magical will is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.


Let’s take a thought experiment: les imagine we live in a world where only the supernatural exists. Bear with me, I know this isn’t our world, but I have a point…

That means, nonlinear time: past, present and future exist at the same time, there’s the ability to warp space to instantaneously get from one place to the next.

How would hybrid magic work there?
Obviously, this is very similar to the higher astral/mental/spiritual planes.

All the props we have there are purely in consciousness and disappear if we stop paying attention to them.

So, we’d need to grow a candle, a table, a sigil, meaning it’d be a part of your energy body and just and extension of it for the object to have some semblance of permanence. Because it constantly needs to be fed with energy and attention not to disappear.

Basically, your astral temple is just that, another hand and foot of your energy body. It’s not separate from you.

Every physical temple creates an astral one attached to it. Why? Objects have energy because you work with them and give it to them and because of their innate properties.

So, what’s my point?
Let’s go back to the poor man’s example.
If a poor man want to become a rich man via magic,
He needs a temple obviously. What if he cannot afford one. Then he needs a permanent place where he always does his rituals. Let’s say a small couch.
Every day he does his creative imagination of his rich house there at the same exact spot.

What does it do on the higher plane?
Energetically it creates a temple tied to that specific place.

What should he be weary of?
Changing his position, changing the time of his imagery. Why? Those factors weaken the link between the physical location and the astral temple and can even make it disappear.

Candles, incense, blood, offerings obviously strengthen the bond between the physical and the astral and make all the workings done on that couch for example more effective.


What about intent why is it important in hybrid Magic?
Intent is your aim. If we use the analogy of the gun
For magic, the intent is the direction you’re firing in.

So, it’s obvious, that if you’re firing at the wrong target.
Your magic is useless at best and harmful at worst.

How do you set and maintain the correct magical intent in hybrid magic?
First, decide what you want to achieve: if it’s a big
Goal break it down to smaller steps, milestones.

So, you can check your progress easily.

Then, you start meditating on it each day:
Meditation helps you to program your subconscious
With the intent.

Afterwards, you write it down.

Then, you visualize it.

You say it to yourself in the form of affirmation
Fifty times.

What happens after you set the intent for your working?
You check the correspondences to know when to time your ceremony/creative visualization.