[SNEAK PEEK] Hypno's trance rite

NOTE: This is meant to be available in The Occult Mirror and nowhere else. © is ours and legal actions WILL be taken if my intellectual property is breached.


This is a sneak peek into my grimoire. I’m not hyping it, I have no idea when it is going to be able for purchase, but I want to share some parts of it. From its inception, this is a beginner-friendly book. So certain things like trance, banishing and lust for results are addressed from the get go, with help from my friends in the Greek pantheon.

From my own notes:


An altered state of consciousness is needed to practice most forms of magick. A majority of the books out there, even those with real beginner friendly reputation, omit this simple, yet vital, detail. I omitted it when I started and I got zero results because of that. I think that may be the case of many, and the reason such a long amount of people quits occultism before making any real progress.

This chapter will teach you a way to enter a basic state of trance. Enough to actually practice. And yes, it can be used with this and any other book.

It was given to me by Hypnos, the Greek personification of sleep. As you already know, brain activity, the communication between groups of neurons, is measured in waves. There is the infra-low, that’s barely known, the delta waves that can be achieved during deep meditation and dreamless sleep and, for the purposes of this book, the theta waves, that appear, again, during meditation and sleep. In this last state, the focus shift from the external world to the inner world. This where we listen to ourselves.

This states are perfect to practice magick. But not necessary. The alpha waves, sometimes called the default state of the brain, is all you need and is where we’re aiming here. You’ve been here before. Is the basic state you need to learn new things. And to communicate with spirits, no matter if you believe they’re aspects of your brain, sentient energy, external intelligence, aliens or your mom and dad.


Get in a comfortable position, but do not lay in bed, otherwise you’ll fall asleep. Relax your body. If you can’t relax your whole body, relax it as much as you can. Even if that much is very little. Gaze at one point in the wall, slightly above eye level. Take a deep breath. Now, be sure you take it as you would fill a bottle: down first.

As the air enters your body, without moving your focus from that single point in the wall, be aware of the details that surround that point, using your peripheral vision. Don’t force it, this is not a race, take whatever time you need. Repeat another six times (seven total), and keep at it. Repeat now, either outloud or in your mind, the following words:


One time each. Nothing else. I don’t know what they mean and is not important. Again, take your time, don’t force it. And do not worry about your thoughts. Just keep the focus. If thoughts come, let them, but do not judge them, just let them pass. Your only worry is that single spot on the wall. Your eyes will close soon. You’ll feel the need to do it, so do it. This won’t be spectacular. You won’t feel and outside force, maybe not even sleepiness, but you will want to close them. Do not force any thought. Try to stay a couple of seconds in that state of stillness. Then proceed with the whatever magick you want to practice. Once you’re done, if focus hasn’t been broken, just try to recall this stillness and count from seven to one to get out of the trance.

This is a very basic state, don’t expect anything extraordinary. You won’t feel like in another world. You won’t get some sort of massive revelation. And for fuck’s sake, don’t expect it to be like in fiction. Real magick doesn’t include special effects.


For some time, a private group worked with me to test this rite, with astonishing results. One person even found it useful to get to sleep faster, and this person had issues to sleep all their life.

If you try it, feel free to post your own feedback here. The same goes for those who were part of the group, back in the day.


I was in the private group where you had us test this out. I can’t express enough how great this one is. I go into a trance instantly with saying it. I still use it now ,everytime I need to get into one. Highly recommend this method :+1:


Can confirm this works like a charm. The only other method I could compare it to, as far as ease of getting into an altered state of consciousness, is the Wim Hoff breathing method.