What not to do in magic?

What’re some of your experiences of magical mishaps?

What will get you in hot water fast?

I’ll start: for many years I didn’t have a teacher, so I kinda practiced magic on the fly as part of my everyday life. I didn’t use correct protection for that. That’s why at night many times I was plagued with negative entities.

Banishing and shielding is important and now I’m coming to realize it.


Expect everything to fall into your lap when you haven’t cultivated any skill or put in any work.

We may call it “magic” and/or “magick” and similar names, but that’s not the only name it goes by and just because we use those words, in particular, doesn’t mean it isn’t a craft and a set of skills.


Break vows to spirits.

I really believe that will get you into boiling hot water fast.


Getting too emotional and impatient and calling every spirit in the phone book to help me with my situation because I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. That was a mistake I’ve done in the past when first starting out.
All it would do was slow my work to a screeching halt vs speeding things up or giving stronger results.


Believing you’re such a badass Magus that you only need one spell or ritual with no repetition to achieve consistent results, that’s an ego driven fantasy. Some things are easier to achieve than others and require one if you’re good or lucky, but don’t confuse that being “powerful”

Second Don’t believe when you have a difference of opinion on something Magickal with your peers that are always right. Newsflash:. You’re not! If you find yourself in minority camp on a point of view don’t become prickly, bristle, or get defensive. It’s counter productive. Use it as an opportunity to learn more than you currently do and that holds true even you actually are right. Show your peers points of view respect.


Seed your subconscious with self-limiting beliefs & dismiss the ancient ways in favor of the modernized methods because they might seem unnecessarily grueling and archaic.

Both of those points are secrets to performing the kind of magick that’s described in the old grimoires


Great points @hypn0s! Secretum Secretorum…

There is a reason why rituals were structured the way they were in the old grimoires. The Chaos Magick approach has “deconstructed” it in favor of practicality. When you are limited in resources, you do what you can. But it has led to the complete disregard for any ritual structure and implements in favor of an entirely subjective world-view.


Tools serve their purpose, of course, but I wasn’t talking about resources as much as plain effort, really. There is a reason why people used to retreat from civilization for 40 days and recite conjurations from sunrise until sunset out of breath. It’s not that we’ve become lazy all of a sudden and people back then were workaholics. It’s not that they were too stupid to come up with simple methods that produce results, either. They did what they did for what it did.