Pioneering Voidcraft [Journal]

Hello all, My name is Sky. There was some interest in my introduction post about the type of magick I said I practice: Voidcraft. While I tend to be very shy and don’t really talk about my beliefs (due to crippling social anxiety and irrational fears of judgment) I have been wanting to share my experience in pioneering this interesting school of magick.

Due to personal issues stated before I will be slowly revealing/documenting more of my work with voidcraft as to not overwhelm my anxieties. I have no set schedule or anything for releases but I hope to start fairly slowly and vaguely and get more detailed later on. If I’m handling my anxieties well and this journal receives enough interest I may even link one of the books I am writing about the subject.

Please be kind and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I may not answer every question and this could be for a few reasons such as not wanting to reveal that answer yet or even not having a good answer for the question (in which I will take time to ponder the question and come up with the best answer I can).

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Initial questions?
Hi all before I really put any work into this Journal I would love to see/answer any initial questions anybody may have about Voidcraft. Please feel free to DM me if you do not feel comfortable posing your questions on the journal!


Article I - Beginnings

Warning: Author is inexperienced with writing articles, please forgive bad formatting or article flow!

Hello all, My name is Sky but the name I practice by is Mekhan. Today I would like to give a little insight into how I began my occult journey. I can not speak for all but from my experience my occult origins are quite different from most others.

I was born into a catholic/christian Italian-American family, despite this my family also heavily believed in the supernatural (i.e. spirits, magick, communion with the dead, etc.) so already from birth my eyes were open to the mystical side of reality. At the age of 6 I joined my local church’s youth group (won’t say the name of the church here in fear of recognition) and attended services and study frequently. The church was my sanctuary, my home away from home, where I could meet friends and worship god communally. The church made me feel safe and gave me purpose, that is until I saw the truth about the organization.

It was not a church, it was a cult. How did I learn this at the tender age of 8 (i had spent two years with the church by now)? Well the church provided us with bibles but our bibles had to stay at the church and we could not take them home. I, naturally curious with the lore of christianity, wanted to read the entire thing but since we could not take our bibles home I had to follow along with the pace of the church. I was (and still can be) an impatient person even then, so I asked my mom to buy me a bible so I could read it at home. She bought it for me and I began to read from front to back. It wasn’t far into genesis before I realized some of the material (i.e. lines/wording) wasn’t lining up with the bible I had at church.

I was too young at the time to understand what this meant, all I knew was that I could not trust a religious organization that would alter the word of god himself. It was at this point I decided to leave the church in search of my own answers. Remember this church and how I declared it a cult because we WILL be coming back to that soon.

It was around the time I left the church that my mom left my dad and got a new husband. I was talking to him about my experiences with the church and christianity and he dropped a bombshell on my little mind: there are more religions than just the judeo-christian ones, there were even religions that practiced real life magick! I was blown away to say the least and he handed me a book: “The Only Wiccan Spellbook You Will Ever Need” by Marian Singer and Trish MacGregor. I read it and decided it seemed right to me, more right than christianity ever did. So I became a wiccan and for awhile I was happy. However that did not last as Wicca seemed to be lacking some of the answers I seeked, So I began researching other pagan belief systems and over the years I realized nothing sated my spiritual needs, it was then and there I began to shape my own ideals…[TO BE CONTINUED]

To close off this article I would like to finish my thoughts on the “church” that started me on this path. It wouldn’t be until years later that my suspicions of the church would be proven true. I had this friend and her family treated me as one of their own. Her grandmother and I were one day talking about the church and she told me stories of her time as a member of it. The stories she told were of systematic abuse of church funds, branding of the church’s women (they all had to get the church symbol tattooed on their bodies), teaching children to be Fishermen of God (basically teaching the kids to push their religion as the one true religion and to convert no believers through means of manipulation, I was actually a fisherman I am sad to say), teaching little girls to be subservient to men. It was quite literally a christian cult and I am glad I escaped when I could.



Article II - A Peer Into The Void

Warning: Author is inexperienced with writing articles, please forgive bad formatting or article flow!

Hello all, Mekhan here. Today I want to share with you a glimpse into my current understanding/belief of the Void! Be mindful as this is just going to be a VERY basic explanation of the idea, for I have not the energy at the moment to write a full detailed article about the Void and it’s nuances (that will come later)!

What is the Void?
It is my belief that the void is, at its core, a dimension of pure creative and destructive energies that forms the Origin point of all of reality.

Do I choose to worship the Void itself? Or do I follow a deity/daemon/spirit?
In a weird way it’s both. I believe the Void to be the origin of all, even divine entities such as gods. To simplify the answer though, I worship the Void and I recognize and respect the power and authority off all its creations including deities.

Principles of the Void
While I do worship the Void, I do not worship it as an entity but rather as three divine characteristics of reality. In order to properly worship these aspects I personified them even though they are not entities in and of themselves. The three principles are these:

  1. Sithis - Father and Principle of Destruction
  2. Aethis - Mother and Principle of Creation
  3. The Twilight Weave - Principle of Reality/Fate/All that exists between Sithis and Aethis.

Sithis is the name I gave to the Principle of Destruction. Sithis embodies darkness, death, and a return to the Void. For all things created must be destroyed and returned to its origins.

Aethis is the name given to the Principle of Creation. She embodies light, life, and the progeny of the Void. She is the waking universe staring back at itself, She is all things living and yet to be born.

The Twilight Weave?
The name given to represent all of reality. The Weave embodies fate, the created, and the ones on the path to destruction. It is all we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. It is every person, item, and idea. It is the balancing act of the two great natural forces, a bridge between that which will be and that which was.

In very basic understandings the Void is the origins and the ends of all things that have existed, exist now, and will exist in the future. It is the power that drives all. I am sorry for not going into further detail now, but there is a lot more to discuss about the Void itself and that is saved for a better day. I just wanted to put the basis of my beliefs out there so that fellow occultists can learn these new ideas and use them to better their own ideas. This path is NOT the only one and is superior in NO way over other paths. Just because Voidcraft may not hold the answers you seek does not mean that you can’t learn from it and build your own beliefs.

A Peer Into The Void


How did you discover The Void?

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As far as I know the idea of the Void goes back to ancient sumerian times. The concept of a space containing everything and nothing was the original idea of the void (although its’ names and conceptions have changed with time and different cultural understandings, i.e. the greeks called the concept “Kaos”) but beyond that initial primer for the concept my understandings of the void have all come to me in meditative and open states of consciousness, it sounds stupid but I swear the Void talks to me and gives me these concepts.

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That’s not to say I believe myself some sort of “prophet” as I believe the void talks to everyone in varying degrees, a concept which I plan on detailing in a later article centered around the immortality of ideas.

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Very interesting! You might find it interesting that what you call “The Void” here is similar to what the Platonists call “The One”. Here’s an article on that:

And it is what the Hermeticists (A group of Graeco-Egyptian Pagans) call “God”, and the Taoists refer to as “The Tao”, and some “Hindu” philosophies also have a similar belief of The One.

It is not seen as a spirit or being, but rather the ground of being that everything partakes of and is part of.