Playing with Hellfire - Kai

My name is Kai, and I’m a beginner. Here are my insights, history, dreams and experiences.

I will be listing personal things as well.

My Patron for the next ten years is King Asmodeus.


Background - The Life That Was Before

Above everything, I value results. Second to that, is communication.

That could have been the reason why this led me to this path. My patron calls it the dark roads. I was standing outside the gate, and he decides it is a fun idea to open it and let me in.

To even get to the middle of the story, we all start at the beginning.

As a child, I was raised devoted Catholic. I remember prayers and exaltations to the Holy Virgin and her God. Me as a little child clutching beads of roses as she prays for her only parent to love her and take care of her properly. That wish never reached the Ears of His Holiness.

When I was a 10-year-old girl, my mother found solace in spells and incantations. It was in a way, the only time she gets to talk to me without seeing a cursed being, a product of her mistakes as a teenager. She taught me how astrology, how to read the future using playing cards, and how to meditate. She would recount tales of her success, between her drug haze and the calmness before the storm within her strikes. Then she goes back to disliking me. Such is life.

Mother is unsure of which of her gods are her favorite. She swore on the effectivity of spells based on month long rituals of elaborate colored candles, with words derived from the Songs of Solomon. This she used for luck and money.

For love, it’s another story. She would beg Greek/Roman deities, bathe herself in oils and incense. These spells are the most interesting, and at one point a lightening struck a nearby tree and woke me up while my mother ran to us, wide eyed and scared and obviously not expecting this in a cold summer night.

My grandmother was the devoted Catholic who insists these things are a waste of time and we’re courting the devil. She comes with the classic hypocrisy too. Her mother, my great grandmother, was a witch doctor from the province of the Philippines. She is vaguely Christian too but who really knows? Looking back, she mostly worked with Earth spirits. She has a very big garden, with plenty of trees and plants she grew with her own two hands.

Her main job is to wash the laundry by hand for the rich in Aklan. Her side job is to help give birth to poor women with her craft, cure ailments using herbs and banish curses with a firm word. This would come bite her in the ass, as when she was 90+ years old, she suddenly fell down with an accident and broke her leg. Suffered the last 3-4 years unable to walk or move until the leg rots due to the negligence of the people who did not bother to send her to the hospital.

People say it was an accident, but I was in the next room when she fell down. She was still strong at the time, was still able to walk and tend to her garden. Jemina says she was pushed, by a malevolent Earth spirit who finally had enough of her.

All of these experiences and influences led me to a strong belief in the occult as a young teenager. And when I had been betrayed by my best friend and my then boyfriend, I felt confident enough that mom’s countless books on the occult would allow me to cast my own spell.

The only success I had was pissing off Aphrodite and a nightly sleep paralysis with a parasite that lasted a decade.

To combat the sleep paralysis, I had reasoned that perhaps I am mentally ill. Enough to hallucinate and have these on a nightly basis. I turned to atheism, because what doesn’t exist can’t hurt you, am I right? It worked out in a sense, as I was able to confidently ignore beady eyes staring at the foot of the bed and insistent whispers and taunts that is prevalent when I am in between the waking and dreaming world.

In my quest for ‘atheism’ and a hunger for community, I was able to attend my first meeting with the skeptics around the age of 18. I met Ricky, who would serve and still serve as a mentor. I was immediately drawn to him with a fascination that is unusual. He was already 55 at the time, and he has taught me a lot and served as a father figure in the years to come.

He calls himself spiritual but not religious. When he teaches me these things, he calls the light beyond the cosmos The Source. He shuns the idea of gods especially the ones he felt is gatekeeping The Source and claiming its power for their own. During the first years, I listen to his rants with a degree of skepticism and good humor. Indulge the old man, I would say in my head.

He claims to get abilities from The Source, one of the most notable is getting attention and friendship of several young, pretty women. We’re not talking just pretty because they’re young. We’re talking big. Models, starlets, high-class prostitutes. They all flock to him and it wasn’t even because they’re attracted to him or his money. These women come to him because they value his friendships. Ricky thinks it’s fun, and he never tries to be inappropriate or romantic with them. Jealous men from our organizations whispers with envy, but he lives his life as it is.

Our friendship is at the 7-year mark when the pandemic started. I always had sleep paralysis but it got worse during these times as I was forced to sleep in the evenings instead of the mornings. The oddest encounter was a dream where I was aware it was a dream, and so I had the bright idea to turn it to a dating simulator. For ‘variety’, I’ve chosen the bad boy I conjured in this dream instead of the geeky best friend who’s been there all along, which is what I would normally go for.

All well and good, until the geeky good boy got upset. “Isn’t this your type? Isn’t this what you would normally go for?”

That dream was hijacked. By an entity, a spirit or a demon, who cares? I woke up to a sleep paralysis of this thing behind me whispering and laughing. He touches me inappropriately. I struggled and woke up. I would’ve counted this as one of my regular nightly sleep paralysis, but in the waking world I saw a shadow run from outside my room.

I opened the door, and I could’ve sworn a pervert might’ve entered my room in real life only to be greeted with darkness. There was nothing there. The people are asleep and the dog downstairs are not barking.

It went on for several nights. A man sitting on my window sill as I wipe the sleep from my eyes, a person behind me talking animatedly or laughing, touches real and burns through the skin in a way dreams can never do. This was no longer my usual.

I had a talk with a psychologist, I might be losing my mind I say. She recommends I see a psychiatrist for pills, institute myself. I contemplated this, and I would’ve done it had I not know where it all began.

I talked to Ricky and confessed what has been going on.

He tried protection and shielding. Didn’t work.

He tried to have the entities (for there are many) removed. Worked slightly better, but I can still get sleep paralysis, although no one shows up anymore.

Finally, he has made an aspect, a spirit guardian who would follow me around and help with this situation.

For the first time, I was able to sleep with no sleep paralysis for several months.

I was adopted as a child by paper, as I was an out of the wedlock mistake. But I never really lived with my foster mom until I was 15. Needless to say, she is my first savior. I was already an atheist at the time and she never minded. She used to be able to know when I’m getting sleep paralysis and would do her best to wake me up. I love her and she love me.

She died a year after the fiasco during the pandemic.

I get several dreams of her for months. She looked confused, unaware she is dead.

I would say in my dreams: mama, are you not aware? You have died. You are no longer with us.

The sleep paralysis is gone, but the replacement is a new hell to me. Her face during these moments will forever haunt me. She is wide-eyed and confused. She died suddenly due to a snake bite, at the most difficult moment in my adult life and when I was miles away from her physically and emotionally.

After several months, I got a final dream from her. She’s cooking some instant noodles in the broken kettle we used to have during the early days of my stay with her. We’re at our first place, a tiny room fitting one double deck bed and all her worldly belongings.

Like the other days, I have realized this was a dream. And so yet again, I tell her:

Mama, do you know? You are dead. You have died.

This time, she knows. She smiles.

I cried and begged forgiveness. For all the things I couldn’t give, for all the things I shouldn’t have said. I swore vengeance on the neglect that led to her death and the mess it came to be during her funeral. She decides it does not matter anymore. That my peace matter more than anything.

She walks out the door, same manner as when she is alive and heading off to work. Before she goes, I asked her:

Mama, how is the afterlife?

She smiles secretively: You’ll be surprised.

Forgive me for the wordiness of it all. My patron has been insisting on this for quite some time now. I have been neglecting my duties, and he is upset with me as I am upset with him now (for reasons I still am not sure if he wants me to disclose).

But as anyone who has worked with him knows, King Asmodeus is quite a persistent one.

I would need to sleep now, but as soon as I can, I will recount the start of our working relationship. My experiences with the Goetia, how I met Mike and the details of our pact.

I am a beginner, so if you have some insight on any parts of this, please let me know. There are still some things that are vague as hell to me.


Communication + Results: Working with President Glasya Labolas, King Vine and Prince Sitri

Above everything, I value results. Second to that, is communication.

That could have been the reason why this led me to this path. My patron calls it the dark roads. I was standing outside the gate, and he decides it is a fun idea to open it and let me in.

I started Demonolatry as most people would do in the movies. A last resort, a desperate attempt and the mindset that I have nothing to lose at this point.

April 2022 was not a fun time for me. I’ve just quit my job after 3 months of being hired, and I felt betrayed by the friend who led me to quit my stable one to take a leap in a new industry. It was the first time I didn’t last years in a job.

It was also my foster mom’s first death anniversary, and at this point I have missed her presence badly.

I have decided that maybe it’s time to be in a relationship again. After ten years of being single, and the last conversation I had with mother eating my mind up with remorse, maybe it is time.

I would like to think I have chosen carefully. Jonathan was someone I worked with and whom I knew for five years. Heavily endorsed by a close friend, seemed stable and knew what he wanted.

In less than a week after admitting the feeling was mutual, he ghosted me.

Jeb slid in back into my life smoothly then after two weeks of me moping around wondering where the fuck I’ve messed up. A high school crush from ten years back, but I was a coward who never thought it’ll be mutual. He, too, ghosted a week after getting what he wants despite multiple reassurances that he wouldn’t.

It might be because I don’t like playing games or doing the chase. If I like someone, I would be very honest. In hindsight, I wonder if I should’ve listened to the Tiktok girlies who encourage the mind games and siren eyes and not texting back within a certain time span but I digress.

By now, the background is set clearly. Here is I, in all my flawed glory and issues. Not one reassurance in sight and absolutely zero support system.

I saw a demonolatrer on my FYP page while I was scrolling online. I was surprised. There was only one time roughly about ten years ago that I have tried looking into working with demons and the La Veyan Satanists gaslighted me into thinking Theistic Satanism and demon works do not exist.

I’ve decided to try it with an open mind.

Prince Sitri was the first attempt, mainly because not only does the work I wanted to do fall under his domain. Back when I was a kid, I was a fan of a character named after him. Even before I knew he is a real demon, I used to use his name as a handle name to several text groups. His name was the name one of my good friends knew me as. I figured it may be a good start as any.

I have done meditations and invocations for him. I was asking him to give me this man, whom I thought could’ve been just busy or scared to commit. He was silent but made it clear he cannot help me with this particular person.

I did further research and that is when I came across King Vine.

King Vine is majestic, with thundering sounds and a presence that seemed to cover the entire area. He is also very cryptic.

I asked him for answers. Was the shit done to me last April with malicious intent or not? Was that deliberate or not? I want to know if I will be asking for a smoother love life or retribution.

The same night of invoking him, I had a dream. I was sitting in a pool, and across me is a man whom I do not recall. All I remember is I was angry and upset, and he was nonchalant, even amused at my misery. In my dream, I left him in that pool and packed my bags to head straight to the airport. As I was staring in the list of flights wondering where I should go, I was greeted by the staff who was relieved I escaped.

“You came out of that island just in time! There is a disaster forecast and an earthquake will trigger the volcano there. Everyone who still remains in that place will be decimated and destroyed.”

I woke up from that dream to a phone call at 3 am from the woman who vouched for Jonathan. She was upset at what he did to me and vowed he will face retribution from her soon.

I am an Earth sign and Jonathan was a water sign. The message seemed clear with the pool and the earth quake symbols.

I still hopped into Reddit just in case and got sarcastic reassurances from the commentators wondering why the fuck it wasn’t so obvious to me.

The next step is looking into a demon who would help me with revenge. I didn’t bother asking for Jeb’s motive unlike Jonathan’s because it was obvious to me, he is an ass with zero regard for the times I’ve let him copy off my homework back in high school. I was adamant in getting revenge for both. I am miserable. I am however generous and so I will share the misery across every enemy that dared messing around with my peace.

One thing to note to my credit is I never seek these men out. They came to me with persistence, batting away my questions with lies and blatant disregard for respect.

I have purchased my first deck of Goetia Tarot. I wanted to avoid doing the same mistake twice and asking the wrong demon. I have instead asked who is willing to work with me for revenge.

I got multiple demons usually intended for reconciliation between friends. Fuck that.

Only one popped out that seemed geared towards what I want. President Glasya Labolas.

I have done research and careful consideration before working with him. His reputation amongst the Reddit demonolatrers is mixed. Heavy accusations of betrayal battling praises of his effectivity. It was quite unnerving and so I took a 3-day trip to the beach with strangers.

I wanted to know if distracting myself will allow me to move past my anger.

Back in the city and the only souvenir I got is sand in my ears. The anger did not subside.

I set to work and decided to invoke President Glasya Labolas.

I’ve put up a shield using the methods Ricky taught me, drawing from The Source to envelope me and protect me with its white light and energy.

I wrote his sigil on a piece of paper and buried in underneath my pillow while chanting his enn in front of a single candle with his color.

On a separate piece of paper, I wrote his name and my request in the code found in Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick. I burned it and fell asleep gazing at the candle while listening to his enn.

The same evening, I got a dream of absolute darkness. There was nothing there but the void. A hollow sound of winds blowing from afar. I heard a masculine voice talk from behind me, he sounded as if he’s very, very close to my ear.

“Beware. Not everything you see in the waking world is me.”

A sound of two knocks on a piece of wood and I woke up. That was President Glasya Labolas.

It is important to note that I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my best friend (Dette) and her sister (Nice). Nice and her friend Bruce are gifted with clairvoyance, with no training or whatsoever. She has already noted several times that she sees things peeking at the window of our apartment which is located on the third floor with no other building close by.

Her experience after my early workings was quite haunting.

She sees me exiting the room as she sits at the living room couch. I look serious, far from my usual demeanor of being a jester in real life. I look at her as if I wanted her to greet me. She did not say anything, silently wondering where the hell am I heading dressed in my sleep clothes and messy head.

A few minutes later, the real me emerges from the room. Greeting her joyously as I normally do with friends. She never looked so pale as she did that day.

What she saw was a trickster spirit. At this event, I took down the mirrors from my room and doused the entire place in sage incense. That place would eventually come down with several problems, forcing us to move prematurely.

Almost every night during this period, I talked to President Glasya Labolas about the progress. He was very assuring with Jonathan and stated his job with him was done. Jeb was a different matter, which I expected. This man admitted that he had guardian spirits since birth, and he was quite lucky. He earned his first million in cryptocurrency and NFTs, and planned on investing on more. I knew he will be a tough nut to crack as opposed to Jonathan who is a staunch atheist.

During those times, several goetic demons geared towards reconciliation showed up on my readings. Even Prince Sitri. It was also taking President Glasya Labolas longer than expected and so I asked him if he thinks it will be better if I ask for help from Prince Sitri.

Same night, he came to me in a sleep paralysis. He sat on top of my chest, with a horrifying form in a mixture of rabid dog, bulging eyes and drooling sharp teeth. Claws dig firmly and he was not amused at my question of getting help from someone else.

I told him over and over I was just asking. I was just asking.

I called for King Vine’s help being that he was the only other demon at the time whom I had good graces too but no dice.

That’s when I saw an old woman in white sitting at the ottoman I use as an altar. She grabs my left hand and she seems to be talking in soothing tones towards President Glasya Labolas before looking at me.

“Sitri?” I asked. She looked at me seemingly surprised I recognized her and opened her mouth to speak.

I was immediately awoken to the sound of my ringing phone, from the job I applied to. It was 3 am. They wanted to schedule my interview at 6 am that same day.

The scheduled meeting at 6 am was cancelled without notice.

3 weeks after the fact, I have received news about Jonathan. He was pulling away and isolating himself, unfriending multiple people he knows are associated with me even in passing. He then suddenly quit his job and moved to another company. He no longer talks to people at my previous job, even to those who had zero idea what transpired between us. Even those people who would have taken his side even if he is wrong.

The other company he moved to is also much, much worse compared to the one he used to work with.

As for Jeb, well we all know what happened with Crypto and NFTs around this period. He is heavily invested in those Ape Coins as far as I remember, and that was his only source of income. Last I heard he is back to peddling insurance to people, a very unstable source of income from where I am at.

President Glasya Labolas, King Vine and Prince Sitri. They were instrumental to why I have decided to plunge deeper into the depths of the dark roads. They are unlike any god or deity I have reached out to.

They were present.

They communicate, whether or not the practitioner understands what they mean exactly is subject for personal opinion of course.

They deliver results.


The Gates That Led Me Here: First Contact with King Asmodeus

My early success with revenge made me want more. I wondered what else is out there, and how far can I stretch my newfound wings. I am eager to do more and to get more out of working with demons. I didn’t know I missed the entire process of doing rituals so much. It took me back to the early days of my childhood, with my candles, incense and oils. Midnight meditations and fortune telling with cards, except this time I get to work with actual Tarot cards! The world is ever so slightly kinder now to pagans and occultists, even in a country where Christians are the majority that divorce doesn’t even exist.

At the time, I kept communing with President Glasya Labolas. Invoking him however, amplifies a lot of negative emotions within me. I noticed invoking demons usually give me some sort of boost towards a certain emotion for a period of time. With President Glasya Labolas, it was anger. Slights that are immediately taken at face value with over inflated estimation of punishments. He encourages me to crack my whip of justice.

I tried my hand and asked who I should work with and I got King Asmodeus. Multiple times in different intervals.

King Asmodeus is probably the first demon I knew by name. During my old Catholic school girl era, I used to read the Bible for fun, with special attention to stories such as The Book of Tobit. I knew King Asmodeus can be a handful, and possibly be too advanced for me.

I ignored it for a week or two then did an invocation for him. It’s mainly a question of what he wants from me. I didn’t hear from him and so I thought it was a bust, and so I seek other demons. With Duchess Gremory’s guidance, I’ve asked the best demon for protection for myself. I initially got Moloch, but upon research and fear mongering from the Reddit crowd I asked her for another. She suggested Lucifer instead. Quite strongly in fact, as she showed up in my dream. Her voice sounds like Philippa from the Witcher 3 game, a woman with a stern voice pointing at a book with Lucifer’s sigil and instructing me to offer gummy worms to him, complete with pictures of which kind. Probably can’t get any clearer than that.

All of these happen in a span of a week from my invocation with King Asmodeus. Being jobless sure does give me a lot of free time to work on stuff like this. Almost 2 weeks into my newfound devotion with Lucifer, King Asmodeus finally reached out to me.

It was midnight, and I was lying in my bed. A cat plays on the floor, and I vaguely wonder how our Siamese was able to enter the room I distinctly remembered I locked. Shaking my head, I turned and came face to face with a bare masculine chest.

I realized it’s a lucid dream again. Due to years of my sleep paralysis, I was able to develop an ability to control what goes on my dream. That means changing the setting, the people, and even the environment the moment I realize I’m dreaming is the norm. That’s how I know it’s a dream or if it’s hijacked by something else.

I thought it was some sort of wet dream fantasy conjured by my head. I tried moving my head up, but I couldn’t seem to move it far enough to see his face. I tried to will this man to someone else, like Henry Cavill or Chris Evans. Nothing. I moved closer and I got a whiffed of a masculine scent. Like musk mixed with sweat but in a good way. It was the most addicting scent I have ever smelled and whoever is able to bottle it up will be a very rich man. It addled my brain enough that I ended up nuzzling on said chest and being inappropriate with this man.

He laughed at me and grab my hands to stop me before wrapping me in a blanket to ensure I won’t be able to paw at him.

“You have an appetite of a succubus,” he says and he wrote something in between my thighs. Some sort of smudge or whatever, before whisking me away to a whole new place.

The Black Gates.

My memory of it is both clear and fuzzy. Clear when I see it from my head but to describe it in words almost seem like an understatement.

Simply put, it’s a huge black gate, ornately decorated with vines and unusually tall. About three to four stories high. Beyond it is a church, dilapidated and almost falling apart. The church is also very tall, and seemed to resemble a tower almost.

The man from before open the gates, his hand unusually large and long that it reaches the very top of it. That’s where he grabbed the gate and led me inside. I cannot see him this time, but I hear him chattering animatedly behind me.

We entered the church by going to the underground spiral stairs by the side of the church. I found it unusual but kept going.

A woman in a black garb, with a veil covering her face was sobbing and didn’t seem to see or take notice of me. She was peeking inside the church, then ran down further. I took her place and saw a man wearing ancient clothes, reminiscent from Egypt but not quite standing on a stage with a throne behind him. The man has a bald head and a somber face, red stones decorating his clothes and jewelry, and a child was standing in front of him, back turned towards us.

I ran down to where the woman went and I saw her again, this time near a bigger window where a person can fit. There were soldiers? Audience members? Who knew. All I remember is they are facing the man standing in ceremony, faces equally serious and carrying staves or spears with them. They seemed to be resigned. They all are. The woman kept weeping and was hysterical as these events takes place. She was not a fan of this proceedings.

The man was holding some sort of disc or a round medallion. A large gem in the middle and four smaller gems on top, bottom and sides. There were engravings on it as well.

This medallion was handled by the leader who had this item touch the forehead of the child.

The child drops dead, eyes wide and unblinking.

Beside me, the woman wails louder.

As both the leader and the audience walked out, I have ran inside this temple to get a hold of this item. A closer inspection, with intentions to look online to see what it really is. Beside it is another medallion, with symbols only written on it.

As I was deep in my inspection, I suddenly got transported to the gate again. This time with a man in an orange garb and dark hair. His face was not notable, neither handsome nor ugly. It is so ordinary that I cannot distinguish race. Around early thirties to late thirties perhaps, and he looks quite agitated.

“You weren’t supposed to see that. Why did he show it to you? You weren’t supposed to see any of that.”

He was mumbling to himself, and at the time I was under the impression that this was my companion from before. I was about to apologize when he opened the gate, to the side. Like a normal person. He then proceeds to let himself in first before having me enter. This was my clue that he is no longer who I was with earlier.

He kept on talking to himself as we walk back to where I was, and this time the old temple with spiral staircases turned into a warehouse of some sort. Old wooden boxes, bared shut by nails. He kept mumbling to himself.

“Who are you?” I asked him. He stopped and stared at me, as if not expecting me to speak.

“Who are you? What is your name. Tell me your name.” I insisted. He stared on, no acknowledgment whatsoever, just blank beady eyes staring at me like I grew two heads.

“Glasya?” I said and that’s when I was woken up by my friend who suddenly barged inside my room to ask me for breakfast. Doing this is out of her character, both barging in without knocking OR asking for breakfast. That was my confirmation that it is indeed President Glasya Labolas.

The moment I woke up, I realized that it was King Asmodeus who came for a visit and it was him who had me enter The Black Gates.

A week after this ordeal, I was hired unexpectedly for a new job. A job where I barely scrape by the minimum requirements, pays way more than my expected salary, and a job that allows me to slack around for most of the time and work from home three days a week. This job was not advertised nor was it even the first position I applied to for this company. It was however offered to me.

I performed an invocation with King Asmodeus, along the lines of this:

“I don’t know what you want from me. I don’t even know what I want from you. I guess a new work for Nice? Similar to what I do since she has been having a hard time as well.”

Almost a month after this request, Nice got hired at a new job. Again, barely advertised from a company that isn’t well-known. Pays almost as much as my current. Not as cushy as mine but it allows her to work from home most of the time except for roughly about 1 or 2 days a month onsite.

The job I got and this job for Nice was a hand extended from King Asmodeus to start working together.


It’s almost the end of the year. A few months ago, I never thought I’ll go back to the occult. And here I am now building outdoor and indoor altars.

The life I had was significantly changed this year. King Asmodeus was not lying when he said “oh, I think you’re gonna love me.”

I do love him and the things he give me, like he’s a father to a defiant daughter who never listens but she can still come home and eat at the dinner table.

Ozzie the cat is just like me in a sense, going to filthy places and getting upset when a bath is needed. Immediately present when the food is poured off the bowl.

The cat I offered him gives a lot of insight about who I am as a person, and it’s almost like it’s a gift from him to me instead.


Part 1 - Before the Ruins - Personal Experience on Possessions

I will be writing this in several parts, as the accounts happened in a span of several days. All accounts are based on real-life events with no embellishment.

A few months before my formal pact with King Asmodeus, he showed up during my nap at work. Dressed to the nines, wearing my then-boss’s face. He was giddy with excitement.

He flew me to a place I’ve never seen before. An old fort, assaulted with war time during my dream.

“You need to visit this place, Fort Santiago.”

He made it sound like a suggestion. I tucked it at the back of my mind and left it at that.

My relationship with King Asmodeus is not a smooth trip to the beach. We had a lot going on and although he continued to bless me with several things, admittedly I was not always happy. Needless to say, the trip to the Fort was forgotten until recently, when a friend of mine came crying and asking for my help.

This job, Asmodeus was eager to take. He likes this woman, likes friends of mine who traded their bodies at one point which I admire the most from him. This woman is very special though, so much that my cat Ozzie, named after my patron, is obsessed with her.

And the job is brutal. Pedophile father, seeking another victim and defended by the soul of a relative so much so that attacks aren’t a breeze. This is a man who is a serial rapist, who would assault or trick women, have children with them and would then assault his own flesh and blood.

I saw my patron again the same night she came to my house.

I was in dreamscape, or most likely hellscape at this point. The succubus who likes wearing another friend’s face was driving me through the dark village, where houses are perpetually in shambles and under repair.

She decided to stop and have us walk the rest of the way. It’s not too far from here, she says.

I look back once, and a ghost was following me.

Ignore them, she says.

In my true stubborn fashion, I looked back.

More of them. We walked faster.

Each time I looked back, there is more of them. By the end of it, we were running from a hoard til we reach some sort of elevator.

Then, we arrived at a white room. Nothing but white.

“I have something of yours,” Asmodeus said.

I was not able to take in his appearance because who he was with shocked me.

My recently deceased friend, Karl. Looking ill and beaten up. He opens his mouth and asked for Angelo, my other friend and his lover of several years.

I was alarmed. Karl died suddenly without me being informed of the cause of death. At this point, I look at this being and suspect an imposter.

I tried talking to this man, but he was only saying a song I cannot recognize. This was shit. There is no way of communicating.

King Asmodeus, in his usual nonchalant fashion was now talking about bindings for the dead, sarcastically mentioned Rafael and recommended Lilith’s assistance.

I woke up confused and hurriedly scheduled a trip to MIke’s.

I did mention earlier that I don’t always have fun in the dark side. During the early days of my pact, one of my tests was possession.

In between the dream and waking world, I feel my face, then my body go numb. Then it starts moving on its own. My limbs, my mouth and my face. I hear King Asmodeus asking me over and over:

“Who are you? Who are you!?”

“My name is Kai.” I would answer. “I never met my father, and when I was young my mother used to-”

“NO. NO. NO!” He shouts, and I see him in hell. His most gruesome form that I have ever seen to date. Red skin, short horns and angry eyes as he slams his hands in front of a large table where he is sitting and feasting. “NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SOB STORY! WHO ARE YOU?!”

“My name is Kai,” I answered, scared out of my wits at the time. “I like video games, I love my friends, and I have a crush on King Paimon!” I shouted the last part, even surprised where the fuck did that came from.

King Paimon shows up, laughing, with grey skin and eyes blank, wearing jewelry in green that jingles as he walks behind me. “I am flattered, but no.” He answers me back.

King Asmodeus was satisfied at the time and let me go. That was a lesson, for all of us and for the rest of my days to come in this path. The first key to avoid possession is to know who you are, despite memories, despite trauma and despite what life throws at you. My past does not define me. It may shape me and my habits, but I will develop interests, habits and behavior outside of my past, outside of the influence of the world around me.

This lesson is I would wish I can embed to the people who seek my council.

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Part 2 - The Ruins - Personal experience with Possession

*This will contain images of my trip to Fort Santiago. *

During World War II, Fort Santiago was captured by the Japanese Imperial Army, and used its prisons and dungeons including the storage cells and gunpowder magazines for hundreds of prisoners who were killed near the end of the war. The fort sustained heavy damage from American and Filipino military mortar shells during the Battle of Manila in February 1945. Also, approximately 600 American prisoners of war died of suffocation or hunger after being held in extremely tight quarters in the dungeons at Fort Santiago. - wikipedia

After my trip to Mike’s, I have decided to finally see Fort Santiago. I want to know if this would help me help Karl, help S and now help M, my best friend of several years who I visited before seeing Mike. M is a naturally gifted clairvoyant, and suffers from parasites due to this ability. She has been seeking help with no success from her psychiatrist who kept her paralyze and high with medication. Only for her to have her hallucinations blur reality and spirit world. She was not getting better, she was getting worse, and her medications double each visit. She firmly believes that her angels will guide her, but they do nothing but sit on their hands and watch her suffer in penitence, just like her relative. Ugh, that’s another can of worms I dislike to even open at this point.

Now for full context, I have 0 idea where the fuck Fort Santiago is except it’s in Manila. What I didn’t expect is how far it is from my place. No one wants to come with me on this trip, so I wore my big girl pants and made the trip anyway, hiring a motorcycle taxi to take me on this trip. It was expensive, tiring, and my driver was caught in a traffic violation.

When I got in, I was surprised to see how it looks inside. It looked nothing like my dream, and I felt stupid and suspect I may be just mishearding my patron but I pushed my luck and continued anyway, asking people where the dungeons are.

Then I see this. This is exactly what I saw in that dream, so far from the main entrance that I was now convinced I am on the right track.

At this point, I still am not sure what King Asmodeus wants. I consulted Mike to confirm my suspicion. He wants a pebble, a rock for me to take home and nurture.

“It’s illegal!” I initially protested.

“Do you trust him or not?”

Well, we all know the answer to that. I do trust King Asmodeus, not blindly. Not without protest. But I would do as he says as long as my ass don’t get in trouble permanently.

I entered the dungeon, surprisingly alone for a place that is literally the highlight of this spot.

I took two stones from this place based on intuition. Naturally, I asked permission from the spirits. I even dropped by the mass grave to ensure there will be no hard feelings.

What a smooth trip, I thought to myself as I skip my way to the gift shop. A Filipino tradition is to go to a place far from home whenever you visit the dead, and my ass had full intentions to visit the spa once this is done.

The gift shop contains oddities, and overpriced stuff. I was looking for the perfect gift and souvenir for my friends and for my altar when I saw a bottle of crema de coco / coconut creme liquor at the store. It was overpriced, and I was contemplating on buying it anyway when I saw the label.

I felt a bit nervous at this point, and honestly a bit confused at the urge to take it home despite knowing my patron will be pissed if I did. I messaged Mike anyway, thinking he’ll find humor in this.

“Get your ass back home, NOW!” Mike says over the chat. “You are in danger.”

Needless to say, I had to rush home without taking that bottle with me. I’ll let the ones who know the lore and the beef between angels and demons to figure this out. On my way back home, a gun shot even took off near the streets we’re driving with, and I’m at the motorcycle again, stressed at how I am taking stuff with me with no way to lose the other spirits who could’ve followed me home.

I was able to safely arrive back home, and for several days I fed and offered food to the spirits on the stone.

During this period, they tried pushing my patience and my ability. Things suddenly lost until I get upset, my cats who never entered the room coming in and peeing on the altar, and the persistent presence of the spirits peeking at my window trying to see me. They were wary of me and seemed to be waiting for an entry point.

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3rd part FINAL - After The Ruins - Personal experience with Possession

this sections contains disturbing drawings and content. Discretion is advised before viewing this.

My mind is under a debate as I write this part. All the entries are hard to write but whatever my patron wants within reason, he gets from me. And he did just gave me the name I needed for something else, so I guess a full display of this dumbassery will be a good trade.

My previous evocations for this duration was with King Purson, specifically with my social life. So one could imagine my joy and elation when he delivered and had M visit me at 3am with another friend of hers.

Full context, this was unusual behavior for her. Her mom is strict, and she’s usually downed with her meds at this time. I was excited, and to top it all, she got rid of a parasitic friend of hers who I dislike immensely in a mutual fashion. The Moldavite incense King Purson wanted was symbolic after all.

She came to my room, and immediately felt a brief fear and nausea. M notes looming presence following her as she visits, but she was confident as she was wearing her St Benedict necklace. Typical niceties til we get to the bad parts.

She mentioned how her main reason for ending her friendship was due to this friend invalidating her illness, and copying her symptoms word for word at the psychiatrist to get attention. It got worse as she caught this friend of hers with her ears pressed on the door as she listened in to M and her psych’s discussion.

M is ill, and on top of this shit she sees things. Unusual information, prophetic things whispered to her. These entities she considers friends would tell her things even as a child. They told her about her dead twin most notably, and so she trusted them to a degree.

Now that’s all well and good until it gets bad. Whispers and taunts would follow her when she’s in a bad mood. She gets notably ill at times. Then at times, they mimic her mother urging her to kill herself.

She shows me images of them, and insists they’re hallucinations. A figment of imagination, and some of them are. But whoever is reading this if any, see these pictures and you decide.

I’ve made offers of help to her, going as far as to even seek out assistance of Mike and another friend for Angel Magick as to not offend her Catholic sensibilities. She refused, as M usually does for any type of help offered to her and I decided not to push it any further. She went home, and everyone in our household is sick with allergies and so I attribute any illness with this instead.

For three days, I was out of it. I couldn’t perform even the most basic rituals. I thought it’s because I didn’t sleep enough and so I spent every fucking lunch time sleeping, sometimes extending even beyond that.

I see my patron sometimes, looming and not saying anything. It’s as if I am blocked off. I thought, maybe I am sick.

Minor inconveniences, small things, and I hear whispers of “If you’re having a hard time, you won’t have to deal with it if you die.” “Quit your job if you can’t deal with it”. “Are demons even real?” “They secretly hate you.”

Those whispers, I thought were just because my ass was tired. Sometimes, they even sound like a man’s voice. I chalked it up as outside influences, as something inconsequential.

It was when I started feeling pain at the right arm to my wrist did I feel alarmed. I reached out to Mike who immediately lent me assistance.

We suspected the stones, and so we discarded and cleansed the area.

And so I showed the drawings from M to Mike only for him to confirm that the first image was what attacked me.

“That wasn’t mine, that’s M’s.”

He thinks otherwise. He feels the stones still has something to do with it.

I banished the entire place and he performed assistance in requesting Duke Murmur to aid me and my energy.

Immediately, my arm starts feeling better and my head clears up. I made my offerings, performed LBRP and went to bed after writing down the ritual for Duke Murmur shared by Mike.

Now, on my first part I mentioned possession, as a learning tool.

This is how an actual attempt works and it wasn’t fun.

As I sleep I hear the voices, shrill voices, a woman’s voice and several others discussing how to go about fucking with me. I was sleeping sideways, a position that does not allow sleep paralysis in experience and so I try to move my limbs. With very, very little success. I feel my body move, and my mouth move, with zero control on my end.

I know exactly what this is. The spirits of the stone, upset at being discarded and the parasites of Michelle.

The voices are still talking, never directly at me. They were talking to each other, as if almost arguing.

“Ducis Murmur, Haylel, King Asmodeus, aid me.” I talked to them from my mind, over and over again. I started playing my patron’s enn inside my head, repeating and I thought it wouldn’t work but it did.

A loud noise akin to a singing bowl started taking over my thoughts and my being. I couldn’t hear or think anything but that singing bowl, a long, long sound that erases any agency inside my head.

The voices faded, but I felt the hold on my body was not fully gone yet.

“King Asmodeus, I beg you take over everything.” I said to him.

A few minutes later and I was shocked awake. I only napped for 20 minutes when everything felt like fucking forever.

This was different in a sense, to the first possession. There was a lack of true fear in this instance versus the sheer terror I felt the first time. I was confident in a sense, that I know this was not a figment of imagination.

I woke up and evoked assistance so this would not happen again anytime soon.

And now I’m just doubly concern that if this is a mild case, then how much more is M feeling? I already informed her that we need to get control in this situation but she was initially adamant and upset, thinking those things are her friends.

I can’t let it go though, she has been my rock on several instances. I will help her.

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The Songs of Solomon are beautiful and very effective.

I’m really sorry for your loss.

Your words are pretty, and I like your style of story-telling about how your results come about. Looking forward to reading more :sparkles:


Thanks for your kind works. It’s hard writing these times of my life and I’m glad someone appreciates it.


I do appreciate it, and I like reading your prose. I hope it is cathartic for you and I hope to see more of it. Even if it’s hard. :bouquet:


The Dilemma 03/05/2023

There has been a lot of recent developments in my personal life after my trip to my friend’s house. Several times, I tried to pick up a book, or start a ritual. But my energy levels is at an all time low and stress levels are at an all time high. I feel as though I’m overstimulated, and I get plenty of fitful sleep but very little rest.

They say March of 2023 will be exposing several people, and I dread my social media addiction as it is usual and common for me to see despicable things online that makes me rage for no good reason. In between cute recipes and plenty of crafts, I also get exposed to cold hard facts of manipulation in human’s social behavior sprinkled with conspiracy theories of abuse towards children in Hollywood.

My biggest flaw is worrying about things I have no control over. My patron would not say a thing, but when asked he will direct my attention in my real life problems and spitefully ask me why I worry about these when I have my own to deal with. I am not compassionate or kind enough, but I feel guilt.

I live comfortably now, but I struggled for several years and clawed my way to where I am and where I want to be. Hearing heinous things gives me anxiety on whether others will be able to claw their way up as well. I also feel spiteful, that despite being abandoned by their god they always crawled back to Him whining for help like a kicked dog. Worst of all, despite their abusers’ affiliation towards said god (being priests, influential religious men and cult leaders alike) they will always blame the demons and come up with ridiculous justification towards it. It’s always the devil made them do it, and never accusations towards the same god who demanded blood sacrifices across the ages.

My hands tremble as I type this, being as I have spent money and time towards vengeance for a similar abuser for a personal friend who was a victim with no visible outcome yet. My skin itches as I wait for results and observed whether anything will happen within this year. The most criminal minds get away with everything, and it angers me to levels even the demons seemed concerned for my well-being. I have been barred from speaking to President Glasya Labolas knowing damn well how he amplifies this rage. Even King Asmodeus would not show in my dreams nowadays.

The calm one, Prince Orobas is who is most eager to work with me urging me to continue on my self betterment. King Bael and President Haagenti has also showed in my dream, urging me to work with them towards my career. But no mention on my personal quest towards righteous justice and why would there be? This is a futile cause and a single woman would not topple the world’s balance simply because she thinks it is unfair.

I am making progress, and so far two lesser demons had been excited I was able to hear them gossip enough to tell me their names and the type of demon that they are. Prince Orobas has also offered readings for my friends, which all turned out accurate and they were both impressed.

I still am dissatisfied, as if I’m doing grunt work when I could be casting hexes towards evil humans with no business to live. So much that I feel I am a ticking time bomb, and if I see or hear anyone in my vicinity with these type of proclivities I might resort to killing them with my bare hands.

I do not understand why am I like this, and why I worry about these things. King Asmodeus doesn’t understand either it seems. He always ask me who I am when possession ‘tests’ occurs in between my training, with several entities demonic and otherwise try to take over body and mind and manipulate me during my sleep. I find that during these things, my identity has to be established strongly. As he says before, no one wants to hear a sob story. So my identity has to be tied to all the things I love despite my past, present and future. Things I value even when I remove my experiences into equation.

This is a difficult process. I do not know sometimes, who am I or even where I was. I am sober and I never took any substances nor do I hallucinate or even see anything in the physical realm. My concerns lies with the fact that I dream of my past, then expect to wake up again in my childhood bedroom floor, surrounded by filth. Instead I wake up to a comfortable bed and the faint scent of vanilla incense in the air. I expected to be pregnant at 16, to a man who will immediately run for the hills and to work in a brothel swallowing bitterness both literally and figuratively. Instead, I wake up single and alone at 28 years old, to a corporate job that pays the bills and then some. This I feel is the root of these dilemmas, as I know several worse off that would never see the comfort of life my shadow works have provided.

What will it take, I wonder? For them to thrive, to live and not just survive.

I am not compassionate or kind. I am angry that this world is messed up enough that I have to get dark thoughts each time when I just want to scroll and see people cook their meals or DIY their shelves.

I hope the rest of the year will give me a better future, better self-focus and better finances so I can help some more.

King Asmodeus, I know you are reading over my shoulder as I type this. Know that I love and adore your help and guidance. For several years, I feel as though I am very lucky. I’ve thrown myself in the worst scenarios and yet I have never experienced the level of filth and depravity that the others had to endure. It’s as if I have a cat’s nine lives. Risky decisions, dangerous places which I was able to navigate unharmed and unscathed, and even dangerous men whose eyes seemed to glazed over when seeing young, dumb me, unseeing and uncaring as they set their target on some other unfortunate soul.

Prince Orobas, thank you. Your patience in dealing with me is astounding, and you have not given up yet on getting my spiritual body into shape. I hope you continue to mold me into a better magician, so I can assist and focus on things that truly matter.

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I still feel cathartic. Still confused and I do my grunt work like a good little girl. With delay but I still finish as much as I can. Despite being sick for several days and still being sick today.

Our senior cat (not King Asmodeus’s kitty) is in the hospital for a week and just had surgery. We’re spending big bucks and I’m not sure still if he’s out of the woods. I comfort myself in binge eating.

Things are also turning sour on another online channel I frequent, with the page that used to bring me comfort cranking the cogs on tarot readers. They say they prefer ‘quality content’. I have a lot to say, and even more questions considering the ‘quality’ they deem good. But I digress.

Prince Orobas has been helping me and now I ‘see’ and hear him better. I get cryptic dreams from him. He’s also been more communicative and less quiet about his opinion.

He asks me why I waste my time fostering my hatred. He says my patron spoils me too much. The things I ask will come with or without my intervention. He finds it a waste of time to worry about things I have no control about. He says I ought to be more stoic. Nothing that was not said by Lucifer before. Although he asks these things with genuine curiosity, not accusation. It still doesn’t sit well on my stomach. I don’t react well to lectures.

King Asmodeus talks but he keeps it mundane. He seems to have overestimated my ability to hear him. At one point he was talking so fast in a foreign language. I hear but I don’t understand. He realized then he seemed slightly pissed. Later, I found the girl I was talking to finally reached out to him and that’s what he’s been trying to say to me. I feel a lot of times I disappointed him. He doesn’t seem to mind too much yet. Yet being the keyword.

I see them both now, better. But I still feel like I’m not progressing as far as I liked. I was told before I had to work harder. But there’s only so much time to allot for spells when you work full time and then some. I wonder who will break first. Will it be my resolve? Or will be my slump?

Who knows at this point.


Starting Rituals this week seems difficult.

I have issues with my body and mind just feeling exhausted. I get more sleep than ever but everything feels heavy.

I have taken the advise of @Delilah_LeStrange via Tarot and tried to avoid the issues in the past. I try not to let these emotions get the better of me.

I have been fortunate to work from home 3 days a week and today is my first day this week.

During lunch I have intended to speak to King Asmodeus and Duchess Gremory as to fulfill my ritual. I cannot seem to get Gremory’s sigil right however, and 30 minutes have been wasted before I realize maybe she just doesn’t want to talk today.

Due to this, I almost feel defeated and inclined to continue tomorrow. I have however decided to fight back this mindset and continue with King Bael and President Haagenti instead, which is also part of my weekly rituals.

The preparation was easier this time. I got my tools out and they were easy to call tonight, both looming to my side when I have started my evocatlon ritual.

King Bael and President Haagenti was reassuring today, giving insight on my work and financial status. I got the Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Pentacles along with the other good stuff. King Bael asked me why I was not taking my Ashwaganda, which he asked me to use to combat my stress level. I promised I will take it as soon as I can.

I mentioned to both how isolated I feel at work. Yesterday, I realized the people I hang out with at work have a group chat where I was excluded. It was jarring and uncomfortable for me, and I have bouts of paranoia as to what is being discussed behind my back.

King Bael said this:

A mercenary has more freedom than a soldier who’s bound by duty.

Away with camaraderie you will find ease in movement.

Stripped away the formation of an army, you will have the freedom in your strategy.

And from President Haagenti:

Use isolation as a means to an end. In the end you are not truly alone. You choose your allies well and avoided the mundane.

Their counsel is a comfort. They are right by any means.

A few weeks ago I was supposed to be booted off this department, given away to a different part of the company where I’ll be forced to go back to work on their whims and undergo another set of training.

Instead I’m still here, and I know some are bitter I was able to stay while they had to go. I am still here because King Bael and President Haagenti warned me in advance, had me perform rituals to mitigate disaster and I watched with my own eyes how they scrambled and manipulate our management to allow me to stay.

I won’t be surprised if they suspect me doing some witchcraft, a coworker even said so to my face. I have worn King Asmodeus’s and Lucifer’s sigil proudly and the things that changed within this company was enough to give anyone a whiplash.

King Asmodeus has said during our pact ritual, that the Left Hand Path is a dark and lonely path. I should get used to this level of mistrust from others especially when things go my way too often at the expense of others.

But in the face of isolation, it’s hard to feel guilty. I have chosen my allies well. My allies move in the night and turn my dreams into reality.


Cool post, remember without discipline there can be no power. Fight the fatigue and make it happen.

In the RHP they are vessels for manifesting Gods will into the world, they allow the All one to carry them to their destiny.

We choose the other way. We are few, and proud and strong. We will carry the All into whatever future we will to be.


Thank you for your guidance Mike. I’d be fumbling at the shadows without your help.


I have performed my rituals last week. All of them except my optional offering for Lord Lucifer.

It’s been months since I have talked to him. I used to crave his energy. But ever since I lashed out in anger, and felt as if I was betrayed it’s been hard for me to feel jovial when talking to him. He’s complicated. I don’t understand him.

He’s like King Vine in his symbolic dreams, Prince Orobas in his roundabout ways of talking to me and as stern as Moloch at times. Everytime I talk to him, he makes me cry. I called upon him for my friend at her insistence a few months back and he made her cry too.

I owe him nothing for now as I paid my dues properly but still, in what seems to be in retaliation my dear cats shat on my bed and I have to clean everything at 4AM. I cannot do my rituals today and so we will continue tomorrow.

I cannot make candles too. The weather is hellish in our area and it won’t be worth it to sweat my ass out and the candles may not cure properly. I got King Asmodeus and Prince Orobas tall candles instead purchased online. Both are delighted as I have carved their sigils. I got them small bottles of bath and body works. I have one tucked away for Lord Lucifer. I ordered flowers made of paper for him and King Asmodeus. I think about him always even when I’m not happy with how we are now.

I met a woman online. Same country as I am. Young lady, a student but I’m not sure if that’s accurate. Her mentor is exclusively solomonic. Sealing googled sigils on bottles and selling them to people as if he made them. I worry for her, as she told me King Asmodeus and Bune demanded she works with them exclusively. I’ve been trying to convince her to meet @DarkGodofQlippa for real guidance but she refuses with excuses thin as my patience.

I worry because one of the points @DarkGodofQlippa has instilled upon me is that demons should not hold dominion over you. That there should be no exclusivity without a deadline and that stipulations should be properly discussed.

Otherwise, it could be a parasite or an imposter.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of meeting such beings. This was during my ‘surprise’ trainings with King Asmodeus.

Anyone who’s reading this, what I will describe is UPG but contains no flamboyance or exaggeration. Take what you will.

In my dreamscape, I saw several realms at once. A realm that seems to be inside a spaceship, and inside it is King Asmodeus, specifically looking for me.

I was in another place however. A place that seems to be a post apocalyptic earth, destroyed buildings and burning cars. I seek him out, calling out loudly for him. I met a being, who calls himself Sidonai. Which I knew was another name used for King Asmodeus. I check the energy and it seemed weaker that what I was used to.

I asked: “You seemed to have only half the power you usually have”.

The being said: “Yes, as I am only one aspect.”

I did not question as it lead me someplace else.

Meanwhile, King Asmodeus was tearing into several realms. He is shown to be getting extremely angry as time goes by. He looks young, like a man in his early 20’s with dark longish hair and a marking of black on the left side of his face. Dark void eyes filled with rage as he jumps realm to realm looking for me.

Meanwhile, I find myself in a pot of boiling water, tied to a post. The being I was with was apparently an imposter. 3 demons, who combined their bodies into one to get me to believe they’re my patron.

They are now separated, one with green body, one with black body and one in red looking like typical goblins or imps. They discuss how to best cook me. I was weak and unable to struggle free. The place looks like inside of a cave, shadows abound and the pot is earthen. Flames in red.

That’s when King Asmodeus showed up. He looks at me, then looks at the demons and proceeds to wreck the place and incinerate all the demons in sight.

He then carried me away and before one would assume it’s some sort of romantic cliché, he proceeds to have sex with me in front of everyone in the vicinity. As a way to ‘mark’ me supposedly. I think it’s so I learn my lesson through humiliation. I barely felt anything except embarassment at the whole ordeal.

King Asmodeus then took me to a different place where several of the ‘others’ looking up to him are also present. He then proceeds to discuss the Source of Power and how the universe and deities divide it amongst themselves. And also showed some sort of enn which my dumbass immediately forgot upon waking up.

The point I guess is that even those who are sworn into a pact can easily be mislead by imposters. How much more I wonder for those who are not initiated? Those with little ability to dream or see? Who rely on nothing but physical divination?

I worry for her and for the ones who are not yet used to this. It’s brutal out there. It takes me back to the early days of my practice, exactly a year back when my bed will shake violently and abruptly. I wake up in panic, knowing these are parasites. At one point, Lord Lucifer showed up, wearing my friend Bernadette’s face and body.

I remember not recognizing him, only begging ‘Bernadette’ to help. He took a single step inside my room and the shaking stopped immediately. I said “thank you beb (friendly endearment) and he did not talk.” I only realized later on it was him as I was staring at his flowers when I woke up, his candle burned to a stub.

Ahhh, I cannot sleep. I’ll be bothered til later this shift.


Yeah never forget just because a spirit is prince or king so and so that you are sovereign and without a Master, you are child of the Gods you are therefore a Godling on a journey to discover your birthright and claim all your faculties and powers that are inside you.

Do not let any thing white black yellow red whatever dictate terms to you in your own temple. That is totally unacceptable. If that happens, you absolutely need to flip the fuck out on it and put it in check before summary dismissal.

Otherwise other spirits may think it’s cool to cut into you in the same way. With lopsided demands in your own temple. Absolutely have none of that!


We have to give up the dog. He’s going to a new and better home.

My boss called me stupid in front of the workplace and caused me to be a laughing stock over a slight mishap.

I am upset and I am spiraling down yesterday.

Now he has deemed I get extra work.

On top of extra work make me accountable as well if the others at work neglected their obligations.

I will try to call upon a different infernal, see if he has solutions.


Admittedly, I neve understood what people mean when they say there are signs in the physical world.

Most of the messages I get from the infernal especially last year was blatant and in your face but they occur in my sleep.

They are showing up in dreams and gives a detailed information on what to do.

Duchess Gremory showed Lucifer’s sigil for example, pointed at it and said give gummy bears for offerings in her clipped, stern tone.

President Glasya Labolas showed up, whispering in my ear with no physical form during my first invocation with him. He warns me of imposters and gave me 3 knocking sounds to wake me up. Our very own sign between the two of us, his signature.

King Asmodeus was the same but not quite. He’s flamboyant and brought me to places and showed me things President Glasya Labolas once declared I wasn’t supposed to see. On his rare moments when he wants something complicated, he will say things such us “it’ll be nice to visit Fort Santiago” then showed me the place itself. Before our pact, he would say “I can’t wait to be with you!” and twirl me around the winds in my dream taking us both off the ground.

King Bael and President Haagenti too. King Bael showed up, looking almost similar to Mike Bee in body but way more arrogant and with a booming voice he declares “I am King Bael!” And then points out to a young man in black, looking almost embarrassed to be there “And that’s Haagenti! Perform a double evocation by February 28 if you want my help!”

Moloch was more cryptic, with elaborate dreams of death and betrayal, followed by showing me a book of the deities that 'used to be at this gym, and then there’s them who left but wants back in" before signing off with his sigil.

Valefor just whispers “Valefor”.

Lilith introduced herself as “I’m a prostitute, a lady of the night.” And offered me a tarot reading. Then called King Asmodeus a “spotty faced man who wants to lure you to the dark side” before she was chased off by him.

Prince Orobas is a special case and he’s a very special demon too. He’s my friend’s patron and I consider him my friend too, and helped a lot in the worst times in my practice.

But he’s silent. Barely talks to me except for a few whispers. There’s a few dreams recently, but it would take me forever to even realize it’s him.

I upset him a lot too, when depression hits and I got lazy with my training.

Earlier, I performed an evocation with him. Some training to hear better and see better as given by Mike.

He has given a bit of information supposedly about 3 people in conflict but that’s not the important part.

The important part is he showed me the moon card, which seems very much not in line with what the rest of the cards are. Like a piece not meant for the puzzle. He whispered it’s a sign of some sort.

Now as I listen to music on shuffle through YouTube, this song pops up:

Busy on the weekend
Caught up in your own small world
Well, I might wanna see it then
Call it hesitation, girl

We’re running in the moonlight
We’re dancing in the open waves
You’re hangin’ for a good time
Something that’ll make you stay

And girl, you fall down again
You tell me you’re all out again
We’re running in the moonlight
Could you show me the way again?
Oh, oh, oh

That’s just a snippet and it hit me like a truck. He’s literally calling me out on everything I’m doing wrong. The way I chase all the wrong things, and how I’m barely available on weekends for my practice. Even how I usually do my rituals on the day in a rush, filled with hesitation and suspicion on everything that goes bump in the night. And how I easily run out of energy and time to push through the most basic of tasks.

I feel guilty but he also seemed to understand that there’s a whole lot of luggage waiting to be unpacked.

I really have to do better for Prince Orobas. I am embarassed he has to talk to me like this because he knows I’ll come up with a lot of shit again.