Petition for more than one spiritual being

Hello friends!
Edtou planning a petition to more than one demon.
It would be for Asmodeus, Sallos, Dantalion, Gremory.
Reason? Bring some women to me.
I intend to make the demons’ sigil on a notebook sheet, and write down the requests and the names of the pussies.
And put my semen on paper with the seal.
What do you think?

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That alone is going to do nothing, my friend. It’s intention, at its core, magick is all about intention.

You need the spirits attention, they need to know about it and just the sigil without any summoning act won’t do anything, unless you intend to open the sigils first.

Can you do me a favor? Don’t call people this. Please.


Yes, of course, I ended up using a draft to write the Topic.
Would doing Enn serve as an act of convocation?

I don’t use enns personally, but sure, you can give it a shot. Sigil + enn is very useful for lots of people


Enns set the stage for a spirit. They aid in making the ambient environment agreeable to a spirit. As a standalone item, the spirit may arrive or you may get the energy of the spirit without the intelligence itself. Enns + sigil + “Spirit xyz, come” works well.

A bit of inner work to match the outer work is a great way to go about things.

It’s your practice, but I would refrain from giving bodily fluids to spirits I do not have a working relationship with. Better to know a being before giving them a direct line to ya, you know?

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I have apparently achieved some results with Dsntksion, and I leave semen in his secrecy on the paper with the petition, and of course I make requests orally too.

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