I have been fascinated by the structure of invocations/prayers the past while. So by all means, feel free to post your invocations/prayers here in this thread, or link to others’!


“Oh Self that I seek to Become, open your mysteries to me. Rejoice in steps to overcome that which hinders me, bless my serenity in accepting that which I must suffer to change me and energise my Magickal curiosity that I may know the difference.
Let my view extend beyond time and space! Hail, Myself-to-Be!”

My Father which wert in heaven,
hallowed be thy name In heaven
as it is on Earth.
Give us this day my ecstasy!
And deliver me to evil as well as temptation.
For I am part of Your kingdom
For aeons and aeons.

Yet even now I do not know what lies ahead,
Now is my time to seek the glory of my Goddess and my Gods
That I will one day walk with Satan
In His world, with His Bride
And that I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind.
The mortal which must die that a God will be born.


The timing of this is pretty funny because I was thinking about prayers on my way home.

I have this prayer written for any notebook/space I use for journaling or “shadow” work:

O Leviathan

O Lord Leviathan.

I devote this space to you. I ask, please, release the bindings on thy soul and free thy mind of the mental torment.

By offering thy words truest and unadulterated to you, please take the raw emotion as my givings to thou Abyssal and Pure being. Undress me of the burden and allow my spirit to take rise to the being I am meant to be; in alignment of my highest will.

Ave Leviathan

A demonolater prayer in acknowledgement of all the Daemonic Divine from Ater Votem: A Book of Daemonolatry Prayer. I would use this to set myself into the headspace for ritual:

Prayer of the Divine

O Satan, by the life of Unsere, death of
Eurynomous and resurrection of Enlightenment through
Lucifer, you balance us. We are enriched by the truth of the
eternal cycle of life through Belial, Lucifer, Flereous, and
Leviathan. We respect those powers of Verrine and healing
and the Destruction of Amducious. We beseech the
Demonic Divine that while meditation on these mysteries
of the nine Divinities, we may learn to know ourselves and
become stronger through you. Amen.

Otherwise, I format prayer as “[Name], ask to be imbued with characteristic/mindset/blessing/etc. that they can assist with. [Recite enn (or name if an angel) x3]. So be it”. Only use whenever I’m not home or in a spot where I can perform proper invocation.


A Prayer to Juno’s Peacock :peacock:

Pavonis Juno, majestic alchemist,
You swallow poisons and refine them with your glory.
Swallow now the poison of ___ ,
And transmute it into your rainbow medicine,
Of infinite iridescent colors.

Pavonis Juno, iridescent immortal,
Your blessed flesh knows no decay.
Bless ___ with your longevity,
Releasing sweet rains that refract rainbows,
To wash away subtle filth and impurities.

Pavonis Juno, cosmic wayfinder,
You steer the chariot of the Empress of Heaven.
Steer her now through the starry vaults
To fix her fortune and favor on ___ ,
Aligning ___ correctly with Empyreal.

Pavonis Juno, beloved bird of heaven,
The splendour of sapphire shines in your neck.
Shower ___ now with splendour,
As you unfold the painted plumage of your tail,
Magnifying beauty like a radiant jewel.

Pavonis Juno, celestial sentinel,
One hundred watchful eyes bejewel your painted tail.
Watch over ___ now,
Guarding against sorrow and loss,
Shining brilliant light into the abyss of ignorance.

Ave Pavonis Juno!
Ave Juno!



Prayer to Cerberus
(Offerings of Honey Cakes, Valerian Root, Chamomile & Lavender)

Cerberus! Canis Orcus!
I bring you offerings of honey cake,
Laced with the pleasing herbs of dream!

Canis Orcis, Hound of Hades,
With eyes that flash like fire!
Let your fiery gaze fall upon these offerings,
And be quenched like a blacksmith’s blade!

Canis Orcis, Triple-Tongued,
With jaws that drip poison foam!
Let your three mouths be enticed by these offerings,
And your hunger slain like the dead you keep!

Canis Orcis, Son of Typhon,
With mane and tail of writhing snakes!
Let your serpents be soothed by these offerings,
As they once were by heroic Aeneas!

Cerberus, Canis Orcus, Hound of Hades!
Behold these offerings I bring you,
And be enticed!

Cerberus, Canis Orcus, Triple-Tongued!
Let these honey cakes slake your hunger,
And be satisfied!

Cerberus, Canis Orcus, Son of Typhon!
Let these dreamlike herbs tame your temper,
And be at peace!

Cerberus! Canis Orcus!
Be pleased by these offerings!
Be won over to my cause!
Declare me your ally!

Cerberus! Canis Orcus!
Permit me to enter the realms of night!
Grant me access to the vaults of chthonia!
Sing my praises to Dis Pater and Proserpine!

Ave Cerberus!
Ave Canis Orcus!
Ave Triple-Tongued Hound of Hades!
Ave Serpent-Cloaked Son of Typhon!
Ave Proserpine!
Ave Dis Pater!



Okay, time to make a Pavo talisman! (I am mostly joking here, but great invocations!)


Oh, I would love to know what kind of election you would like for!! Maybe centered around Venus / Jupiter?

Thank you Dank :slight_smile:

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I was actually thinking of the Constellation Pavo! Although it is a 16th Century Constellation.

I would have the central Star of Pavo rising or culminating, ensuring an afflicted Planet or the Dragon’s Tail is not applying to a conjunction with it at least, and the Moon applying to a Conjunction with that Star or in a benevolent aspect with it! And also have her Waxing and unafflicted. And a fortunate aspect with Jupiter would be nice to have!

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I didn’t know there was a Constellation Pavo :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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For a non astrological talisman of Pavonis Juno, I think a focus on Jupiter would be great. If possible, I would probably have the Moon applying to a conjunction with Jupiter while Waxing, or otherwise applying to a benevolent aspect with him, and the Moon unafflicted. And having Jupiter as well dignified as possible without waiting many years! That’s the difficult thing about Saturn and Jupiter in astrological elections, since they move so slowly.

As for which Sign the Moon and Ascendant should be in, I’m unsure about that… Leo is one appropriate Sign, I believe. Perhaps Aquarius as well.

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I think Aquarius would be ideal; Agrippa associated Hera with Aquarius, and Juno as a goddess of fertility and vital forces has been linked in scholarship to the water-bearing river goddesses Sarasvati (whose mount is a peacock) and Anahita.

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